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Scrotum problems

Scrotum problems


Please, need some advice.

I have started PE and after some time I noticed, that my scrotum and penis have a lot of extra wrinkled skin and my balls don’t retract that good anymore. They are much looser and also I started to have itching problems. My balls sometimes have so much wrinkles and it is not smooth anymore. It looks like an old man overhanged balls!! And big erection problems also!!

Do you think if I stop PE and use some supplements and activity, the skin wil be nice and smooth again and testicles will retract better?

Thank you.

It comes with the turf. Bigger dick means more skin. Where do you think that skin goes when you aren’t hard? :)

The itching comes and goes, and some members never experience it. In my experiences, itching can be caused from several things. You might be allergic to whatever lube you use to jelq. I’ve heard people complain about itching resulting from not heating up their package enough before working it out. I’d look into both of these options.

EDIT: Oh yeah, by Big Erection problems, do you mean your erection is too big? Or that the problems with your erection are big?

Ye, funny, big erection problems.. :-) I mean no erection at all or very weak and the dick is not bigger, but just has more skin.

No erection = very bad. What is your routine?

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If you have problems with having weak / no erection, then you are probably overworking your dick. Relax, back off and spend the next days reading up on similar threads here on Thunders. Let the search button do the jelquing for a while!

regards, mgus

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