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80 Percent of PE is internal biochemistry and 20 Percent stretching method.

80 Percent of PE is internal biochemistry and 20 Percent stretching method.

I was going to post this reply to another thread but it needs it’s own.

Hanging, Jelq, ADS etc are all, in practise and principle, targeted to enlarge the corpus cavernosum (CC), the two fleshy tubes enclosed in the tunica, and the penis ligaments (PL). The only differential between them is the degree to which they effectively target the CC and the PL.

Any of them is fine as long as you stick with one long enough to gauge progress.

The main reason why many of those who otherwise hang, jelq, ADS or whatever everyday for a year and gain very little (1-2cm erect length) is largely the result of their internal biochemistry. There are thousands of variables that affect gains when it comes to internal biochem e.g. Not having enough zinc, not enough white blood cells (lymphocytes), low total free Testosterone etc that affect the way your penis heals and grows.

For example, you can bench press all day, everyday for a year, and gain little because you aren’t giving your body what it needs to fuel growth. You’ll simply be “overtraining” and taxing your nervous system.

Granted, there is a genetic limit to how much your unit can grow. What I’m talking about is reaching that limit as efficiently and as quickly as possible.

80% of PE is having the right biochemistry, the remaining 20% is the stretching method (assuming whatever method you use is effectively targeting the CP and PL). The amount of hanging, jelqing and ADS people do is enough to stimulate growth factors in the penis to kick in the multiplying of cells. It’s the cascade of hormones and other chemicals that affect the resulting rapid repair and growth of your unit.

The standard American diet is laden with processed carbs that spike insulin and inhibit growth factors and tax your immune system, making any progress slow and sluggish.

OK, so here’s what I’m currently experimenting with, in order, and advise others to do:

1) Get a full micro-nutrient/nutritional profile done
This will test for deficiencies in vitamins and minerals so you can correct them (this alone will trigger enormous changes in your body). Ask your doc for it or contact a lab called Spectracell in the US.

2) Diet (Paleo style, but with legumes):
- Eliminate all processed carbs: pasta, rice, potatoes, oats, bread
- Eliminate all soy foods
- Eliminate all dairy foods
- Eat Lean protein: beef, chicken, lamb, fish, protein shakes
- Eat beans and lentils for carbs
- Eat good fats: almonds, brazil nuts, cod liver oil, flaxseed, walnuts
- Eat unlimited quantities of vegetables: spinach, broccoli, green peas, carrots, asparagus, peppers
- 3-5 litres of water a day

Keep the above rules for 6 days a week, on the remaining day eat whatever you want in whatever quantity you want.

For info on this diet, Google Paleo and check out this post:

Http://…g-any-exercise/ (Ignore the premise, but follow the diet rules)

3) Use a hanger or ADS consistently for 3 months to gauge progress

I’m currently researching whether to use a bib hanger or an ADS device by sizegenetics or another brand.

From my research, I’ve come to the above conclusions which I believe to be sound based on others’ experiences and theory of how the body works.

When I get my hanger or ADS (Feb or March) I’ll be putting it into practise and recording everything. :D

Until then, those who are already consistently hanging, Jelqing, ADS will benefit enormously by following steps 1 and 2 from above.

I can see diet being a big factor in growth. But why eliminate what you say and why eat what you say? What are the benefits in eliminating dairy and processed carbs? I don’t know about anybody else but when I eat the dairy I don’t see the extra weight going to my Unit. So maybe eliminating what you say may not be necessary. Just opinions.

Maybe since your going all out with this. Maybe you should look into the nutritional part a little closer maybe get more detailed. Because I’d like to see what you can come up with. Good luck too by the way on your research.


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I’ve found that my PE gains do not change based on the food I eat. Don’t you think our genetics and this personal biochemistry you speak of are what determine our natural size? I still think PE is all about the exercises. Do you have any PE stats?

I'm a disciple of science.

You say cut out oats? Oats improve EQ.


Excellent thread! The principles concur wih the “4-Hour Body” which I am reading now and which must be a projection of the diet proponded in “the 4-Hour work Week”. Everytime I have eaten on a diet similar to this one, I have thrived, but eventually have slipped back into some so, so, carbs thing or worse. The “Zone” diet is very similar. What none of us have probably done is to take up this way of eating while doing “measured PE”. We should thank you for the idea and certainly will look forward to results—-the measured ones you are willing to provide as well as the results I vow for the new year.


Your lifestyle changes seem very healthy overall and I agree with that but I’m just wondering if your 80/20 rule is based on hard data or if you are just thinking that’s the way it is. You might be right but as far as I know there are all kinds of theories out ther regarding growth and no one seems to be able prove one over the other.

For example,I think low testosterone can hinder you because you will have less spontaneous boners and night wood which help stretch and keep your gains. I don’t know if it’s 80 percent of the equation though.

