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ADS or Extender?

ADS or Extender?

Hello all

I’m just looking for some advice on which stretching device to buy, I have been doing PE for around a year and a half and haven’t seen any gains for a while so I’m looking to add something but don’t want to start hanging just yet.

I have searched the site and still cant decide which device would be best, should i go for an ADS or an extender? from what I’ve read extenders it seem to give more gains?

I will be able to where a non discreet device around 6 hours a day and a discreet device all day. Which products are known for good results, anyone had good results from a certain device? Any advice welcome. Thanks all.

A home-made ADS (like golfweights) will mostly just cement your gains. However, an ADS like the penimaster or others could probably be used to make some gains. I’m sure there’s some good home-made ADS as well—but my biggest concern is that you might not know how much force you’re applying with them. At least with a professional ADS things are more controlled. Really, it just depends on your budget.

Personally, I’m hanging with a bib hanger and I may be adding the use of golfweights as an ADS (think more of the golf weights as an anti-turtling device… the amount of weight is so low it wont have an impact at all on me other than keeping my flaccid from curling up / retracting). My fatigue and in turn deformation is coming from hanging. The purpose of the ADS is just to help me maximize the gains I’m getting from hanging, by healing my unit heal in an elongated state.

With golfweights, you’ll have trouble getting more than 1lb (its not much). With most ADS, I don’t think you can get more than 5lbs of force. Over a long, extended period of time, this can be somewhat effective. However, an ADS alone wont do much.

Overall, the ADS will work much, much better (in my opinion) if you combine it with at least a basic PE routine… that includes Kegels, Jelqs, etc. (or hanging!) Like I said, from my point of view, an ADS is ideal for preserving gains—by itself I’m not sure you’ll gain too much. This is just from my perspective and what I know. I’ll be interested to see what others have to say.

Thanks blink200, I think I might go for the penimaster to see if I can get any last gains from that before moving on to hanging and maybe using an ADS as you said.

Is penimaster known as the best Extender or are most generally the same? Anyone?

Penimaster is the only one I could think of off the top of my head. People said good things about it a few years ago, but I think it’s sort of expensive. I think you may be better off with a VAC ads. I think those are superior for comfort, and someone correct me if I am wrong, but I think you can literally just leave it on all day without damage. This is unlike the standard ADS which requires you to heavily monitor your blood-flow (so if your dick is turning purple or blue-ish, you’ve got to take it off, get your circulation back & put it back on—that’s got to be annoying).

That lack of blood flow in a traditional ADS is of course due to the fact that you’ve got to wrap your unit, or based on how it attaches. I think that’s also some of the appeal with vacuum style hanging; someone correct me if I’m wrong but you can hang without breaks with a vacuum hanger (once your body is accustomed to the stresses).

dongalong appears to have done quite a bit of research. This is possibly the best link you’ll find for choosing an ADS:
ADS (All Day Stretching) Knowledge base

Here’s some more threads below. There are some reviews of cheap Ebay ADS devices & one thread on a vac ADS
(personally, I’m thinking a VAC ads may be the best choice—if I can get one for a reasonable price)
ebay ADS review
eBay - Silicon ADS’s
Olafspos VacADS review and VacADS progress thread

I have only been doing hanging with a Bib hanger—if I got a good VAC ads, I could possibly use the same attachment for my hanger & try some vacuum hanging. Let me know what you decide. I’m thinking I should possibly get a VAC ads myself…

Just checked out the VacADS it looks like a good product and now im debating between this and an extender lol. The only reason I’m thinking about the extenders is because you can gradually increase the Resistance and tension in increments right? Causing the penis to grow with the extension. Where as with the VacADS it is just and all day stretch, so I wont be able to increase the stretch over time.

What do you think? have I got it all wrong? Thanks for the advice so far

I am reading this thread right now, it’s great:
AutoExtender’s AutoADS

Here’s some feedback on that thread:

Originally Posted by Dino9X7
I was one of the guys in the beta program and I gave monk a lot of input and he always used it and came up with something better each time. My review of his ADS which I have always called the monk it’s just funny a dick stretcher called a monk. The first thing I wear pretty tight jeans you know regular fit Levis and wranglers and you can’t see the monk the only time you have to watch is when you sit it will look like your dick is way big running down your leg which can be a good thing since I seem to have a 21 year old chicky who seems to like me now that I caught her eye balling my bulge. It’s easy to get around this if you want my just sitting with your legs closed. I have had the monk on for up to 9 hours on several days and usually average about 5-6 hours. I asked monkeybar to make me a an ADS that I could wear under my cloths without people being able to see and he came up with a clever design for sure when the original design couldn’t stand up to my level of activity he made it stronger and so far I can’t destroy it. I’m really happy with this product it really does what I wanted which is an all day stretcher you can’t see.

