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Injury advice needed


Injury advice needed

OK, folks, I need some input -

I now have on the top of my dick, from base to about midshaft, a visible, cord-like sinew, which has become rather sore. I think I incurred it from JAI type stretching, as that is the only stretching I do - the rest of my routine is jelqs, and had no problems till I added the JAIs for the past 1.5 weeks.

I’m guessing it’s a lig or some supporting tissue (?), as it does not appear to be a vein. It is not discolored. It’s like a cord, maybe 1/16” diameter. Has a kinda stinging/pinchy feel to it when I massage it.

Taking some Advil, thinking maybe that will take the edge of inflammation, and massaging it lightly.

Any other advice, anyone else had this?

And yeah, laying off stretching for a bit - damn, was doing good there with those JAI’s


Sounds like you are doing all the right things. If it doesn’t clear up after a 2 week layoff I guess its time to go to the doc. You might want to warm wrap before massaging.

similar injury

check this out, too :)

First injury…rare one too

"...its' natural environment is in the hole, so why don't you send him home. His bags are packed, he's got his airplane tickets- bring him to the airport...send him home."

From: 'Happy Gilmore'


Thanks memento & 2in2002 for the input.

Between the Advil and massaging it off and on when possible during the day, the stinging seemed to subside quite a bit.

I had read that link (thanks 2in2) prev to my posting, it sounded similiar, but wasn’t sure if it was the same thing. I pictured a thrombosed vein to be discolored to some extent, and I have no discoloration. I can feel the sinew (or whatever the hell it is) extend into my body, like a supporting lig or something - (time to pull out Gray’s Anatomy book). Guess I just pissed it off by pulling on it :( a la TMTS.

Thanks again gents for your time, I appreciate it.


It sounds to me as if you have thrombosed a vein...

A thrombosed vein will not (in my experience) show any discolouration.

Mine didn’t and felt pretty similar to what you describe.

If you ask me I think it is a thrombosed vein. Leave it alone until it is well healed.

See Ya,


Thanks BigJ-

What , if anything, can I do to speed it’s recovery, aside from my post above?

It seems to be getting better quickly, as the pinchy sensation has left, but it is still a bit more rigid than I remember it being (never really took note of it before, so that statement is subjective).


hey Darktrick

I would also say its a thrombosed vein. Keep up the heat and massages, they seemed to be the best for me. Whatever you do, dont pull against it, thats what I did and I made it all worse. You can find some information in my injury thread, and Ill be glad to help you in any way. Take care.


Thanks Chi -

Yes, I’ve been following your’s and Jaco’s posts closely. Looks like the same type of injury I have. I did post a URL to a short medical synopsis of what it is in that thread. Seems like not a hell of a lot we can do except taking ibuprofen, massage, heat and laying off PE (which I find most distressing :( ). Mine has gotten better, a lot of the stingy/pinchy feeling has left it, but it’s still a bit sore to the touch, esp at the base and into my pelvic area. You’re right, massage helps this considerably.

I thought for sure it was a lig or tendon that became inflamed because of the unfamiliar loads placed on it. I didn’t think a vein would behave like that (so much for my medical expertise!).

I suspect JAI’s were the cause for this in my case, though I’m not certain. They were the only thing I started doing different. Could also just as easily have been a cumulative thing, enough stress over time finally caused it. What do you think brought about yours? I ask so as to avoid redoing this in the future -

I don’t know about you, but it’s so damn hard to stop my PE efforts - ARGGGHH!!!!

And sorry Thunder, me either on the digital camera - but that is an excellent idea, I have to believe this is a common event for novices like me.

Stay Loose -


Originally posted by DarkTrick

I thought for sure it was a lig or tendon that became inflamed because of the unfamiliar loads placed on it. I didn't think a vein would behave like that (so much for my medical expertise!).


I thought the exact same thing! Never thought a vein could be so straight like that and discolored. I thought it just came with the territory, kinda like jelqing causing the veins to be more visible. It didn’t hurt, so I didn’t really think of it as an injury. However, I am thankful that I read these posts. Now, I can start healing up.

Originally posted by DarkTrick

I suspect JAI's were the cause for this in my case, though I'm not certain. They were the only thing I started doing different.


I noticed these “guitar strings” since I started JAI’s. I’m almost positive that I didn’t have them before JAI’s because these strings aren’t easy to pass up. Maybe I was pulling too hard or something. I don’t really know.

DarkTrick, don’t worry about having to give up PE for a while. Injuring mr. happy is never a good thing, so I’m perfectly ok with giving him the necessary time to heal up completely.

Also, I’m going to post my process with this over in the “Rare Injury” thread. I think this would be beneficial in the future for other PE’ers who might see the same thing.

Take care and let him be healed!


Thanks SS

Yep, I’m betting on the JAI’s - I think I was just stretching a bit too hard.

I wish now it was a tendon, kinda scary that I affected a vein like that.

Also, was reading quite a bit about “superficial thrombosis” on the net, and unfortunately, just read where it tends to reoccur. So we’ll have to take extra care to prevent this in the future, once we get back in the PE saddle again.

