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Secjay's PE report 2002 - warning: LONG!


Originally Posted by secjay
I’ve had times when I though I had made myself permanently impotent, and times when I thought I was becoming a porn star, but never for more than a little while at a time.. :)

I know what you mean, I would go back and forth and think it was normal.but I stopped masturbating and jelquing and my gains in length and girth are really climbing routine is to go one day on one day off no matter what I’m doing, and I never overwork, it is much better to underwork and take longer than to damage yourself and have that feeling of “I can’t get it up” or shrink.. That sucks, it’s really frustrating too when the biggest you can get is 6.5 when you know your a good inch bigger..

I wonder why people work evry single day then take long deconditioning periods.this seems like the tortise and the hair story.verbatum

The tortoise doesn’t turtle ;)

Hey if you want to gain girth and are experienced with PE, do some erect jelquing, don’t go overbord, stop at even the first sign of rule of thumb is if I can’t do kegals inbetween 50 reps then I’m doing too much.lately I have gained girth just by hanging, but I hang for short periods of time (30 mins-1hr) all the studies of hanging have been with people that hang for 12 hrs a day 7 days a week, no doubt this would decrease girth because you are causing your penis to heal while it is stretched out making it thinner, but if you do it shorter time and let it rest evry other day you have a much better chance of adding pure mass.

Gee golly gosh thanks mister!

My Ex-wife's experience

Ok, this is my first post and it is relevant to this discussion so here goes.. I am 44 years old and recently divorced after 19 years of marriage. I became interested in this subject due to the following: I got a divorce from my ex-wife due to reasons unrelated to sex.. As a matter of fact, she claimed I was the best she had ever been with and although I did not know it at the time we married, she later confessed that she does not exactly know how many guys she was with prior to me (estimates over 30).. Needless to say I felt sick to my stomach when I heard that, yet strangely enough, at least it provided me with a feeling of adequacy regarding my love making skills. After the divorce we remained reasonably friendly and soon afterwards she began to live with another man. Even after moving in with this guy she would come around a few times a month to have sex with me. I having always been a curious person, asked her about how the sex was with her boyfriend (assuming it was not as good as it was with me and thus the reason for her coming around). It was then she told me that he was extremely well endowed. She estimated it was about 9 inches long and “twice as thick as yours” which can’t be true as you will see in a minute, but it does mean that he is EXTREMELY girthy! Now prior to checking into this with my newly acquired interest in penis sizes, I had no idea how I stood. I had actually had it in the back of my mind that I was on the small side of average (now I know different). I am 6 inches long and 6 inches in girth at mid-shaft and an incredible 7.5 inches at the base. I never knew this was above average (and now I am thankful for what I have). Prior to this I think I felt I was small for 2 reasons: 1. I only recall measuring once when I was a teenager and not knowing how to do it correctly I did not extend it horizontally and I think I came up with a measurement of 5 inches. I never measured girth and never knew it was even considered a size issue, I always thought it was only about your length. 2. The second reason I though I was on the smaller side is that I am a grower (and I never even knew there was such things as “growers” and “showers.”

Anyways, my ex-wife told me that she thought I was the best sex she was ever going to get until she met this guy. She said in the beginning she almost broke up with him because his size was too uncomfortable but after a few months, she began to really like it. She said with him now she has continual orgasms and can come 6-7 times easily just with penetration. I felt like shit. I asked why she came to me then, and she said “to compare.” She said “you do some things differently and I like that, but I have never come like I do with him.. No one has ever made me cum like that.” Since learning that penis size can make such a difference I have been on a mad quest for penis knowledge. I gave my current girlfriend (a recently divorced 27 year old) the 3rd degree and maybe in my next post I will share her thoughts (she has been with 10 guys before me ranging from 4 inches to 9 inches, both girthy and not, and amazingly she told all.. VERY INTERESTING). Anyways, in my mind girth is the most important thing but I think length is also important up to about 8 inches.. You need to be at least 6 inches minimum though I believe.


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