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Wrapping for passive PE


Wrapping for passive PE

Bib wrote in the “wrapping to remove discoloration” thread that he considered wrapping to possibly be the best passive PE.

I haven’t found anything else on this subject - most wrapping threads deal with wrapping to prevent chafing when hanging - so my questions are

1. How to wrap for passive PE - along the entire length to keep stretched or around the base to plump it up?
2. Any theories on the mechanisms and theories - along the length or around the base?
3. Any experiences from how to / how not to?
4. Any results?

Best regards,


Either of these can be done, depending on what your working for.
If your doing hanging for length, it’s good to wrap after to keep everything in a stretched out state.

I’ve primarily used the second method with a velcro wrist wrap around the base.(which would be more geared towards girth, but can benefit length gains as well I believe.) It keeps the tissues more engorged with blood and expanded, this needs to be used with some jelqing or clamping etc to be effective passive PE, though the wrap alone will improve your flaccid hang over time. I wear it all day except when PEing or fucking.

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

Hey mgus. I researched this about a week and a half ago. There are some really good threads on it. Try searching “traction wrapping” or “wrapping gains”. They brought up some good results for me. Oh yeah select Title Only as well. I’ll chime back in if I find the stuff I found before (man, I knew I should have put them in my favorites).

I have been wrapping after stretching sessions to keep the length for several hours. I wrap the entire length with just enough pressure to keep it stretched out to about 80% FSL. I don’t know what type of gains I’ve gotten from it, but I can tell you my FH feels much better and looks longer and mire full. It may be my imagination though…lol.


Redwood, RTG - thanks for your tips.

Velcro wrist strap - flexible or non-stretch? This is pretty much the same as using a cockring, no? How hard do you snap this down?

The wrist straps I’ve seen available here are about 4 inces wide with lots of flexible velcro, so it would wind up as a rather fat package, and not only around the base but all along.

What I’ve done is used flexible bandage, the old kind, with a little metal hook thing to keep the bandage from unraveling, but I’m not sure how to use this effectively - all along the shaft after manually strecthing the flaccid = traction wrapping?

How hard would one wrap for traction wrapping?


Also, how hard to

I use an ace bandage, but use tape to keep itfrom unraveling (I’m scared of jabbing myself with those little metal teeth things). I stretch my unit out as far as I can and wrap from the head back to the base (it’s the only way I can get it started really). Even though I stretch it to 100% FSL it usually ends up only holding about 80% of FSL. I wrap just tight enough to keep the stretch. I think a good judge of taughtness is if you can’t take a piss with it on it is too tight. I keep it on for several (sometime up to 5) hours at a time.

Hope this helps.


Here is a good thread on the topic.

4” wide is way too much.

1)You want it to be flexible
2)My wrist wrap is 2” wide.(got it at Walmart, it’s made by Equate)
3)I’ve been trying to find the right cock ring to do the same thing, but so far this wrap is the best for holding an awesome engorgement!
4)You need to wear it tight enough to get your cock nice and plump, but still remaining comfortable for long periods of time.

There are some awesome threads on the wrist wrap, search for TheraP Magnetic Wrist Wrap, though you don’t need to use that exact one as I haven’t and mine is great!

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

Redwood, Hobby, RTG:

Thank you for the answers and the search tips.

I fooled around using a double folded elastic wrap around the base; worked so-so. Tried an old neoprene/velcro strap that is 1.25” wide, but I go flaccid after a while, also my head got kind of cold when I strapped the band tight and nothing at all happened if I had it loose. Have to find something else to try.

So for the time being I’ll go with traction wrap, I seem to get 70-80 % pulled flaccid length out of that. Comes out of the wrap real skinny, but the head stays warm. When I wrap, I pull my member out, and wrap from top to base, while stretching the wrap - and so when I go to the bathroom and check on it, I find that the glans and shaft are twisted 1/4-½ turn! LOL!

I started PE in november 2004, and did a stretch - squeeze - jelq routine at first. I’ve totally cut back jelquing for the time being (privacy problems combined with laziness and being curious about how much stretch can bee attritbuted for), limiting to stretches (variations of JAI, my own isolated lig stretch, V-stretch) and Orange bends. I do this for 10-15 minutes 1-3 times a day, hopefully with a decent stretch in the bathtub in the evening and plan to keep some traction wrap on most of the working day (office work).

Since I started doing this (about 3 weeks) I’ve gained flaccid ½-1” and it seems to me that EG is on its way up. EL seems to stay the same, but it feels like I can stretch flaccid maybe 1/4-½’ longer now.


After reading this post I decided to wrap after my 3 hanging sessions per day.
I use a self adhesive bandage and keep my penis stretched to about 80% of my FSL.

I work girth every second day, is it OK to wrap in the same manner after a girth (jelq and pump) workout? Will it hinder girth gains?

Bluenun, I would suggest a different type of wrapping after your girth routines. The link hobby supplied has some good girth wrapping info. It is a tad different than traction (or length holding) wrapping I believe.


RoomToGrow, thanks for the answer.

I’ll read the link in hobby’s post.

I’ve read up on various heat threads (among others this one: Patience… ) and I just remembered something about how variuos tissues of the body repairs themselves.

A few years ago, a friend of mine got burned badly in a fire. He was kept sedated for a few weeks in the hospital before they let him wake up, it was that bad. He told me that in the hospital, they had been scrubbing of the scab tissue that was on the top of the surface every day, using a soft carpet-like brush at first and later a stiffer plastic brush. The point was that when you get a scab, the new tissue tries to heal up against it, and since the scab is in the way you get uneven structures of the tissue = visible scar tissue. So by taking away the scabs, the new tissue could grow unhindered and smoothly, covering the surface.

This was not enough, however, as you still get scar tissue; the tissue did not grow back smoothly enough to be invisible, and so he had to wear a tight body dress (in his case over the entire body, since the burns were splotched a littel all over the place, mostly on his back and back of legs). This was an expensive super duper textile that placed an even pressure all over the skin - the constant pressure nudged the tissue in the skin to get even smoother. Apparently, when tissue regrows all over the place, the cells are arranged stocastically (all jumbled) = visible scar tissue. By keeping pressure on the entire surface, the tissue slowly regrouped itself in a-stocastic patterns (all lined up) = not so ugly skin.

If the same is applicable to the healing of ligs and tunice - and it most likely is - then it would make sense to keep the member not only elongated during healing but also under slight pressure, to nudge the healing of the tissue to arrange itself lengthwise.

So for elongating purposes, a traction wrap should be a good idea. And thinking of it, a wrist wrap around the base that keeps the unit engorged should do the same thing - only the pressure is from the inside rather than the outside.

Any comments to this?

Yeah, well I’m gonna go find me a rechargeable handwarmer package and shove that down my pants prior to workouts, and then continue my traction wraps until I can find a suitable wristwarmer!


mgus, you make a very good point, thanks. I am just starting to experiment with the subject, but I can tell you it does wonders for discoloration.

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