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advice needed

advice needed

hey guys

i need some advice men,i dont know if i am using this power jelq device correctly.Does the roller have to move?also is locating the LOT important in the PE routine?


A few items: Read the faqs-that will explain a lot. Use the search function to find a wealth of info on the power jelq. Welcome to the forum.

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God

Powerjelq Use


Here’s an excerpt of a post on using the powerjelq that I wrote a while ago. This should help. And no, the roller is NOT supposed to move.

Here’s what I said:

1) start off with a very light touch when using it. I can begin in the flaccid state and with a light and flexible touch begin Power-Jelq gripping from the base and pulling up (not rolling up) the shaft stopping beneath the head or glans.

2) as I begin to get harder, I gradually increase the intensity of my grip on the power jelq. Remember, that the feeling should be one that’s firm but comfortable. Don’t get too aggressive and squeeze the Power-Jelq too

3) keep your grip flexible, i.e. as you slide the Power-Jelq up your shaft allow your grip to relax or increase depending on the pull that you’re getting. As you slide back down to the base, ease up on the grip and begin again.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: the powerjelq is NOT SLIDING ACROSS THE SKIN causing irritation. Rather you are gripping at the base of your shaft, squeezing and pulling the base skin up the shaft, using it as the sliding barrier on your dick to force bloodflow up toward the glans. This is similar to the technique of DRYJELQING. So, I personally powerjelq WITHOUT LUBE.

4) experiment and vary the pace of your Power-Jelqing strokes. At the beginning, I jelq a bit faster and, then as I become more erect and thick, I slow down my pace.

5) as my erection nears about 80-90%, I concentrate my grip and pull near the lower 2-3 inches of the base of my shaft, using a technique that’s more like a squeeze/pull up and hold . It’s kind of like a “massaging” technique I implement on the lower third of the shaft with the PJ. I think this can help for “girth” gains.

6) I use the Power-Jelq for about 20-30 minutes once/twice a day, or as time permits.

If you haven’t already, you may want to trim the pubic hair at the base of your shaft.

I’m a believer in variety in order not to get bored, so I readily switch between manual jelqing and powerjelqing.

Good luck,

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