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Kegel - the secret revealed

Originally Posted by dickerschwanz
Its the Ischiacavernous muscle. Its more sideways and its two string left and right. (Check out anatomical pictures)

Got ya, I’ll be working on this, and again thank for your help. I have one last question, do you think the solid Flacid I at times think I’m feeling is from a tight pelvic floor or imbalanced?

Alright thanks for your input. I will continue to relax and work on reverse kegeling when I’m tense and working into IC kegels with time. What is a good amount of full reverse kegels to do per session

Try reverse kegel holds and increase time. Like if you manage to hold a reverse kegel for 1 minute without much effort after some time then its good. Try around what works for you I cant say a number of repetitions.

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Hey guys!

I found this thread yesterday and kept trying to find the IC and I did.
After a few hours of light kegels I can now isolate the IC and work it flaccid without activating the BC.
I also worked it erect and can wave my dong up and down with the use of IC contraction.
I also tried and succeeded to lift my ball sack without any BC or PC use: I just breathe in + contract my lower abdomen and then breathe out and inflate it. As effect, the balls go up and down and also I can see part of the IC at the base of my cock contracting.
So there are 3 clear ways of finding and working the IC.

Thanks for the precious info on this thread and other similar ones. Until yesterday I only knew about front kegels and back kegels and their reverse parts, now I found out that front kegels are done using BC+IC and can isolate the two muscle groups and work them separately, and also that the back kegels can be separated in PC and VIP muscle contractions. And also that I can voluntarily lift my balls. Just Wow!

My next objective would be to achieve a hands-free erection using just the IC/BC. Is that possible? Anyone able to do that at the moment?

I have heard about such exercises but I never tried this before. If it is really effective, it worth my trying.

I’ve been battling premature ejaculation on and off for nearly 20 years, with some great successes and epic failures along the way. I read this thread a few days ago, found the IC, figured out how to isolate it from the BC, and the results during edging are so remarkable it seems like the problem is basically solved. By finding and tensing that muscle during stimulation, an entirely new feeling came over my body. It was initially a little uncomfortable, but after I (quickly) got used to it, I realized I had full ejaculatory control. If the typical sexual progression is a path leading to ejaculation and orgasm, and using the other pelvic floor muscles makes you go slower along the path, or move backwards along the path (with decreased erection), the IC muscle is like a hot tub on the side of the path, you just hop in and relax for however long you want (while maintaining maximum erection). When you want to ejaculate, you just get out of the hot tub and get back on the path by using your other pelvic floor muscles, specifically the BC. I need to test it more of course, but if it actually does what I think it does, it’s a total game-changer. Amazing site, amazing thread. Matt356, you might just be a genius.

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ive been on this forum since 2009-2010, cant remember. My goal have allways been to learn to controll ejaculation. After a year or something i left because i was unable to learn, i tryed everything. Now i re-activate the username and want to start over again.

I promise i will donate to this forum if i learn this and if there is any kind people who will guide/help me. English is my second language so patience will be needed.


I may have found IC muscle, because when i get erect and try to lift it up slowly with towel on i feel just above the base of the penis. But i need to train more, because it only works when im erect. . so i need to isolate it.

One question here, when lifting up towel after 2-3 times i lose it normal?

BUT what now..
If i want to stop ejaculation without losing EQ, is it just to sqeeze IC right at point of return ?

I think i will try to put towel on just before point of no return and then try to lift it, maybe i will contract ic? What do you think about this?

What happends if i do it even if am not close point of no return, what will happend? Will i get more EQ or lesser?

Thanks in advance..


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