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Secjay's PE report 2002 - warning: LONG!

LOL! that's great!

secjay keep us informed! this is getting hot! ahh.. this thread makes me feel like having a girlfriend again for the first time in months :)

Sunshine - this might sound not very politically correct, but just wondering: you said that one of the turn offs is: “Feeling like I am an object instead of a person”, but don’t you agree that there are quite a few women that actually fantasize about being sexual objects, and that enjoy the feeling that they are sexually used? before you start flaming me: I don’t mean rape or anything like that, I’m talking about playing some fantasy roles within a loving relationship that has mutual respect in it.


ok, now that one of the things in my report is dealt with, how about any comments on the other areas??

btw acid test comes tonight…. no pun intended :D


She is most definately cumming now….

and the sensations are getting stronger… now she says it feels good all the time instead of just in the end!….

I’ve awakened her! and its great!!!

Now to learn to produce the vaginal orgasm ;)
either that or I’m going to have to start doing TONGUE exercises!!



Glad to see you have her cumming. Once they get there, they get addicted- be ready to be attacked at all hours of the day :)

"...its' natural environment is in the hole, so why don't you send him home. His bags are packed, he's got his airplane tickets- bring him to the airport...send him home."

From: 'Happy Gilmore'


I’ll bet she loves the bottom of the tongue, doesn’t she?

Don’t worry, after a few months your tongue will be in great condition. Mine is so strong, you’d think it was on steroids. It never gets tired anymore and I can lick for a hour straight.

I’m proud of you for your persistence and your giving nature!


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Guys, because I referenced this thread in a more recent one. Here is an update on this one! :)

I basically did not gain anything in 2003. BUMMER. Then again, I was alot busier with studies etc. I am hoping that now, (beginning of ‘04) with some really extreme and harsh training techniques, that I can bust my plateua.

The lady is most definately cumming now. Unfortunately, she still has not been able to achieve a purely vaginal orgasm. The closest has been is once she cums from clitoral stimulation (either tongue or her fingers during intercourse) is she gets hyper-sensitive and says that to continue with intercourse feels like one long constant orgasm. :)

Hopefully one day it will finally push her to that new frontier ;)


Please forgive my lateness in answering your question. Yes, I do suppose there are women out there who fantasize about that. And yeah, there are women out there whom within a loving relationship play out roles of such nature.

Oh and Secjay, congratulations.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Well done secjay - it’s a great feeling. I remember going through that process with my wife years ago, although she didn’t have the difficulties your gf did - it was just a case of learning what pleased her. Now we’ve gone full circle, she’s just emerged from the menopause, and I’m trying to make her cum again after almost 3 years. I can only hope I succeed again some day, it’s damn frustrating not being able to for such a long period. No matter how many times she says it doesn’t matter, I know it could be so much better ….

Congratulations again.

jelq2grow Now 8.25BPEL x 5.5 EG Started 19-Nov-2001 New website built - Yahoo deleted my account ! X-(

Basically, I have gained zero in the nearly 2 years since I first started this thread.
It gets discouraging when you put in the effort and don’t see anything happening anymore :(

A little bit of a bummer, but it’s mainly been due to being busy studying, that I gave up completely. End of this year I will be finished though. Also I happened to injure myself (bad bruising that ended up with scabs and seemingly never clearing dry skin) that lasted for months, which made me quit. I stayed off the PE up until now, waiting for it to completely heal, and for me to get more time on my hands to do it….

At the moment, it’s completely healed, so I am just waiting for time. Time and money to buy a proper pump!
So I’m just sitting here taking an extended break, hopefully when I finally do start back up, I will gain again for the first time in a long time!
I honestly am near bursting point to try gain some more girth. I can’t wait… I am revising my girth goal to “whatever the woman finds the most pleasurable”. I will just keep pushing size until she starts complaining of it being uncomfortable… then, I will quit (for a while :D ) at least until she can handle the new me.

From what I can predict, it will be a cycle. We started off with her finding it unbearable (in a painful way) and her slowly adapting and getting to love it. I believe that it can happen again with PE, although pain wouldn’t happen because the increase in size would be gradual. With this, I can keep her on her ‘toes’ permanently. Every time we fuck it will feel like the first time again, hopefully :)

This is all provided that I can still gain, and that I haven’t hit some kind of permanent ceiling! :( I sincerely pray that this is not the case although we will see in the next few years…

As for the girlfriend sex progress;

She is cumming hard and loud, almost every time. She seems to enjoy quickies though, and doesn’t think of herself in a selfish way at all. During these times she will lay back and “hold on tight” (in more ways than one) and just ride me for my own pleasure. I have no complaints, I think she realised just how much effort I had put into pleasuring her and she now just enjoys pleasuring me. She is even going so far as to try to learn how to give a good BJ (She is not good at it mainly because her mouth is tiny and not strong enough) and she has even offered to try anal sex. We attempted it once, but I tried to explain to her that we had to go about it very slowly. She just told me to “put a condom on and have a go…” LOL, not surprisingly it didn’t work out heheehehe :D Maybe with some practice….

