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Secjay's PE report 2002 - warning: LONG!


Secjay's PE report 2002 - warning: LONG!

Where I am @ in 2002: This is basically A major summary of my PE/Sex experiences during the past few years (although sex didnt come into it til this year) Read on at your own risk, and excuse the length and venting aspects of this post:


I first learned about PE several years ago. This was back in mid high school when I thought I was small->average (but didn’t really have a clue).
I’ve been really inconsistent with my routines etc. Alot of times I thought it didn’t work/just wasn’t going to work anymore. But I always come back to it. it’s become like some sort of addiction.

My starting (Maximum) measurements were approximately 8.5x5 (although this is probably a rather innaccurate guesstimate)

Another thing is, I’ve never really been able to figure exactly how much of my gains to attribute to purberty, and which to PE. I’ll never know now. Maybe if I hadn’t discovered PE, I would still be the same size? Bigger?(doubt it…) Who knows. Although, it is kinda odd that since I’ve now all but finished the pubicalization process, my gains have been lousy. Go figure. (Eg Teach this to your sons early)

In all this time I’ve tried all the manual exercises available, as well as crude DIY homemade backyard forms of pumping, hanging, etc.
I’ve had times when I though I had made myself permanently impotent, and times when I thought I was becoming a porn star, but never for more than a little while at a time… :)

I generally treat my dick really badly, and have fairy extensive discolouration from just way too much red spotting. Newbies etc; DONT DO THIS TO YOURSELF! From what I can tell, red dottage will NOT increase gains or anything else! I feel really bad about it all when I try especially careful and still get these damn things….

Currently at almost exactly 10” BPFS, although an actual erection is probably about 9”. (it is mainly reduced because of the downward/to the right curve screwing things up)
Flaccid is anywhere from about 5 to 8, depending on time/temperature/mood etc.
In the beginning of my PE adventures, Length came easy. Every time I measured it would be more. It was cool to watch the marks on the ruler steadily climbing upwards every week…

But now I no longer care about length (Read GIRLFRIEND below) In fact, if I could trade in 2” of length for even just 1” of girth I would do it without batting an eyelid. My desperate quest for girth has been going on for a little while now (‘bout all of this year) At a fairly unsucessful rate, which I am extremely dissapointed with….

Compared to others I have gained relatively little in this department (Ironically the only gains I would really appreciate) approximately 0.5” in all these long years past. Although for most of that time, I never really focussed on girth, because I didn’t understand it’s true importance. (Read GIRLFRIEND. Can you tell GIRLFRIEND is going to be a big one? ;) )
I would really like to gain girth, and the type of exercise needed leaves me black and blue. It sucks. But I persist. I’ve recenty taken to horse type squeezes, and erect bends (Incredible intensity with little effort! NOT FOR NEWBIES!)
I have to say to any newbie reading this, that in my limited experience, girth is the key, not length. I don’t understand why so many of you guys are interested in being long. In my experience, I can get an absolute maximum of about 7” inside my lady, the extra length is completely wasted!!!(although she is petite I’ll admit) So what if you are 5” long. an extra few inches will make jack all difference IF you are not thick enough to pressure her walls! All she will feel is nothing but a poking into her cervix, nothing else! Feel free to argue, but this has been debated over and over and this is my firm opinion. (and I’m sorry but I can’t make any inferences about anal, but I’m guessing this is at least partially true also!)

Basically 1.5”x0.5”. And again, I can’t really tell how much can be attributed to PE and how much to puberty growth. Although I believe that starting young when your tissues recouperate quickly and effectively would be a definate plus in PE.
But regardless of age, if you want to gain, eat right, get plenty of sleep, and exercise. You HAVE to exercise! Cardio, weights, whatever… It increases your metabolism and hormone levels, in short it makes your body work at peak function! As that guy on the tele says: Just do it! (I think his name is mike…)

My routine is all over the place. I have followed basic guidelines for limited periods before, but I can’t really give any advice as to the ‘best’ routine for this or that, sorry to anyone with high hopes coming in here :( ;) … Although you can see from my gains that even a highly sloppy irregular routine can still give decent results, although maybe just not super efficiently!

