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It is a “registered charity” in the UK which means it meets strict reporting standards, and it includes several doctors on its board, including the ones who wrote the article Peter Ball. PLEASE DO cite some reference to this supposed policy of the British medical profession which you claim they are running afoul of.


I understand registered charities in the UK fairly well; I sit on the governing board of two. And I am part of the British medical profession, so I understand how my profession works. Dr. Ball has been retired for nearly 20 years, and NORM-UK (of which he is Vice-Chair) is sort of a retirement hobby for him.
I don’t claim they are running foul of anything - they just published a document with suggestions. I am pointing out that they have absolutely no say or influence on policy. You or I could, with equal validity, publish a document with suggestions for the British medical profession, but it would neither be nor would it influence policy.

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