Yeah I agree with that James. Some of us have been dealing with illness such as chronic fatigue etc. And its hard to stimulate any muscle regeneration

till we get our total health back. I know I was a body builder for long time but haven’t been able to do it lately because just getting over long illness.

But I keep light PE till I am completely better and than hardcore. Your body has to be in peak condition to grow new cells and to be able to recover good.

And the right foods vitamins help too Im sure.


Originally Posted by scienceguy106
I still think PE is all about the exercises.

Exercises is a requirement yes. But I don’t think gains are all about exercises. There has to be other factors.

A friend of mine started working out. And he got pretty big epically his legs, and he ate like a horse. About 6 months into it he couldn’t help but share his discovery. He said he penis has gotten thinker. This isn’t fact because there was no documentation, but I believe this guys story. He said it feels ALOT bigger in his hand. No PE, no supplements.

This guy is in his mid 20’s so I highly eliminate puberty as a factor. Maybe it was his diet? Maybe his testosterone increase do to working out did it? I don’t know, but I do believe PE isn’t the only factor.

Current stat = NBPEL - 6.235", BPEL - 7.000".. Mid EG - 5.063".. Base EG - 5.750" BPSFL - 7.3125 ------ Old stats = NBPEL - 6.000", Mid EG - 5.000

Goal stat = NBPEL - 7.750", BPEL - 8.250".. Mid EG - 6.000".. Base EG - 6.500" ------ Goal Length gains - 1.515". Girth gain - 1.000"

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Originally Posted by 2Big4u
He said he penis has gotten thinker.

I want to make my penis thinker. ;)

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Originally Posted by iamaru
I want to make my penis thinker. ;)

Indeed, so do I! :D

Current stat = NBPEL - 6.235", BPEL - 7.000".. Mid EG - 5.063".. Base EG - 5.750" BPSFL - 7.3125 ------ Old stats = NBPEL - 6.000", Mid EG - 5.000

Goal stat = NBPEL - 7.750", BPEL - 8.250".. Mid EG - 6.000".. Base EG - 6.500" ------ Goal Length gains - 1.515". Girth gain - 1.000"

:dance: Need a workout log? I've got one Here. :-pulse:

Drinking 5 liter of water om a day can not be healthy. And why eat beef? It’s not considered to be healthy. Why not stick to chicken to get the proteins and fish for the vital fats.

I am sorry, show me the proof that 80% of PE gains are in our biochemistry and only 20% is based on our stretching. You have quoted stats thus show me the studies and how you
arrived to these conclusions.

You suggested diet is good and works well in conjunction with a suitable gym program. However how is it that potatoes are now classified to be
processed carbs.

I bodybuild and during cutting phase my diet does look a little like that which you have outlined however I do not cut my carbs
out completely and I choose form a much wider range. Not all carbs are deemed bad.

I am very careful about diets or belief systems which advocate one path and pone path alone. What may work for my body might not
work for another person’s body. Not all of us run on diesel engines and merely prescribing diesel for all is not going to cut it. I am all
for using a good, healthy plan and then adjust it best to the goals at hand and your own body.

Again, I challenge the initial claims above and do not go with all that which was given and stated as truth. Sorry if I come across as harsh
but we are not merely entitled to our own truths and then to come push them as if they are fact.

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I strongly disagree with the original poster. Claim that biochemistry (nutrition, hormones, etc.) is 80% of success can be true for bodybuilding, but definitely not for PE.

Healthy nutrition can be beneficial for overall penis health, EQ and such, but growth is all about plastic deformation, it has nothing to do with hormones or what you eat. Testosterone affects growth only when natural growth is in question, i.e. during puberty. How do you explain people gaining size while having ED and low testosterone or being overweight/obese?

Also, saying that oats, pasta, rice and dairy products are bad foods is one of the dumber things I’ve heard. My diet is based on chicken breast, low fat cheese, oat flakes and vegetables, that’s pretty much all I eat and I’m perfectly healthy. This diet works for both cutting, bulking and maintenance. I keep protein and fat at constant value and only thing I change is amount of carbs, i.e. oat flakes, anywhere from 200 to 500+ grams a day.

All in all, I consider this thread very misleading.

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I think a lot of it is genetics. I was hoping (like most guys) that I’d be a fast gainer. When I do any exercises muscles bulge up very fast. When I don’t do exercises fat builds up very fast. I was hoping the same could be said of PE. Time will tell, but so far so good. I think having a good diet is important as well for general fitness and penile health is a thermometer of sorts on general fitness. It therefore makes sense that the two go hand in hand. Whether you need to be eating a paleo diet or not to achieve that I cannot say, but I’m skeptical. Eat right, exercise, do your PE and pray that your genetics are working in your favor.

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