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Have some terrible problems...need some solid help

18 year old with some serious erection problems

WOW. I feel real terrible. Well my girlfriend told me her ex-boyfriend had a really massive penis and was real horny (a complete sex-hole she said). She said it was painful to have sex. But I’m not sure if she even knows his size because when she did the measurement with her hand it measured 7 inches and she compared her girth to a bottle and girth would have been 6.5 inches. Can someone have 7 inch length and 6.5 inch girth? Anyway forget about that, I’m a virgin and she’s not. OK. Problems started (it’s when I first realised) when my girlfriend first gave me a blow job. I went soft. And I have been going soft ever since when she gives me a blow job and even when I dry hump her. I can’t get it to stay hard more than what it seems like 30 seconds. Even my erections are soft. I do not know whats wrong with me. Even normally when I’m not with her I have the same problem.

I should really start penis enlarging (jelqing and kegling) but it seems as if I should be going to a doctor (but I do not know if I could build up the courage). I hear kegels can harden erections and length of erections so I will give it a go.

Can anyone offer some advice?

I’m sorry about this!

Thanks in advance

PS even her hand-jobs don’t feel nice. I think my foreskin is too long (I’m uncircumcised).

I feel real depressed.

Relax. First of all by getting all worked up about it and constantly “trying” to make your penis hard its going to have the exact opposite effect. Secondly, yes 7x6.5 is possible but most girls are terrible at estimating cock size. Thirdly, why the hell would she talk about her ex-boyfriend and his “massive penis”? Thats just not right, did you make her mad in any way or was there an argument, or did you ask about it?

Back on topic, honestly I dont think theres anything wrong wrong. Just relax and have fun, if you think about it too much you will get soft again. Dont focus on getting hard. Also try kegels, you seem to have done your research and they help with EQ so good luck! :)

Another point, can you keep an erection during masturbation? If not you may have to go to the doctor but if you can, its all psychological.

Try Jelqing to increase the blood flow and doing some other exercises such as kegels, it should help increase blood flow.

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She talked about it the first time I was in her bed. She was with the guy 2 years so I didnt make much of it. She has mentioned it quite a few times though and we have been together just 2 and a bit months.

Sometimes when I make her angry though or we are joking around like I call her fat or something she might make a penis joke. But she assures me she thinks it’s not small. I wouldn’t say my penis is small either. It’s just average. It kind of sucks though because I have an upward curve so it looks smaller than it actually is.

I have erection problems at all time. But when I masturbate I think of having sex with her and not satisfying her like her ex-boyfriend.

It was your first time. You were probably anxious. As time goes by this will pass by and you will be fine. Also try not to think about getting an erection while having fun. This will only worsen your problem. Relax and enjoy what you are doing.

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Originally Posted by Okish6er
It was your first time. You were probably anxious. As time goes by this will pass by and you will be fine. Also try not to think about getting an erection while having fun. This will only worsen your problem. Relax and enjoy what you are doing.

This has happened ever since though. Also I have an erection before I make her touch me but yeah, I can’t seem to keep it.

If you drink much diet (aspartame) soda your killing your own erections. I quit 3 months ago, and my erections are great now after 3 years of trouble.

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hey man dont worry.. your a virgin and this is pretty normal i think.. it happened to me the first few times.. once you forget about it, you will be fine.

Your probably just nervous.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Did you remember doing anything physical to your dick in the preceding days/hours/minutes before the realisation?

Do you have normal libido and sensation?

Pussy Pounder

First you need to find out if it’s mental or physical. To do this you need to find a way to see if you still get morning wood, if you still do it’s mental. Talk to someone you trust. If you don’t have morning wood any more talk to a doctor. Sorry I can’t help more but I’m not a psychiatrist good luck.

There is no wrong with you. The only trouble with is you tried to make your dick to have a good hard erection, maybe to cope up the size of her first boyfriend. Just calm your mind and let your mind enjoy what your doing, don’t bother to mind satisfying her. I’m sure you will achieved a rock hard cock. Have a nice day and just keep on PEing.

Dude, your girlfriend sounds like a bitch. No offense.

The best thing you could do in my opinion is not let her know you care about her ex’s dick.

Do you have insurance? At 18 you may well still be covered by your parents insurance if they have it. Anyhoo, I would go get a general checkup and blood work if $ isn’t an issue. Just because that could rule out a few physical causes.

I am a man-slut with enough frequent flier miles on me to go inter-galactic and have problems staying hard during blow jobs unless my partner seriously, seriously, knows what she is doing.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

The advice here is good, you need to seperate if the issue is physical or mental.

Firstly get a medical check-up, I doubt you have a physical problem, but it is worth investigating.

I suspect the issue here is mental. You have stated you are inexperienced and your girlfriend has not very thoughtfully put massive pressure on you by talking about her ex-boyfriends large cock. His size is possible, but as stated many girls have no idea on size. Ask your girlfriend how far the nearest shop in km’s, you’ll see what I mean!

Good luck man. You should PE for yourself, not for your girlfriend!

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