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Advice needed - narrow urethrabladder neck obstruction

Advice needed - narrow urethrabladder neck obstruction

Hey guys,

I’m kind of in a rut. Last month I fainted while taking a piss (vasovagal episode), fell down and fractured my skull. Currently I am in between visits to my urologist who has informed me that I may suffer from either structure, primary bladder neck obstruction, or simply a naturally narrow urethra. I have dealt with the symptoms for about ten years silently because, honestly, it is painless, albeit uncomfortable. It just takes me a while to stop peeing because the stream weakens and it feels like I can’t empty my bladder. The doctor has informed me that surgery will be needed (bladder neck incision) if the meds he gave me end up having no effect, which is what’s happening. I can expect major relief following the surgery due to a cut made to increase the diameter of the bladder neck which will allow easier flow and output.. I can also expect permanent retrograde ejaculation.

Safe to say I’m extremely anxious about this entire situation. My only PE experience was about six months of dry jelqing last year. I am 6 x 4.5 and my only wish is to one day be 7 x 5.

The question that’s been plaguing my mind is: does PE put strain/pressure on the urethra? Do you think the stretching of the ligaments and the development of the smooth muscle of the penis would aggravate an issue like this?

I would love to one day be able to reach my goal. I was depressed for over a year after being heartbroken and basically had PTSD symptoms of being unable to get the images out of my head of an ex girlfriend cheating on me after I was forced to hear all the grisly details. Needless to say I am very self conscious now and I pretty much avoid situations that may lead to sex.

I plan on talking to my doctor about this and expect to be scolded for and dissuaded as far as PE goes. That’s why I am seeking your guys’ opinions :)


As I think about it PE just might put such a strain on the urethra.

I hadn’t given it much thought because to me it’s only a minor annoyance but PE certainly affects urination. Sometimes when urinating I notice a “spray mode” effect which didn’t happen when I wasn’t doing PE.

Since I don’t suffer from your medical condition I can live with it. Perhaps PE does indeed aggravate your condition. Please be careful and cautious in how you proceed.

Good luck!

I’ve been in a somewhat similar situation; overactive bladder. Had a thorough exam (meh) and was eventually referred to a physiotherapist specialised in the pelvic area.

Long story short; I’ve to kegel and do breathing exercises which increases the strength of the flow and limits the chance of urine staying in the urethra.

As far as PE goes; I hang these days and only with a bad wrap/too tight hanger do I feel the urethra.

Thanks for the replies as well as the forewarning you guys. I know its still a relatively new and risky business we’re all partaking in.

People who have made length and girth gains:

Have you noticed any differences in urination?


By all means, consider buying (internet research), some urethral “sounds” and the proper sterile lubricant to go with them. If you buy the ten inch long ones you will be able to reach the oclusion easily and by taking your time enter the prostate. Navigating the passage is not unpleasant as you might expect. Of course, little by little, you increase the diameter and entire length of your ureter will be better for it. I started with a size 16 and ended up at size 28 in a coupe of months as I remember. I think my sounds are called “van dyke”. Search for Thunders member Tickticker ( not sure of sp.). He is a physician in Berlin I believe, and he describes the efficacy of doing this. Good luck

I started my PE right about the time I started doing Kegels, so whether PE or the Kegels contribute I can tell you.

But yes, my flow has improved a lot, I have to urinate with less frequency and I hardly every feel urine stuck in the actual smooth muscle.

I’ve only made length gains and some base girth gains.

correction: The sounds are “Van Beuren”

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