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Kegel - the secret revealed

Originally Posted by dickerschwanz
Its the Ischiacavernous muscle. Its more sideways and its two string left and right. (Check out anatomical pictures)

Got ya, I’ll be working on this, and again thank for your help. I have one last question, do you think the solid Flacid I at times think I’m feeling is from a tight pelvic floor or imbalanced?

Alright thanks for your input. I will continue to relax and work on reverse kegeling when I’m tense and working into IC kegels with time. What is a good amount of full reverse kegels to do per session

Hey guys!

I found this thread yesterday and kept trying to find the IC and I did.
After a few hours of light kegels I can now isolate the IC and work it flaccid without activating the BC.
I also worked it erect and can wave my dong up and down with the use of IC contraction.
I also tried and succeeded to lift my ball sack without any BC or PC use: I just breathe in + contract my lower abdomen and then breathe out and inflate it. As effect, the balls go up and down and also I can see part of the IC at the base of my cock contracting.
So there are 3 clear ways of finding and working the IC.

Thanks for the precious info on this thread and other similar ones. Until yesterday I only knew about front kegels and back kegels and their reverse parts, now I found out that front kegels are done using BC+IC and can isolate the two muscle groups and work them separately, and also that the back kegels can be separated in PC and VIP muscle contractions. And also that I can voluntarily lift my balls. Just Wow!

My next objective would be to achieve a hands-free erection using just the IC/BC. Is that possible? Anyone able to do that at the moment?

I have heard about such exercises but I never tried this before. If it is really effective, it worth my trying.

I’ve been battling premature ejaculation on and off for nearly 20 years, with some great successes and epic failures along the way. I read this thread a few days ago, found the IC, figured out how to isolate it from the BC, and the results during edging are so remarkable it seems like the problem is basically solved. By finding and tensing that muscle during stimulation, an entirely new feeling came over my body. It was initially a little uncomfortable, but after I (quickly) got used to it, I realized I had full ejaculatory control. If the typical sexual progression is a path leading to ejaculation and orgasm, and using the other pelvic floor muscles makes you go slower along the path, or move backwards along the path (with decreased erection), the IC muscle is like a hot tub on the side of the path, you just hop in and relax for however long you want (while maintaining maximum erection). When you want to ejaculate, you just get out of the hot tub and get back on the path by using your other pelvic floor muscles, specifically the BC. I need to test it more of course, but if it actually does what I think it does, it’s a total game-changer. Amazing site, amazing thread. Matt356, you might just be a genius.

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10/1/2015: 6.75 BPEL // 4.75 EG

Goal for 1/1/2016: 7 BPEL // 5 EG

ive been on this forum since 2009-2010, cant remember. My goal have allways been to learn to controll ejaculation. After a year or something i left because i was unable to learn, i tryed everything. Now i re-activate the username and want to start over again.

I promise i will donate to this forum if i learn this and if there is any kind people who will guide/help me. English is my second language so patience will be needed.


I may have found IC muscle, because when i get erect and try to lift it up slowly with towel on i feel just above the base of the penis. But i need to train more, because it only works when im erect. . so i need to isolate it.

One question here, when lifting up towel after 2-3 times i lose it normal?

BUT what now..
If i want to stop ejaculation without losing EQ, is it just to sqeeze IC right at point of return ?

I think i will try to put towel on just before point of no return and then try to lift it, maybe i will contract ic? What do you think about this?

What happends if i do it even if am not close point of no return, what will happend? Will i get more EQ or lesser?

Thanks in advance..

I really appreciate this thread, it made me un-premature, working hard with Bulbocavernosus and Ischiocavernosus.
Funny, the workout gives me a lot of energy, that I have a loss of, so really helps me in life this thread :)

Found this helpful training video on YouTube:

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Thanks a lot :)

BPEL 7.8" EG 5.6"

Hey guys, I’m hoping you could shed some light on my issue and how can I manage it..

Basically, during sex - any stimulation to the penis - my kegel is tense and clenched ALL THE TIME. There are also involuntary, very strong kegels if I hold back stimulation and do just a little of stimulation every couple seconds, with pauses. But then I get these kegels. When thrusting my kegel muscle is clenched all the time and very, very tense. I’m kinda wondering if someone ever had as clenched and tense kegel muscle as I do, it is that bad. I’m also wondering how is it even possible for me to last longer than 10 seconds in bed for me. Thankfully, I have a very understanding woman who lets me take short breaks during sex, in which I try to relax myself, that way I can have sex for longer (5-15 minutes).

Optional story read:
That’s not the solution though, because firstly, my pelvic floor muscles hurt after sex.. Because they’re being tense so much. Secondly, because of these tension and clench, I usually can’t go H.A.M. During sex for longer than just 10-30 seconds because I get into a very fragile close-to-orgasm arousal state where I have to take a longer (1-2 minutes rather than a dozen seconds) break during sex, which completely defeats the whole purpose of going H.A.M. If I have to stop myself after a few seconds, and obviously that’s not good for my woman either, she won’t admit it but I don’t care really whether she thinks about it in any way or not, I love having great sex with her and this thing right here is troublesome: I can have amazing slow/medium speed sex with her but I’d like to give her some variance and just have fun with that, play with the feelings instead of being constrained to just a few styles, just doing what I want to do instead of thinking “LET’S POUND.. Oh wait I can’t” . It’s somewhat embarassing to me too.

