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Urination and Ejaculation problems

Urination and Ejaculation problems

Following my first night and the two days after, I had relaxed my body to allow time to heal. However, the extent of the Injury is what worries me. I have problems getting my ejaculation to shoot out. For some reason, most of it stays in the shaft, and the bit that does come out comes out pretty unenthusiasticaly. Also, I have minor urination problems after ejaculation, and sometimes the urine ‘forks’. I was wondering if I just need to continue resting for it to fix (like a few of the other problems did) or if medical attention would be needed.

Haven’t heard of ejaculation problems happening as a result of PE, unless you overdo an exercise like Kegels; even that should be temporary while the muscles heal.

It’s perfectly normal for urine to fork sometimes after you have ejaculated.




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