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No warmup available - to continue or not to continue

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Should i continue my routine even though i can’t warm up/down?

Well, it’s unfortunate, but it shouldn’t stop you from continuing your PE aspirations. Keep going.


Hey buddy, no warm up - no routine.

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No warmup available - to continue or not to continue

Hey guys, I just wanted to bring this up.

I’m soon to be moving into a share-house with 2 other friends, essentially putting any PE tools of need (kettle for boiling hot water, shower, sponges, etc etc) outside of my bedroom out of reach.

Basically this means, if I want to continue my PE routine, I won’t be able to warm up or warm down. It’s out of the question. Everything I need for PE has to be inside the bedroom only, and warm-ups aren’t available there. So this raises the question: Is it worth sacrificing my PE routine because I can’t warm up? Is it feasible to have a PE routine (of jelqing, clamping) without a warmup or warmdown?

I basically have 2 choices:

1. No warmup - continue routine
2. No warmup - stop routine altogether

So basically, I’m creating this thread to gather more information on the advantages of warming up, and the disadvantages of NOT warming up. Then I’ll take everything into consideration. I realize the consensus of the recommendation of warming up, but how much difference does it actually make?

- What are the risks of not warming up?
- Does the warm up actually affect the size gains?
- Is warm up more of a injury precaution exercise rather than gain booster?
- Any other info will be taken on board and be very beneficial also.


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IMHO warming up is critical. I think it makes a huge difference.

Is there a possibility of putting a microwave in your bedroom?
If so, just get a rice sock.

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Interesting topic. But, There are ways you could probably still warm up. Homedics sells handheld heaters and heating massagers you could keep plugged in in your room. Or you could get a little microwave in your room and use it to heat a rice sock. Even if the microwave isn’t in your room, why couldn’t you use it? Tell them you have a bad back and need to apply heat every day.

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get a heating pad

Nick, warm up and warm down are totally vital. Don’t give up on them, and don’t even think of giving up PE. We just won’t let you!

Well, I think you can buy a heat pad, or search around for something, some gadget, that can replace the hot wrap. And then, you can tell me whatever worked best for you, because I’m still using the hot wrap too! :D

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Warm up is good but not essential.

And if you want a stealthy way to warm up, do a search on luka’s warmup bottle.

Rice sock is your best bet! It is better anyway it retains the heat longer.

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Opinions about warm-up are different, but I’m sure that warm-up didn’t reduce your chances of growth :) So… try to not skip that part.

Do warm-up under shower. And additionally, just before workout, do some manual warm-up. That’s it.

If you won`t warm up you will get much more injures.

Guys already said how to do it in your bedroom.

Anyway,don`t stop doing PE .

I used to warm up in the shower, now I recently bought a rice sock. I just tell people that I have a stiff neck if they ask about it, lol! Rice socks rock my actual socks.

I don’t warm up and I don’t think it’s necessary as long as you work out when you’re buddy is hanging nice and low. However I see you are in Australia where I imagine it’s quite cold so perhaps a heating pad would be good.

I’m sure I’ve seen USB devices for water heating. Get one of those and hook up to your computer.

Do you have your own bathroom? If yes, then trn on the hot water and use it for warm up. That is what I do nowadays and no one is any wiser.

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Get a heating pad. You can get them for around $10-$14. You can have that in our room and no one should even question it. If they do then it is just for your back or whatever, but I don’t know why anyone would question it.

With a rice sock for example, you would have to explain after going to the kitchen every day to put it in the microwave ; ) I don’t really know if you could come up with a good excuse for that.

Look around for a thingie, cord and attachment about 4 ft. long. It plugs into an electrical outlet and you stick the other end of the cord into a cup for warming up water. I don’t remember where mine came from; auto parts store?

Or, boil water in the kitchen and put it into a thermos - should keep it hot/warm for several hours.

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