Unfortunately, she still cannot cum from intercourse alone, even though she moans loud and long the whole way through, it just doesn’t get to that point, no matter how long we go like that for - there always has to be some kind of clitoral stimulation to get her off. Despite this, she says she is so close the whole time. It baffles me although I am fine with this now. Obviously I would like it more if I could get her off with my dick alone, but maybe she is just “one of those” who simply physically cannot.

Maybe some more girth will indeed make it happen during intercourse. You sound like you have strong renewed interest in getting those girth gains. I have a feeling you’ll find a way to get them. If I remember correctly you’re already an awesome 9 3/4” L. Maybe a side effect of working girth will get you to 10. Become 10x6 and you’ll be a size god.

Thanks beenthere. You’re right, I am very close to 10” in length, although it does depend on how I measure. That 9 and 3/4 is a BPFLS. Erect is closer to 9 or so, mainly due to the bannana curve…

My original girth goals were something like 8” :D
I know that may never happen, but I don’t think I will be personally satisfied until I can get to at least 6” around, as a minimum.
I just feel like it too closely resembles a big pencil for my liking :(

Of course, I am not looking for length, but if I could get to a NBP erect length of 10” I wouldn’t complain :) (My girlfriend might though!)


What a saga!! I was smiling when I read your post in which you finally describe your g.f.’s first orgasm. She may never have a vaginal orgasm. So what? Don’t sweat it!! It’s her problem, not yours. But you’re such a sensitive fellow i can understand that you feel bad and want to give that to her.

Your experience with the fast early gains in PE, although you are much, much younger than I am, are like my own. Our stats are remarkably similar, except for the girth.

These girth exercises will probably make a difference if you approach them the way you approached your relationship with your girlfriend. I hope it’s still ongoing. Those first connections you two made took me back some 40 years to my own with my significant other.

Great story. I’m glad I took the time to read it. Thanks for sharing it with us. I like you even more than I did before. You’re a good man.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


I’m glad you enjoyed it Horse…

The PE journey is nowhere near it’s end and neither is our relationship. Going to start up the girth quest again fairly soon and hope to pack on some serious size, hopefully like the “good old days” :D

Thanks for the kind words!

funny thing is girls for the most part, dont have orgasms cause of a long cock, the spot is really only 4inchs up, if your girl is havin some issues, answer this, does she masterbate? if not, it really makes things harder, just like men, if we J/O to cum quick we do in the sak, all the girls i have been with dont masterbate, makes things fun, my girl now has only had O’s with a few guys and that was over a decade ago, been with her only a year, not worried though, STRESS FREE sex, i find that the few girls i have been with that dont have orgasms, enjoy having sex so much MORE!! seriously!! as soon as i put it in they are sooooo into it, the others, their are just waiting to have the O and be done, not fun, love my girl, she loves my cock but supports me wanting more, looking to get to 10 or 12, really just for looks, i dont need to penetrate that much, she promised to cut me off if it get to out of control, just started and i am at 7.5x6, i have been told by many its perfect, but bein a guy, i want at least 10”

Hey drac, thanks for chiming in. It has been 5 years since the last post and of course things change. We are still together though.

She never really masturbated before or after we got together. I’ve always recommended she explore her own body, so she will find out what she likes, but she’s never shown much interest.

She’s maybe 7-8” deep at a guess and the best spot for her is actually right at the back. She goes bananas when I get in there, usually the best way is to get her on top of me, and believe it or not, opening her up a little to let some air in. My assumption is that this gets that pesky little cervix out of there (while inflated, it’ll drop and point towards the floor) and allows me into her CDS pain free. She goes ape with that spot. Her G-spot (about 1-2 inches in) she’s a little indifferent to most of the time.

Despite all attempts, she still cannot cum purely vaginally. She gets really close but plateaus at a high level when I’m pounding her CDS, then it goes nowhere because she just gets sore after a while.

Our record is 4 orgasms through various means but always involving clitoral stimulation.

Our next attempt will be what I have heard described as “bridging”. So, letting her cum clitorally while screwing, but letting go of the clitoral stimulation as early as possible. Supposedly after doing this for some time (months?) and further removing the orgasm from the clitoral stimulation, a girl can learn to cum vaginally. We’ll see, and I’ll definitely report back if it eventually works!


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