——->GIRLFRIEND: (if you are inclined to skip this section, go ahead and skip it, I wont mind, honest ;) )
God, where to begin?!? Basically it was a classical fairy tale TV-show deal. And yeah scoff and doubt, but we are deeply in love. :D But this is not about that. This post is fairly shallowly I’ll admit, more about sex, nobody wants to hear me rave about our emotions! ;)
She was very anxious to jump into the sack together. I was reluctant/embarrassed etc due to lack of experience (Read: NULL experience) Before we finally got around to it, we were big on the touchy feely, and she made many a comment on it’s size; both in the length and thickness departments, and also in general. When it came time to actually get on with it (which was a really great experience, all round) She did find it painful. It was mostly the fault of the length, and her thinking that deeper=better, but the as-of-then unexperienced girth was a little bit of a shocking experience for her also.
But now we are used to each other. We make love as frequently as possible, and (I) try to make it last as long as possible and feel as good as I can for her. The problem being: She has never had an orgasm. She is almost 20. She has never masturbated. Her previous boyfriend did absolutely nothing for her (She says it felt like “Someone rubbing your arm or anywhere else”) She has only just begun to feel pleasure from sex since we got reasonably comfortable with the horizontal tango. She continues to find clitoral stimulation uninteresting/not very pleasureable. Still no orgasm, and who knows how close/far away?
I can’t help but feel, as an insecure male, that this is due to my inadequacies… If only I could do it harder, better, faster, stronger! (work it) All logic points towards it being nothing to do with my supposedly more than adequate performance. It’s just something I can’t help. Another thing I can’t help but think is that if I were thicker, that she would feel more, maybe enough for her to *really* enjoy herself? Time will tell, I hope…
Another thing I find disturbing is my negative brain attempting to convince me that if don’t manage to please her in this way that she will get bored of me and leave me, or at least, stop wanting to have sex altogether (disaster!), like the chicks from men behaving badly… Can anyone reassure me?? p.s: these fears are totally unfounded.
This relationship has changed/influenced me and my entire life more than any other change or transition ever before. I cannot recommend a truly loving life partner enough. If you have not experienced this kind of deep bond with someone then you have not yet lived! I highly recommend to everyone/anyone to go out and find someone you can relate to on the most fundamental of levels (irrelevant of sex) The other night we just lay and held each other, intertwined, after a while it felt as if we were one in both body, mind and sounds corny, but spirit as well. She tells me she was thinking just exactly the same thing :D )

In summary from all this seemingly useless data, my final, long term, pearly gates goal is this (for PE at least): In the length department; I really could not give a shit if I gain another inch or two, or nothing at all. But I’m not trying for it.
In the girth department, I want to get to at LEAST 6”, if not 6.5, or what the hell, maybe even 7, So I can claim to be without a doubt positively HUNG, and not put any doubt into my penis anymore. Although, I’m really not sure it would be wise to go that far without taking it very nice and cautious, making sure that SHE digs into that extra thickness, and it’s not just me thinking it will cure all my problems.
Control: I want to get back up to the level I achieved ages ago, as mentioned in another post, of being able to dry-cum several times in one session, purely for the sake of my partner. This may take some time, as my masturbatory habits kind of degraded over the last 2 years to the point of being totally pathetic :D

Anyways, this is getting far long enough already (sounds familiar from somewhere??) so, In closing, I hope that maybe someone has learned/gained something from this. These are just my experiences. I would appreciate any feedback/analysis/comments/flames… that is all… goodnight!!! :D

Did you do a lot of jelqs? hang at all? I want your gains please list what you did:)

hey secjay

Listen man - the fact that she didn’t get an orgasm yet doesn’t have anything to do with your girth! I’m sure of that!

I just wrote in a post earlier today that I started with a very modest girth of about 4.3 I think, and still I got my ex wife to orgasm 6 times in one lovemaking, and she was with a huge guy before and she didn’t like sex with him.

