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Quick Question About Routine

Quick Question About Routine

I just started doing PE on 03/06 just to get a bit of gain here and there. I am doing a somewhat modified Newbie routine. I changed from 10 mins of Jelqing to 15 mins and the 30 second stretches I changed to 60 seconds. First thing, could this be bad? I actually feel pretty energetic after completing my PE. O and I do that 2 day on 1 day off.

I havn’t did a recent measurement because I havn’t been to my extreme in the past couple days, and when I was I was with the wife :) . I measured flacid and stretched, but that seems like it could be all over the place and the range is quite large. Now here comes my second question, just curious if PE is effected by ejaculating directly after doing your PE. Also, is it bad say, to have sex later that night after doing your PE?

Thanx for the help, I hope to keep going with the PE and fit in a whole body workout into my schedule.

Welcome MMX

The Newbie Routine is a guide. It is generally supposed to help “condition” your penis for the harder work ahead. Altering it is fine as long as you aren’t hurting yourself or making changes too quickly. Taking a break every third day will help prevent injuries early on. Later you might want to change it to five on two off or some other combination.

Don’t be in a hurry to measure too often. Most don’t show gains for several weeks and measuring frequently will only discourage you. I suggest measuring only once a month. There are guides for measuring in the threads at the top of the Newbie Forum. Select a method and do it the same every time for a more accurate guide to your gains.

In spite of the continuing controversy, and the topic is brought up frequently, there is no problem masturbating or having sex before, after or during PE. It does not effect gains. Some feel it makes their flaccid hang smaller if the ejaculate after PE. If that’s important to you, then don’t do it.

You can do a search (button at the top right of every page) for many of your questions.

Thank you much. I read about the different ways to measure and whatnot. I also read through some of the other stuff people do as routines. Seems like very solid stuff.

I am going into this realizing that it takes time for gains and whatnot. I’ll probably up the jelqing in a couple of months or something, same with the stretching. I figure gain is good and it will probably be easier to last longer in bed too.

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