I’m actually wanting to get a VAC ADS myself—I think I may go ahead & try vacuum hanging. I’m still undecided on what I’ll do. I am thinking my best bet may be to find a VAC hanger that will let me hang some heavy weight as well for traditional hanging—and I’m not sure if there’s an ADS like that. I’ll keep looking… The hanger above is fine for lighter weights. I’m not sure what the limit is on this hanger.

Here’s some more quotes from the post above, as well as some of my thoughts. The summary here is I am not convinced a VAC ADS is the best way to go. I’m pretty undecided. There’s pros & cons with either a traditional or VAC ADS.

Originally Posted by dongalong
A link to the Grip System website inspired a solution to get my money’s worth from the extender. I fabricated an attachment system to attach one of their silicon weight hanging sleeves (see attached image)
It was very comfortable but I received vacuum damage when I applied too much force causing a hickie and sometimes a blood blister at my glans tip.
Eventually the sleeves stretch and made it difficult to maintain the extended position since air entering the tip allowed the sleeve to slip off.
I found a solution by making a sleeve from dipping latex (used for making sculpture moulds). I made a model of a smaller version of my penis in plasticine carving out the shape of my glans to create an anatomical fit. I dipped it into the liquid latex until it was about 1mm thick but 3mm thick at the tip (to avoid stretching and high vacuum). I super glued an epoxy putty cone which housed a quick release key ring to the sleeve tip which I could easily hook onto the extender loop.

I used this system for 1.5 years, after manual stretching for only 5 minutes without a warm up, I attached the extender and was averaging about 3-4 hours per evening and totalling up to 9 hours by attaching the sleeve by string to a bottle weighing 1 -1.5lbs which hung off the end of my bed. Most of the time however, my penis felt cold and the tightness of the sleeve, wrinkling of skin underneath the sleeve or night time erections would wake me up and force me to take it off for the rest of the night.

Apparently the VAC hanger made his dick pretty ugly. I guess even a VAC hanger has some cons (not just pros).

Originally Posted by dongalong
My penis was not a pretty sight after a while, I had a red circle at the glans tip from the vacuum and the skin around the corona became thick and white. Another reoccuring injury I had was a friction blister at the top of the sensitive shaft skin next to the glans ridge - this stopped my ADS for several weeks altogether.

I had a less accurate way of measuring back then but I started at 7.5” and reached a maximum of 8.75” however I believe that by lining up visually my penis and ruler, I was adding about 1/2” to the actual size so it was probably closer to 8.25”.

He mentions he eventually lost his gains. I tell you what, I’m impressed with people that invent their own devices or modifications to make things more comfortable. You’ll notice in my first quote that he made a special attachment that molded perfectly to his glans, to make the vacuum more bearable. I wonder if that has to do with the side effects he experienced.

Originally Posted by dongalong
At weekends I sometimes wore it for up to 8 hours straight but I’d usually remove it for toilet breaks and massages, every hour or so.
I’m a bit worried about wearing ADS at work, the irritations and toilet breaks require an easy to remove ADS system.

Once again, he had some ugly side effects from wearing the VAC extender so much. I’m thinking I wouldn’t want to make my penis turn into a mutant just for the sake of a VAC ADS.

Perhaps I’ve taken the right direction in using a traditional hanger (a Bib hanger in my case). I wonder if lots of VAC hangers get ugly side effects. Maybe VAC hanging is safe, but it appears heavy use of a VAC ADS can lead to ugly things. Hopefully an experienced VAC hanger or VAC ADS user will reply to this thread and give us some insight.

Yea you should go for the VacADS sounds like it would work perfect with you adding in Vacuum hanging. The thing is I’m not going to be hanging, i will just being doing a light manual PE routine and using an extender or ADS. you think I will gain more form the VacADS right? so ill go for that I think.

I have slight discoloring (from a bruise on the underside of my unit, I got from setting a hanger too tight early on), which I don’t mind. I don’t think my wife has even noticed it.