I don’t think it has to do with your abilities either, maybe if you were more experienced you could help her achieve it more easily, but basically it’s her problem. the fact that she never had an orgasm and never masturbates indicate that she should work it out, you can be there to help her though.

I’ll tell you - I had a girlfriend that used to come in a minute, every time we had sex, she told me she once couldn’t orgasm at all until a friend taught her how to do it (sorry, can’t remember the details), and now she has no problem to come even after a minute of sex!

Also I had a girlfriend that never had an orgasm in her life, we were together only for a couple of months, but I knew it’s not me, it didn’t matter who she was with.

I had another girlfriend that use to come many times and more strongly that any other women I knew. And it wasn’t because I did something different compared to when I was with the girl that could never come.

You see what I’m saying here - basically women orgasm in many different ways, some have stronger orgasms, some weaker, some never, some all the time, *and* they can learn how have them and also how to improve them.

I think you should talk to her about it, she should acknowledge this and then she should work on it with you by her side if she wants or alone. I’m sure you can find lots of material on the net for women that have a problem like this. maybe iamaru can help with this? also maybe the problem is psychological, I don’t know but if she wants it and she loves you and all I’m sure you can solve it.



Do you have oral sex with her, if not put it on the menu.
When having sex with her, do you suck on her breast, if not try
it. This is why I only want 7.5x6 or 7x6 or 6.5x6, I don’t want
lose that closeness. Also, start reading books on the female sex

Snake still in Brakers bed.

guys, thanks for the replies….

this post was meant to be more of a big update as to where I am at in all aspects which are sort of PE related….

Braker, thanks for sharing your experiences. I know it’s posisble that it will happen eventually or maybe not at all. It’s just hard to accept is all. Feels like I am taking and not giving back…

You can’t remember how she was taught? cmon man! This is of vital importance! heh

Snake - I have tried oral sex a fair few times yes. But she says that eventually, either her clitoris gets too sensitivie and it just doesn’t feel good anymore, or the craving to have something inside her instead gets too much, and subsequently drags my fingers inside and for some reason doesn’t want both forms of stimulation at the same time… curious.

Fishlips - As I said, my routine was really all over the place. Basically I got my gains through jelqing in one form or another. Maybe if I had concentrated more on stretches or taken up hanging early on I would have gained alot more in length. But there you go…

For those who cant be bothered reading a lengthy post, in summary I believe there are a few major keys to PE gains:

* Consistency: Know what you are aiming for and concentrate on it alone.
* Regularity: I’m certain that keeping your dick constantly fatigued - never letting it sleep so to say, and then every once in a while letting it recouperate a few days is the best way to gain. You’ll only be able to decide your personal best work/rest ratio through experience.
* Dynamic routine: constantly change your routine, even if you just change the order of the exercises, make your willy guess whats going to happen to him; so that he can never expect whats going to happen and put up a defence against it! (In lame terms)
* General health: good food, exercise, and plenty of sleep will help tremendously.

OK, listen secjay - I’ll try to get a hold of this ex-girlfriend of mine and ask her about how she was taught, I haven’t talked to her in a while, but I’ll try to find her. Give me a few days and I hope I can come back with some answer that may help..

snake.. lol.. I’m telling you man my bed is not a place you’d like to stay in for too long, it’s really crappy, and besides I really need the space!


Thanks Braker that would be an incredible favour!!


Your post was indeed quite long, but I found it to be quite interesting. Since you are still pretty young, I think that you will acheive your girth goals. It’s interesting in that Bib got his dick stretched out to where yours is and then got the girth. He said that he was successful as a result of extreme Uli’s. Have you tried these? If not, do a search and make yourself a Uli thing. One word of caution, if you get too thick, she may not like it either.

On the matter of orgasms - each woman is different as many of our members have related. However, if she is enthusiastic about sex, then she is capable of orgasm. I recommend that you get the book “Hot Sex” by Tracey Cox. You can probably get in down under. If not, it is available on It has a lot of basics that won’t be interesting, but it also has some very specific techniques as well as interviews with women who say what they like and don’t like.

