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2 inches in 5 months


2 inches in 5 months

Hey guys this girl I’ve known forever is coming down in about 5 months and I know she wants to have sex. So I would like to impress her and gain about 2 inches in length and about an inch and a half in girth. I also am on a diet and exercising (trying to lose weight also, I’m about 187 lbs would like to be about 165). My penis is about 5.25 inches in length and 4 inch girth ( kinda embarrassing). So when she gets down I would love to be about 7.25 x 5.5. Is this at all possible?

My routine is
5 min warm up

10 min manual stretch (ten 30-second stretches)

150 wet jelqs

5 min warm down

50 kegels of five second holds each

Schedule: 3 days ON / 1 day OFF

Anything else you guys recommend to help gain faster?

2 inches i 5 months seems unrealistic without hurting yourself, unless you have a real high LOT that you manage to drop quickly. Otherwise you’ll just have to follow a suggestion here, to take a hammer and whack in you pelvic bone. Doesn’t do anything for your girth though.

MagnumXL wrote about how he would warmup every 5 mins and gave some pretty good reasons why that would be beneficial.

At any rate penis size is secondary to charm, personality, sexual communication skills (teasing etc), and just overall how good you are in bed. If you want to make her visit memorable for her, spend the next 5 months making her anticipating how exiting it’s going to be and then read up on the use of feathers, ice cubes, scented massage oils etc.



Your routine looks fine. It’s good to start slowly. Just keep doing it and adjust later if gains don’t come. Be patinent. You can have 2” in 5 months but if you don’t, keep faith still. Don’t try to rush for faster gains by PEing too much, you can hurt yourself.

Good luck.

Originally Posted by justaphase
So I would like to impress her and gain about 2 inches in length and about an inch and a half in girth.

It ain’t gonna happen. Don’t even think that it’s possible, because when it doesn’t happen you’ll be disappointed and depressed and think about what kind of impression that will make on her. Let her be impressed with your new body and somewhat longer penis. Don’t put your penis length before your personality. Five months is enough time to get into better physical shape and to improve the way your penis works. You might gain some length and a bit of girth in the process. But don’t set yourself up for failure by thinking you can do the impossible. She’ll be more impressed if you know how to use it rather than how long it is.

Alas, your goals are unachievable, except for the weight goal. And the problem with trying to gain 2 inches so fast is that you are only more likely to hurt yourself by going overboard and becoming totally dysfunctional by the time you see your girlfriend. Drop the 2 inch in 5 month goal and proceed to do PE in a normal responsible fashion. The routine you have set up looks good and I wouldn’t be surprised to see you add 1/2 inch in fairly short order. Just don’t try to overdo your jelq routine. This really works best at moderate intensity levels.

Try to avoid situations like this:

Overtraining Injury

Do your kegels and impress her with your rock-hard boner and finish off by shooting across the room. That should be a first for her.

Here’s some more reading for you - theres more to sex than size. At least if you ask the girls.


I’d like 2 million dollars in 5 months, but much like your request, it ain’t gonna happen. What will happen if you try to accomplish that is you will hurt yourself and then have no sex. And, to me at least, sex with any size penis is better than no sex at all.


Thanks guys for all the help except for some of the smart ass comments. The other reason why I was saying this is I’m kinda still going though puberty(late bloomer). I thought that could help my gains but ill just keep to my routine and see what I get from that. Thanks guys!

Yeah man, don’t sweat the women. If she laughs, that’s more inspiration to keep PE going and in two years you can whip out your 8” dong and laugh at her. And oh yeah, you can always say “My dick aint small, your pussies just loose.”


You might get a little over 1” EL if you keep yourself dedicated.

Btw, how old are you?

Before PE: NBPEL 5.50" x EG 4.30"

Current: NBPEL 6.50" (BPEL 7.5") x EG 4.6" (head EG 5")

Goal: NBPEL 7.00" x EG 5.25"

I’d say that about 0.5” in length and 0.5” in girth could be expected from about 5 months of hard work.

Unless you have the genetics for it, then you could probably get more, but you could also get less if you’re a hardgainer.

Originally Posted by justaphase
The other reason why I was saying this is I’m kinda still going though puberty(late bloomer).

How old are you?

Stats: (10/24/04) : BPEL-7.25", EG-5.5" (01/22/07) : BPEL-7.6", EG-5.6" after 1 year of maintenance

Goal: 8.5" L x 6.5" G

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