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A quick question and a couple of thoughts

A quick question and a couple of thoughts

Hey All,

First the question, anyone know if your starting base girth is any indication of possible future mid shaft girth? Put another way, can a 5” mid shaft reach a 5.5” starting base? Anyone here achieve that?

Now a couple things I have recently delt with. Well, I managed to get over zealous and get what I think was a thrombosis in a vein. Kinda freaked me out. I backed off for a day but continued to massage the area but it remained solid. After reading the injuries threads I felt it would go away no problem and it finally did today. I did a long hot wrap ( which I will address next ) and pressed on the vein towards my body, instantly it was gone. Then I had the sudden panic that the gob of congealed blood was headed straight for heart and someone was going to find me on the couch, cold and stiff with my dick in my hand. Fortunately all is well.

The hot wrap. I have seen a couple threads on the Thremipaq so I bought one. $9 at Walmart. It really is a good deal. It doesn’t last real long, and swingin and swayin back to the microwave past the neighbors windows can be dangerous but I recommend the thing. Here’s why - I take a washcloth and zap it in the microwave, then zap the Thermipaq. I wrap the thermipaq around the washcloth and I get nice, moist, safe heat for a good 10-15 mins. After my workout, I zap the thing for another min and it’s good for another 10-15 min warm down. The skin on my penis feels super soft all day, unlike when I was doing the rice sock.

So, thanks for listenin’. Just a reminder, go easy on your best friend. Nothing like seeing him injured and not knowing if he’ll ever be the same ol’ pal again.


I don’t think that there any real limitations placed on the potential by the natural, except at the extremes.

I haven’t done it personally, but gaining non porportionally to your natural shape is definitely possible. For instance, I have gained more girth at the base than at mid shaft, though the two are now converging.

I know what I want, and I'm coming to get it.

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Everyone’s ability to gain is different I think. No one is going to be able to tell you, “you will gain x inches”. Even if we all did the exact same routine the exact same way, which we most definitely are not.

Some will struggle with length, others will struggle with girth (like me :) )

Just have a goal in mind and work away at it.

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