Onto the point, I’ve tried these things:
- Exercising just reverse kegels. They seem very, very, very weak compared to my involuntary kegels, or the Tension Kegel (this will be the name now for experiencing this prolonged, non-stopping kegel clench). In comparison, if I hold a reverse kegel and stimulate myself during edging, thus expecting an involuntary kegel - which I expect because I know by experience it is going to happen, not because I feel like it’s coming, I never know when it’s coming - the involuntary kegel just hits even harder than without reverse kegeling and it hits like a huge 200lbs dude would punch a puppy. I keep my hand near pelvic floor to check reaction and it really feels like it
- I’ve tried edging, while edging has generally helped my PE, it is still nowhere easy for me to keep on going in sex, and during edging I’ve tried combining reverse kegels and trying to feel when the involuntary kegel is coming, but to no avail, it just keeps punching, and if I try continuous stimulation, it just keeps being clenched for as long as I continue stimulation.
- I’ve also tried massaging this area but it doesn’t help either

All things I’ve tried seem to either not work or have too little effect over time for me to notice that change is taking place. I really want to take control over my sex life. Please help. Thanks

Stop doing kegels everyday and do them 3 days a week. Do reverse kegels everyday. I had the same problem I had to keep stopping during sex and holding back cum. It fixed me it about a week or 2. But if you are over doing regular kegels it won’t make a difference. Do 3 times asince many reverse kegels holds as kegels and hold them for 10 seconds each rep.

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Takes weeks of training reverse kegels to get them going. Its also a mind body connection that needs to grow through repetitions.

A really strong reverse kegel with full control will enable you cancel a tense kegel muscle and pelvic floor.

Do them in different positions and erect and flaccid. If your PF is unbalanced you should stop doing normal kegels and reintroduce them only when yo uget full control over the reverse kegel.

Thank you, I’ll try that solution

Hey guys: my first post and have been lurking a bit and doing the newbie routine for about a month and a half. I’ll re-measure in about two weeks to see if there’s any gain, but after reading this thread for two days and experimenting, I really think this is some of the best information out there about differentiating the pelvic floor and all its intricacies. I will say that after somewhat-successfully isolating the IC over the last two days, my EQ is WAY better than it was before: this technique (for me anyway) is certainly a game-changer! (last night after “exercising” all day I had some unexpected sex with my wife and completely blew her mind: she said I hadn’t been this hard in years, and she was gushing like mad. This is why I feel compelled to break my posting cherry on this thread)

Firstly, I would suggest to anyone attempting this that they read through the ENTIRE thread. Practice and visualize as you read, but don’t get frustrated if you don’t get it at first. Just internalize all the information as you read. I know, there are many tedious and unhelpful posts, but there are also some real good gems that help you isolate the IC. My favorite is #308 on page 21 by dickershwanz (thanks!). This seemed to really solidify everything that is a bit confusing.

Secondly, this muscle (the IC) is not easily isolated, and it takes immense concentration (like when you were a kid and you were first trying to learn how to wiggle your ears or raise a single eyebrow — I think this was mentioned as well a few pages back). Patience and concentration/ focus is the KEY to this. But it PAYS OFF!! Big time. Well, in EQ anyway, not sure about how this affects the gains just yet.

For me, here’s what works best:

1) Get hard and do some towel lifts. Or even just one. Hold your erection and put a towel on it and strive to hold it up as long as you possibly can. A hand towel will work better at first: this is just to isolate the muscle and not for actual exercise. Those muscles (for me anyway) that first start to spasm/ give out are the IC muscles. Do it a couple times to get a good feel of how you hold them/ flex them and where they are. Once you have a good feel for them, you’ll know how to isolate them while flaccid and sitting at your desk/ car/ wherever. You can really visualize the whole “dorsal” thing once you’ve tried a towel lift with a full-on erection.

2) When you’re doing the IC kegels, go back to your towel practice in your mind’s eye: visualize having an erection and holding up the towel: this should allow you to isolate relatively quickly the right muscles, even when flaccid. Matt, dickershwanz, and petit chef put it all really well, but you have to study this thread and not just peruse through to find a quick and easy way. Visualize the towel lift and you’ll be able to do this anywhere/ anytime, especially after a bit of practice. I’m only 2 days in and I’ve managed to get quite a few good ones. Even the “bad” ones will help because you’re inevitably exercising your pelvic floor anyway, even if not concentrating specifically on the IC. You can tell it’s a “good” one when you feel a “butterfly” or spasm and can’t hold it any longer.

That’s it! Two easy steps (well, and a lot of reading, learning, and concentration anyway). I’m going to keep at this, and I’ll check in to see updates, but seriously: for me this thread is pure gold. Thanks Matt and all for all the useful information and contributions.

P.s. The Tom Hubbard illustrations and link to the 3D anatomy site on page 18 of this thread is awesome as well, especially for visualization, which I think is KEY to this technique.

Happy PE-ing guys!


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