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Churning balls

Churning balls

It’s a little quiet here on Thunder’s, so here goes…

As I lay on the roof last summer, sunbathing in the nude, I could not help being totally fascinated by my dick.

What surprised me is that my balls were not just lying there, but seemed to move around a bit. My sack’s muscles contracted somewhat, changing the shape of the sack en thus the position of my balls.

All in all a fascinating sight.

I wonder what the use is of this strange phenomena. Anybody got the same experience?
Do you know what it is for?

It’s to keep your semen at the right temperature your balls shift either away or towards the body. :swimmer:

I think it looks weird like an octopus head or something. :warp:

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but the funny thing was: it was hot like hell on the roof,
so no way those balls could cool by turning around. Hahaha.

Perhaps balls like to lie on their back from time to time, in stead of on their belly.

Maybe they needed some sun on their backs to even out the tan. :D

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elite 8

moving balls

I wonder if you have to be naked in the sun, basically lying down.

That’s about the only time it’s happened to me.

I think it’s the sac responding to infrared ( ie,heat). By stretching ,the balls can drop, and by contracting, the balls will “rise” Contraction on the shadow side would move them into the sunny until they reach a falling point or end up in shade.

Although I don’t have my own set of balls, I have watched my husband’s move and it is an interesting sight to see. I am also amazed when the skin around them draw up and they are nestled tightly under the penis. Very fascinating.

I often what it feels like when they shift or draw up. I use to think it must hurt to have balls hang so low and then get compacted so tightly. The shifting has just been an amusement thing. I also wonder why one is smaller than the other. What is the purpose of all the skin? Things like that. Where is westla when you need him?

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One ball is often hangs lower than the other one.

But I can see the logic of that:
If they hang at the same height, together they take up more space horizontally,
increasing the chance of being mangled by the legs.

If they hang at different heights, this is not the case.
If one is also smaller, the difference in height can be somewhat smaller.

I made a picture of this, but how can i upload it?

symetry breaking

One side of your body is usually bigger than the other side, and it’s usually your left cause 1)gets the blood first from the heart 2)or we are in a left handed universe — take your pick.

Although the bang-up avoidance theorm has a lot to say for itself, if the left ball is bigger, it’s heavier, and therefore in loose skin hang lower.

Damn, I’m lifting tens of pounds to hang lower, when all I need is a couple of grams. (I’m not sure, but I think the left breast is usually bigger in woman—- hmmm, I wonder about the lips.

Thanks. That makes sense. And you are right on both accounts about women. At least with me you are.

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Zig Ziglar


I think one nut is bigger than the other because of the epididymis, and them
hanging at different heights makes them less vulnerable to squishing.

I think usually the right side of the body is bigger, because it’s the animus
side (outgoing), for the same reason the left boob is often bigger and
hangs lower, and for the same reason the right eye is usually paler. This also tends to make the penis hang to the left (cause the left side is shorter and pulls).

A wrinkly ballsack with lots of skin means the body can pull em up to warm em, or let em hang to cool em off.

I’ve noticed my balls churning, and i was indoors. There goes your infra-red theory.

wrinkly skin

My balls have churned only when there was plenty of skin, in agreemnet with your observation/premise.
I was ready to deep six the infra-red theory, but churning balls in a sack that isn’t experiencing a temperature differential doesn’t make much sense.
If the sack is exposed to a constant temperature, then the entire sack will expand or contract to reach equilibrium, and the balls will move during the change, but this isn’t churning. the correct size for the temperature is quickly found, and the ball movement will stop.varying temperature will cause the sack to constantly change size, but no-one is reporting hot then cold then hot in rapid order. Infrared heats only part, and even the side towards the source will experience shadows causing continuous changes that you wouldn’t be aware of. The same effect would happen with a low level draft. But it still seems to me that only part of the sack can be heated (or cooled) to get a churning vs simple movemnet. And cooling could easily result in up-tightness.

If i remember correctly, left and right foot size and hand sizes are actually different too. My right boots are both looser, indicating the right foot is shorter. Isn’t really winter time yet, so I haven’t got my gloves out yet.

Flip may have stumbled upon the true secret of the universe. Explaining them could make e=mc2 nothing but bland duck soup.

Actually the two go together as parts of the triad : 1+2=3

My balls hang equally, am I weird?
Also I have a symetrical penis!


Loved going to Cuba! :)

I'm surprised that Americans can't go because their government says they can't!

Good news Cascade:

Symmetrical faces are found to be far more attractive than asymmetrical ones …..

I would like to postulate the same theory for the genitals.
So you dick is a prize winner! :)

No offence meant to the guys on the forum with bent dicks.

by the way: why does a winking smiley ;) also give a kiss ???

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