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ALL veterans! Attention here please! ADS input needed!

ALL veterans! Attention here please! ADS input needed!

Okay hello guys! I’ve been reading an awful lot lately about anything and everything. I have been trying to figure out if weights as an ADS will help me put on more length. This is probably a dumb thought but I’ve just been so confused with 10inchadvantage posting that he actually lost gains or something like that from wearing

an ADS system. So i come to the vets and any others who have gained or who have had experience with ADS because I want to live by Big Girtha’s law from now on by never letting it turtle. Will an ADS harden my tunica and make it harder to gain, will I lose length like 10inchadvantage did, or should I start ADS as soon as possible as it can be very beneficial for length gains in between my routine?

P.S. I think my ADS will consist of my vac extender 2 head piece with some weight(1 to 2 lbs) attached to it as I think this will be super stealthy. Actually what is the recommended weight for an ADS?

Your thoughts and input is much appreciated! I will keep you guys updated on how it goes if you think I should start ADSing.

In search of a perfect body, penis, and girl.

The search NO longer continues. :)


I have had great success with using my ADS as a conditioner for other PE exercises. For me the key has been low tension all day long. I used to be Mr. Turtle, but since I have been keeping constant tension on him (fowfers at night, as well) he not at all shy I am getting a very nice flaccid hang. It also broke me out of a plateau I had hit when I combined it with my other exercises.

I do have to agree with 10inchadvantage that I have gotten pull back, but it was only when I used high tension. I am a huge advocate of low tension, high interval ADS; hence the name All Day Stretch. Think of it like stretching your hamstrings or quads before a run. It is a slow gradual process no forcing or bouncing just a slow long stretch.

I haven’t heard anyone theorize that ADS use causes losses.

A lot of people believe in the theory.

Most people seem to think that ADS use helps when used in addition to more intense PE, like hanging or manual stretching.

I think the ADS theory makes sense, but haven’t seen much gain from using a vacextender as my only form of PE.

So the theories are one of two:

1. As a supplement to higher intensity exercise, it keeps the penis extended so that it heals in the extended state, helping lengthwise growth.

2. Used on its own, it causes slow growth by low intensity - long duration stretching, or extention.

I think the vacextender head is a good tool for holding on PE weights or golf weights. I use 4 golf weights with mine, which is probably about 1.25 lbs. With PE weights, you could easily go over 2 lbs. More is better, as long as you are comforatable and can wear it for long periods with no bad effects.

Horny Bastard

Girtha, by his own admission, had a dick that was “beaten up”. His saying was “never let it turtle”. The question in my opinion is, should you ever make it turtle?

There have been other clampers that have also gotten great results, and felt that when they saw turtling, they had done too much.

Read my thread listed at the bottom of my posts on PIs. I would put the totality of your PIs together before you decide whether turtling is a good PI for you or not. I think for many of us, turtling is a sure sign that you are overdoing it.

My personal opinion is that ADS SHOULDN’T be heavy enough to cause stretching, merely enough to MAINTAIN the stretch that the shorter period of hanging produced.

In other words, try the ADS by itself for a few days. If it is causing contraction (when taken off) it is an indicator that it is causing tissue damage and will work against what you are trying to do.

Personally, I think you might end up with a lot of lymph migration with 1-2 lbs of wt on a vacuum hanger for periods of over an hour or two. Some guys have really tough dicks and can do it, but I’m certainly not in that category.

I think that Mony530 is one of the greats here, not very active these days on threads, but really someone who pioneered hanging combined with modest ADS and achieved great results. He is also the developer of the modified golf wts…the PE wts, which I think are really great.

People that lose from ADS, is probably temporary loss due to over training, thats why you should read my PI thread to get a better understanding of what you will be observing.

In general, you want to use the least force necessary to attain gains…that helps avoid toughening of the tunica and the eventual decon break that will be needed to progress.

Thanks all for your input. I have been doing some thinking and I am probably going to coordinate some type of small weight in conjunction with a static wrap from my static stretcher package. Maybe wrap my dick with it and throw some PE weights over the wrap or something along the lines of that as the static wrap is extremely

comfortable and very sticky to itself and the penis skin. It sounds like a promising yet stealthy ADS doesn’t it guys? I’m going to start it up tomorrow and will be wearing it all day or as much as possible. I’ll give you the specs as far as how much weight and time usage and whatnot when I get everything figured out.

Now what can I use for a stealthy weight? I don’t have PEweights. I’m thinking I will probably end up buying some, but in the mean time, you guys got any ideas?

In search of a perfect body, penis, and girl.

The search NO longer continues. :)

Golf weights at walmart $1.50 each.

Horny Bastard


In search of a perfect body, penis, and girl.

The search NO longer continues. :)

ADS has caused me more skin damage than I liked, and although I stopped using it, gains continue.


There weren’t any golf weights at walmart. So anyways I headed over to Dicks Sporting Goods, picked up 3 of them for $3.99 USD each. All I can say is that golf weights are by far the most comfy, cheap, stealthy, working ADS that I’ve ever messed with. If you haven’t tried them please do so guys! You’re missing out on easy gains!

In search of a perfect body, penis, and girl.

The search NO longer continues. :)

Sorry for the slow response I have been very busy lately. I have been using this static wrap contraption I created some days and I have also been using the vacextender head. Both seem to only allow me to wear the weights for about 2 hrs before I have to jelq some circulation into the old pecker. I am still experimenting on how to wear them all day without taking them off.

In search of a perfect body, penis, and girl.

The search NO longer continues. :)

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