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How do you keep golf weights on

How do you keep golf weights on

How do you wrap for using golf weights?

I haven’t found anything on here that tells you how to wrap. The golf weight slides off if you move around enough, I’m uncut.

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I just use ace bandage for wrap and a cable clamp to keep it in place. I have never had problems keeping everything intact.

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There’s a video on Monty’s site, I believe.

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The standard method is to use a wrap in front of the weights and there are many threads in the forum about this and also the video mentioned above.

That said, I have personally had a hard time getting the wrap to hold the weights, especially since I have a very active job where I move around constantly.

I have a VAC ADS on the way that I will use to keep the golf weights attached. I got this idea from plein_lee.

I use coban tape that sticks to itself. Push the golf weights into your pubic bone start the wrap maybe an inch-inch and a half below the glans. THe thickness depends on how much tape is needed for the weights to rest on the tape but still pull down on the unit. That’s my way of doing it.

One tip is instead of wearing boxers, wear loose fitting long johns. It is cold where I live for several months of the year so I have worn them for years. To keep extra warm, I tuck them into my socks which is perfect for wearing weights in the event that one slips…it just discreetly drops down my pant leg and into my sock. Slippage is sometimes inevitable especially when you get a slight woody and your base girth begins to grow which forces the weight down.

A golf weight in my sock beats the hell out of me running down the street to catch a rolling golf weight before it rolls into a drain pipe! And we know that when the first one falls off, the rest are right behind.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Duct tape.
Drywall screws.
Gorilla Glue.

That’s all I got at the moment. ;)

Duct tape didn’t work, and the staples fucked my dick up, thanks Big T.

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Chewing gum. ( Make sure there are no weights in the chewing gum when you start chewing again.) :)

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Rubber bands

Paper clips

Nuclear fusion

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you guys never get unexpected erections with this on?

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What I did is make a tie from a peice of nylon and some leftover industrial Velcro from my wench! It has a plastic piece that the nylon weaves through and then pull it back over against itself. Secured in place by the Velcro ! Sorry if this doesn’t make sense. But essentially it makes a loop and you are able to tighten it and fold it back over the plastic ( Buckle?) and make it stay with the Velcro . I use one of my wives small elastic sock as a wrap. I have used other methods and this seems to work best it’s tricky and you have to find what works for you! Remember to just tighten enough to keep them secure but not to tight it starts hurting quickly from blood building up pressure in your glans.

Actually, the best wrap is no wrap. I’m using the lead weights without the rubber coating, so the hole is bigger, but if the red swing weights are slipping off my method may still work for you. Put the weights on in the shower, where you can lather up if they are too tight to slip on, or talcum powder, but no lube. Pull all foreskin, excess PE shaft skin and even a little bit of scrotal skin through the ring toward the glands as you press the weight back against the fat pad. This bundle of skin will act as a buffer to keep the weight from rubbing the glands, and it will also keep the weight on without wrap. To remove the weight just pull the skin back through the ring.

Don’t do this at the mall.

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Originally Posted by UpTo7

There’s a video on Monty’s site, I believe.

If you can’t find it just send me Contact from the website and I’ll pitch it to you.

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I have been using scrotal skin method which seems to work best but. It pulls from far back and feels more like foreskin resto

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Progress routine and pics/vids

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