Damn, I was doing good there too. Finishing my last PE session I looked down at my schween and thought, “Oh ya, this is definitely worth the effort”. Oh well, hopefully we’ll clear this hurdle quickly - as I have some serious dick building to do :)

Hang in there SS


Fixed it

Well I fixed it -

Thrombosed vein is gone, like completely. One day it’s there, and still a bit sore, even into my pelvic area (which worried me), the next it’s gone - totally :)

And what did you do, you ask? Well, not exactly sure, as might have been cumulative, but…

I read some of Vivace’s old posts ref thrombosis (this fkg board is great, what an archive!), and he mentions in passing that while he stopped everything else, he continued to do “modified jelqs”. I figure, wtf, I interpreted “modified” as “easy, and not directly impacting that vein”. Off I go. So I jelq last night, dorsal vein still pronounced. I go really easy, maybe 2 sec jelqs for 15 mins at 60-70% erect. I’m watching/looking at this vein, mostly for a lump like everyone reports, see none. I palpitate it’s length, pretty firmly, looking for the lump, nothing. Then, at the end, I do two real easy horse440s, just to make the vein visible so I can see I didn’t wax it. Looks fine, just firm.

I get up this AM, I do a look-see to make sure my dick is not a tortured, gangrenous, twig about to fall out of my pajamas. Looks great, and I notice, no vein. I poke around - gone, along with all discomfort. WaaHoooo !!!!

Other things which may have impacted it:
*I strength train religiously (not that it shows) and do Aikido (very aerobic), might have helped in some way, maybe blood pressure, heat?
*Took ibuprofen, then switched to aspirin.
*Massaged it when possible, sometimes pretty vigorously, up into the pelvic area.
*Fckd for a solid 2 hrs Sat night (well who knows?).
*I totally abstained from doing JAI’s. I think (not sure) that they caused it in the first place.
*No piss pulls at all, (you’re pulling a cold dick usually), I just flopped it a bit.

OK - this was longer than I meant it to be, but I’m fkg elated. And wanted to pass this on, maybe someone will benefit from it.

And, yes, boys and girls, I learned my lesson - Go Slow Newbie.
As Dino said someplace, “Think long haul”. I hear that.
:) :) :)


Great to hear you’re doing good DarkTrick!

As for me, I’m debating whether or not I’m really injured. I’ve noticed since I’ve stopped that those straight “guitar strings” really are veins (hey! the have color!). They have never hurt, but they are still as visible as when I stopped PE. I know that healing takes time, but everyone who has the “guitar strings” seems to bounce back within a week or two.

Just for clarification: Were your “guitar strings” completely straight?

Also: When you talk about a lump, are you talking about right on the vein? or under the vein?

Do you think that light jelqing helped you recover faster?

Anyway, any thoughts or ideas?


Hey SS

Hope you’re doing well buddy. Just looked this post over and sorry it’s kinda long.

From what I’ve read on the net “Superficial dorsal penile vein thrombosis” usually resolves itself uneventfully within 4-6 weeks. Dr’s dont seem to do a hell of a lot other than treat it with anti-inflammatory medications (Tenoxicam or Ibuprofen) unless it doesnt go away. I switched to aspirin after a bit, figuring aspirin might work as an anti-coagulant and break the clot down, which may have been the case.

I looked at a anatomy diagram: - look at fig 1.1, and that superficial dorsal penile vein comes out from your body, and splits into 3 veins, one goes to each side of the penis, and the third goes straight over the top of the penis. That’s the one that I had thrombosed, the top one.

Ya, it went straight from base towards the head, but submerged about an inch from the head. After a day or so, it was darker than the surrounding area. I didnt think a vein could be that firm, thought for sure it was some sinewy tissue I had overstretched doing JAI’s.

You may want to look up “Penile Mondor’s disease”. I am confused as to exactly how that differs from what I experienced, but I saw it mentioned several times.

I never saw a lump, the vein itself was not exactly smooth, but i couldn’t find the “lump” that some other guys like Chi and Jaco reported. It might have been my efforts in pushing around on that vein, looking for a lump, that resolved it.

And I def think that the light jelqing did something beneficial. Something fixed it: me firmly poking at it looking for the lump, lightly jelqing, the light horses, aspirin, or a combination of those things I listed. I jelq’d last night for about 20 mins, not real real intense but pretty good, no pain, no recurrence. That vein was/is soft and pain free. I looked down at my engorged post-jelq’d dick and was so fkg happy I could’ve spit. Back on track, baby, fkg A - but no JAI’s for a while ;)

Maybe you didnt thrombose anything, maybe those veins are just becoming more prominent b/c of PE ??? My guess is if they are very firm when your dick is not erect, then I’d bet they’re thrombosed. If they’re just prominent but soft, I dont know. In ref to no pain, I read: “the main symptom was a cord-like thickening of the superficial veins, which were painless or slightly painful.” So I guess pain is not a good indicator.

Having said all that, the safe bet is to just leave it be and let it resolve itself. I was not satified with that, figured after reading Vivace’s post and other net info, that I could do a little something to swing things in my favor.

Hope this was of some help, and that you’re back in the saddle pronto.

Thanks for the info DT

The 2 veins on the side are completely soft, but have been enlarged/more prominent since PE, but the top veins are confusing the hell out of me! In the diagram, it shows 1 main vein down the top, but I see two, slightly off-centered veins. These appeared after starting JAI’s ( I’m sure that I was pulling too hard for that exercise). When I press in and try to move them, it feels like they’re tight. But could I really just be feeling a lig or something?

There’s no lumps or anything. Just tight, straight veins.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to start PE again at the beginning of next year, but hey, the faster the better.

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