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20 min.Bathmate as a warmup

20 min.Bathmate as a warmup

I have been using the Bath-mate as a warmup for a couple of days with good results. I have been doing the Newbie Routine for about 1 1/2 months w/ some good results . Increased frequency of erections as well as a hardness level that would make S90V Stainless envious. The first day that I used the Bath-mate I could only use it for 5 or so minutes w/ low pressure, I have been working up but am still at 10 min. As a warmup was not my first thought but , after experimentation it seems that it works best. I have been doing the routine [properly aside from the manual stretches but, now I think I have the hang of those. Getting the right amount of grip-vs-injury was tricky (was thinking abouit purchasing the readi-stretcher). Could anyone please critique and respond. Help is welcomed!

Sounds like you have the EQ part of the equation down. Now just make sure that you’re paying attention to the PIs (Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!).

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Bathmate will have an impact on EQ as a thread started by me shows on MOS so it is not unusual to lose temporary EQ with it just adjust the pressure and time down until you have conditioned yourself to BM

It has had an impact , I was not aware at first but my erection frequency went down , I had no problem with quality or getting one when needed but, those ones in the car when you are on a bumpy road had stopped. I have slowed down a bit and am being more conscious of slow progression. I truly believe that gains can be made and this is the place do do it. I have bought a Power Jelq Gym, the construction is awesome , the handles look weird but they work well , the new plastic is strong also but , the rollers are a little rough on the skin and the traction control could use a little tweak. I tried to make my own but after I used it the rollers would pop of occasionally which exposed the dangerous metal that the rollers were on . The Jelq device is made similar so I feel I made a good choice . I wanted it because wet jelqs were making my wife crazy , I was getting lube all over the bathroom (she has very sensitive skin, prone to acne). I like P.E. Toys their cool , I also just bought a Hardware cock ring, a ADS from Ebay , a silicone sleeve , a Bib Starter, and am in the process of making other toys. I love tools so these are a natural progression of my obsession just moved into PE.

you have hands, why you go for machines, i just don’t get it , always remember these things control your penis, but using your hands, you will be the one who control you penis and you know the pressure needed, don’t forget it takes only 1 mistake so say byebye so be careful good luck

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