Based upon your post, I “can” give you a little advice about oral sex. A good tactic is to rub her clit hood (and the clit underneath) without directly touching the hood with your finger to get her heated up. When you start to use your tongue, lick inside her vaginal canal and lips without touching the clit. This builds more heat. Then focus on the clit area by licking on the sides, under and over it without directly hitting it. Take your time - refuse to have intercourse until you are finished. She will signal you that it is working (usually moaning or pelvic movement). Then start in on the clit itself. If her hood completely covers her clit, pull it back and expose it. However, try using the bottom of your tongue. It is smoother and ridged and will not over-stimulate her. As she starts heading over the dam, put your middle finger in her vagina and move your finger tip in a “come here” motion about mid-way on the top of her vaginal wall. Keep the bottom of the tongue moving on the clit while doing this - then watch her come. Be prepared to back off as her orgasm wanes because her clit will become super sensitive. Give this a try and let me know if it works for you.

Good luck


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!


I have another suggestion for orgasm. At your size you should be able to find and massage the cul-de-sac easily with your dick. I think Luvdadus has an ongoing study of thiis over at peforums. Check it out.

Also, massage her g-spot. You should be able to find info on where it is either here or at peforum. I have found the easiest way to access it the first time is to have her lay on her stomach then insert your finger(s) onto the roof of the vaginal wall. In other words, with her laying on her belly you will be gently pressing towards the bed/into her abdomen. You will know you found it when she gets the urge to pee, so you will need to communicate while exploring. When you find it just gently massage in circles, back and forth, etc. until she comes. Sometimes she will not come on her belly, so flip her over and do the same thing with her now on her back- as the urge to pee seems to be less for the woman on her back. Good Luck!

I also have developed some manual massage techniques and have actually had women squirt fluid, sometimes enough to soak a towel or two, but that is for another post…

"...its' natural environment is in the hole, so why don't you send him home. His bags are packed, he's got his airplane tickets- bring him to the airport...send him home."

From: 'Happy Gilmore'

Jelktoid and 2in2002,

thanks for your inputs.

To clear some things up: My entire regime cosists entirely of uli type exercises now, and has been for a few months. Still no noticeable gain.

I already went searching for her G spot and yes I definately found it. When I was poking around for it, she was like “shit! What was that spot!?” and for a while she muchly enjoyed my using one finger (and later on two) to ‘flick’ it as fast as I could, which usually didnt last very long! (If you dont believe me, put your fingers in your mouth and try to vibrate them back and forth as fast as you can for as long as you can!!! lol)
But she would eventually stop me because she was getting too sore… probably due to overstimulation. Maybe I should try the same technique but very slowly…?

She wont let me do this any more, because she says that the sensation she got when I did it started to happen when she went to the toilet to pee… odd? And yes she did describe the needing to pee sensation before this happened.

I will definately try the clit teasing idea… not directly touching it but being close and indirect… and the underside of the tongue thing is great I never realised but now that you mention it that area is so smooth! :D

2, I will rock on over the PE forums and check it out. I did read his thread on here and I did some reading and stuff, but I dont think I’ve actually managed to find this spot on my significant other….
seems that it goes straight in and straight into the cervix, instead of ‘gliding’ past… need to find some postion that works better i supose……

Hey bro, never fear, I’m here. Alittle history, in it, hopefully you’ll find your answer. I’m dating my future wife. (going to cut this real short) She never fooled around much before me, much less had an orgasm. After doing ever trick I knew (spend my puberty years reading about the clit, g spot and every kind of stimulation you could do to these, and them applying them to girls before her) I finally asked, what was the problem. As in why she wasn’t cumming. Turns out, not matter how good I was doing things…..she DIDN’T WANT TO CUM.. she was scared of what her body would do, so when she was getting close she would mentally turn everything off. Just a total turn off and make me stop. So she did enjoy things just and it felt good, but cumming had to be up to her. I tried to get her to touch herself but she said what I did felt much better.

