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Overtraining Injury

Overtraining Injury

It finally happened … only three weeks in, and I have already hurt myself.

Yesterday I checked out my penis right before I was going to start my PE session when I realized the first jelq hurt. I tried again, and again it hurt. There is a sharp pain somewhat near the opening of my urethra, but it hurts as soon as I begin my jelq at the base of my penis. It feels like an electric shock runs through my penis every time and at the tip it hurts the worst. I have no idea what has caused this, but I stopped my session for that day. I am on my second day without PE and I don’t want to lose motivation.

Has anyone heard about this? If it doesn’t hurt too bad, could I continue to PE? How long should I wait if I shouldn’t pursue my PE efforts?

Thanks again!

—- Drew


Probably some minor nerve bruising… chill out for a week or so, it should clear up.

Have you watched the video series on jelqing? Make sure you’re doing the exercises properly, and not putting too much pressure on the top of your penis.

You’ve already overdone it once before: take it easy before you do yourself some damage. Give your body time to heal, Superman.


Glandmaster … it doesn’t hurt on the top of my penis. It hurts on the bottom near the urethra. I’m sorry for any confusion. I have watched the video and read up on jelqing, and I don’t seem to be applying too much pressure to the top. Possibly to the bottom? My penis is just strange to be honest. Sometimes when I jelq I hear a noise like a bubble is popping into my urethra, but it doesn’t hurt. Also, the inside of my penis feels rigid, not very “tissue”-y or soft.

There is some thin tissue there hopesfall. Some guys get blood, maybe you get pain, although it sounds like it’ll heal itself in a few days. Maybe just soaking in hot water will get some blood in there to speed the healing. Does it hurt to have an erection pressing against your clothing?

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Hm are you sure that your penis isn’t just too erect for jelq’ing (talking about the rigidity) ?
Besides the nerves responsible for the glans run along the urethra (and thus the Corpora Spongiosum).
So if you trigger some bruised nerve at the bottom of your shaft it could still feel like the glans is hurting and not where you actually hit the bruised nerve.

This said, give your body time to heal, Superman :leftie:

And when you can finally restart your exercises, make sure you don’t put too much pressure on your CS either (the “tube” on the lowerside of your penis).


Thanks guys! I guess I have been a little vague. It doesn’t hurt when I have an erection with clothing on (thank God). As for rigidity, I meant when I am flaccid. I let my penis rest for about 2 or 3 days without any contact, and this morning I tried out my routine and there isn’t very much pain. So I think I’ll continue slowly and be careful this doesn’t happen again.

So how’s everything going? Is the pain still there, or has it cleared?

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Originally Posted by GlandMaster
.Have you watched the video series on jelqing? Make sure you’re doing the exercises properly, and not putting too much pressure on the top of your penis. ..

I’ve read different posts about being careful, but I haven’t been able to find the tutorial videos. Will someone post the link(s) to them for jelqing and such? Thanks much!

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