However, the side effects dongalong has had from his VAC ADS truly frighten me. My assessment so far is that wearing a VAC type ADS too much will cause ugly side effects. So even though you don’t need ‘breaks’ with a VAC ADS, you still can’t wear it for unlimited amounts of time (unless you’re happy with a mutant penis).

Once again, I’m hoping someone with experience in this area can give us more insight—otherwise, I think we should both do more research.

Right now Ive changed my mind again, thanks for all the advice dude. the VacAds sounds good but has some not so good points. I’m going to go for an extender 100%. They just seem safer and people still see good gains.

Any advice on a cheap high quality extender?

Which “Extender” are you referring to? There’s several ADS devices with Extender in the name.

If you want to be super cheap, just keep doing a PE routine… just about anything really, then just use golf weights, or weights from someone like Monty. I mentioned this in my first post—this style of ADS is just to help you heal in an elongated state. It works in conjunction with your workouts to help you maximize gains. I’ve seen a lot of people post good results with this method. I actually got some golf swing weights (3x) from a site for just $14 (that includes shipping). I’m going to try it. If I’m unhappy with it, or if I find it doesn’t conceal well enough, I can just fork out the cash for a better ADS later (like AutoExtender’s AutoADS).

If you do decide to use some golf swing weights, there’s a whole thread on how to keep them on:
How do you keep golf weights on

Some guys have found ways to keep the weights on for extremely long periods of time without losing circulation. I’ve never seen anyone complain about these weights making anyone’s penis look ugly. Probably because they are simply too light to cause deformation. They only weigh enough to help maintain deformation you already cause with your PE workout.

I thought an ADS and an extender were two different things. Im talking about Extenders like the penimaster and the Euro extender, the ones with metal increments on the sides. Not All day stretchers like the xleeve and AUTOads, I am am not talking about these.

Originally Posted by gainerihope
I thought an ADS and an extender were two different things. Im talking about Extenders like the penimaster and the Euro extender, the ones with metal increments on the sides. Not All day stretchers like the xleeve and AUTOads, I am am not talking about these.

If you scroll up, there’s several EBAY review threads where people give feedback on cheap ADS devices they purchased on Ebay. Hopefully some of those will be helpful for you.

Slacks ADS Thread
This thread by “Slack” seems quite good. It’s full of advice on how to wear and wrap your ADS. Most of them seem to refer to the Penimaster:
ADS wearing/wrapping tips
And here’s another Penimaster thread:
Penimaster anyone tried it?

Captn's Wench
The Captn’s wench might be a safe way to make your own home-made ADS device.
- The Captn’s Wench: PE Device
- The Captn’s Wench: PE Device

Penimaster Upgrade
Slacks thread also links here… a modified Penimaster based on the Bib hanger. It was created by Stillwantmore. THe only concern is that it may void the Penimaster warranty:
The Ultimate Penimaster Mod. Thanks BIB!

Right now I am thinking the Captn’s wench or Penimaster might be really good choices.

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I am thinking I can make my own Penimaster—and save $300 (or whatever it costs). Check out the great devices these guys below have made. I believe the two can be combined to make something like the Penimaster, but more comfortable:

Piet Extender
I am thinking I could combine the Piet Extender (home-made) with the captains wench to make a comfortable high quality ADS. If I had a peni-master, I could modify it with a captains wench as suggested in this thread below. The “Peg Leg” doesn’t sound bad either, but I am thinking a combination of Piet’s hanger and the captains wench would be more ideal.
Piet’s stretcher -updated- 2

The Captain's Wench ADS
Basically, I would use the captains wench instead of Piet’s attachment point. I could probably make this pretty easily with a trip to the hardware store. I think I would want to replace the base ring as well—however, I am sort of clueless as to what could replace that. One of my 2x Captain’s Wench links was meant to be this:
The Captn’s Wench Amazing ADS

Anyway, if you do get the penimaster, and don’t find it comfortable—that thread above explains how to modify it with a captain’s wench. Apparently, a lot of guys find the ‘captains wench’ more comfortable:

Originally Posted by PirateSteve
Since purchasing my excellent Penimaster, I have been unable to wear the device for more than 2 hours at a time. Nothing I try, nothing I do will extend that time. Additionally, the device is not particularly comfortable for me either. Adding a Wench has changed all that.

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