To add to her own fears, she was fearful of other people being anywhere near to hear her screams…as she already made a ton of noise she knew from my actions of my own orgasms that she would go through the roof. So after a few fustrating months of encouaging her to (let go) and stimulating. It took a camping trip out to the middle of now where. She finally let go! (by the way, she too doesn’t cum from clit stim. , she digs the g spot heavily) So to make up for my many months of seemingly pointless work. She is multi orgasmic (had 12 back to back in an hour period)….but for the HUGE BONUS……she EJACULATES!! and I mean alot!!! she thought I made a mess till she started….we’re talking soaks through and through a towel and into whatever we’re on top of. It’s great….and all with my middle finger stimulating her g spot.

Basically, I’m saying you are very adequate, it’s her. Ask questions, find out what she likes and stimulate her g spot and encourage her…..who knows she might be a mulit squirter too!! all the luck man, if you have any questions I’d be more than glad to help, as I would have appreciated someone helping me.

Sex organs


I am going to give you a woman’s perspective on this.

If your girlfriend isn’t having orgasms yet, try activating the largest sex organ of the body. Her Brain. It doesn’t matter how long you are, or how big around you are if what is between her ears isn’t turned on. I have had some mind boggling orgasms of late and that is because my brain is turned on. Just hearing what my partner wants to do to me is enough to get me wound up. It has nothing to do with what is between mine or his legs, and everything to do with what is between my ears.

Yes, technique is important here, too rough, too hard, not hard enough can cause problems in the sheets. ASK her what she likes, let her know that you are interested and have a desire to pleasure her. Communicate man, communicate!!!!!!!!!!
You want her to come, follow those words. And it will happen.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

thanks to everyone who has replied so far…

didnt think I’d get this kind of response!

Sunshine, we do talk about this stuff, alot…

basically her stance on the whole situation is this “I’m frustrated that it doesnt happen, but it will probably just happen sometime oneday…”

Which I try to tell her is fair enough, but that certain things like telling me to stop all the time, is counterproductive…

anyways, hopefully things will turn out.
thanks anyway


I have developed a technique that I have been told by non-orgasmic (but now orgasmic) women I should patent and/or write a book about to explain it to other men- because in their words “most guys don’t do it right”. It is really pretty easy, and basically it is what orgasmic women do to themselves to get off. You just initiate normal foreplay until she is hot, then take your ring finger- the one between the middle and pinky- and gently lift the hood up and off the clitoris and keep it anchored with that finger. Then with your middle finger lightly and quickly ‘flick’ up and down the clit. The up motion is the key, the down can be real light just to get your finger back under the clit. Light is the key- and the ‘flick’ comes from bending your first knuckle and following through with the second knuckle. You can alternate between the middle and the index finger with the ‘flick’. For some reason, when you get the ‘flick’ right- they go off pretty quickly. When I just started using this technique the feedback was always ‘too hard’- so be light as a feather- and as you begin to get excited there is a tendency to press harder. Try not to do that- remember, you are exposing a very sensitive organ that is usually hidden. Also, most women either prefer you to focus on one side or the other with the ‘flick’. Ask and they will tell you, but don’t ignore the other side. I hope this makes sense, as I have turned non-orgasmic women into ‘squirters’ with enough communication and ‘dirty talk’ about how sexy it is to you and how gorgeous they are, etc. In other words, reinforce the technique with positive feedback that will make them feel sexy. I also use a phrase something like “Oh my God, I can feel you getting ready to come”- and a lot of times they will go off right then even though you aren’t feeling a damn thing Good Luck.

"...its' natural environment is in the hole, so why don't you send him home. His bags are packed, he's got his airplane tickets- bring him to the airport...send him home."

From: 'Happy Gilmore'


I guess its time for me to chime in too. Sinshine makes a very good point, I suspect that you already know that your tool is more than adequate. Yes I fear that many anorgasmic females are this way due to fear or don’t feel that they deserve the pleasure of an orgasm in some way. I think technique is important too however. I think that one needs a way to help his partner relax, let loose enjoy and provide whatever level and type of stimulation that works for the individual. It takes time to work some of this out. I hope all works out well for you two.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

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