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Hanging My Balls

Hanging My Balls

One problem I have had for many years is that by sack would draw up so tight that my balls would disappear. They would be inside of me instead of my sack. This was not all the time but way too often. While I was checking out many posts on this forum, Hanger’s, I got to thinking, ‘I wonder if I could hang my sack / balls to get them to stretch? So I started looking for posts related to this. While I did not find a whole lot in this forum I did find information about ball hanging in other areas. I do not presently live in the States. We do not have any Wal-Mart type stores here and to have things sent by mail is very expensive to get them into this country, so access to many items for purchase is not an option.

As I pondered what I could do I looked at the ‘Cable Clamp’ brand clamps that brought with me for clamping. I started out by wrapping my sack above my balls with a piece of cloth and then clamping my sack to cause my balls to push down. Some time later I used two clamps, then three and finally four. I now as able to stretch my sack quite a bit using four clamps and when I would take them off my balls would hang much, much lower then ever before. Sometimes I would remained clamped for hours on end. At times I would wear the clamps to bed and sleep all night in them. The feel and look of my longer sack and having my balls swing as I would walk brought great delight to me.

I then started to think, is there any way to hang my balls with what I had instead of just stretching my sack; I had nothing. So I went to the local sporting goods store and looked around. While there I found wrist weights to use in exercising. As I thought about possible uses I bought a pair. These are made out of flexible material on the outside so you can slip them over your hands and they are filled with some kind of weighted pellets or beads. I don’t think they are lead but they have weight to them.

I first took one of them and stretched it so that I could push my balls through it as you would your hand as you put it onto your wrist. After I had it around my sack I took a piece of cloth and wrapped my sack between the wrist weight and my balls which were now below the weight. I then applied a ‘Cable Clamp’ on the cloth around my sack. This helped to keep the wrist weight from falling off as it hung and stretched my sack. I also found that this caused my sack to stretch even more where my balls were located so I purchased some Coco Butter lotion and rubbed that into the skin of my sack in that area to help make it more flexible.

That worked very well but caused a larger bulge in my pants and was a little harder to wear other than at home when I was alone or in bed at night. But it did do what I was hoping for, it hung my balls somewhat instead of just stretching them with the clamp. I feel that when I use the four clamps my sack does not stretch at an even rate because the area under the clamps can not move as freely as the rest of my sack. However, with the wrist weight I get a much more even stretch of my sack. The problem with this though is, my balls have to be able to hang for this to work so I tend to use this method in bed while I sleep at night.

Yesterday I had another thought, I wonder if I could use both wrist weights at the same time to hang my balls with? With using one weight my sack seemed to be stretched about to the same length as when I wore the four cable clamps at the same time. And because of the fatness of the wrist weight it covered about the same amount of area around my sack as the four cable clamps did. So I knew I would not be able to put both wrist weights on first and then apply the cable clamp. Instead I did everything as I always do with applying the one weight and clamp but when I was done I took the second weight and stretched it open as much as I could. I then pushed my balls through it and worked it up over and around the cable clamp until it was placed between the first weight and the clamp. This really stretched the sack and was a little uncomfortable for a moment or two but then it was fine as my sack adjusted to the extra stretch.

That is what I wore to bed last night. At about three in the morning I woke up to some pain as the clamp worked its way off the cloth and was against the skin of my sack; I need to use a wider piece of cloth the next them. I removed the clamp and cloth and was back asleep before I knew it. When I woke up this morning the two weights were still on my sack hanging my balls till they touched the sheet on the bed, even without the clamp on. I am sure though that if I had gotten up and started walking around the weights would have fallen off. I also found that the best position to sleep in for this is on my back, as this allows the weights to pull my balls down between my legs, and as I sad before, have them touch the bed sheet at times.

There is more to this story about my night in bed last night which I will post in the ‘Dive” section as I am not sure where else to place it. All-in-all, I am thrilled with how my sack and balls now hang. As I walk, if I have loose clothing on, I can feel my balls swing between the inside of my thighs. This is something I never had before. Now, even when my sack is contracted, the conditions when my balls use to disappear into me, it still hangs almost as low as I did before when I thought my balls were hanging low. What a difference this has made.

The scrotum hang has never really become popular since when you place a wrap or fixture above the testicles and exert a downward pressure the pain/discomfort is usually too much to stand for long. I would not think the wrist weight-band would apply enough force to get an adequate stretch and actually make a permanent difference. Two to five pounds just is not enough.

Check out this mandax stretcher. Pricey but looks like you could stretch them really long.

That actually sounds like retractile testicles. It may be a legitimate medical condition, for which you should consult a urologist. A friend of mine actually had surgery to correct (what sounds like) an identical problem.

Starting Jan 2009 - 5.9375" EL x 5.5" EG. Jun 2009 - 6" BPEL x 5.5" EG. Nov 2011 - 6.5" BPEL x 5.2" EG

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Hey guys, It has been awhile since I have been on TP. I first posted this in Feb. or 2009 and it is now June of 2012 and I want to give an update.

I have used weights to stretch my balls. In fact I spent about two years doing just that, hanging SS weights on my balls. It was a somewhat slow process but it has paid off big time. My balls use to pull up inside me and disappear with my sack shrinking so much that it looked like a patch of skin across where my balls should have hung out. Now today, my balls never, never disappear and my sack never gets small. It still get tight when it is cold but it still hangs very well. When my balls and sack are nice and warm my scrotum now hangs to a length of over eight inches below my crotch. Yes you read this correct, my balls lay in the bottom of my sack and my sack can reach eight and one half inches when it is nice and warm. When my sack and tight is still hangs at about five and one half inches below my crotch.

So for all you guys out there who would love to have low hangers, it is possible to stretch what you have and spend the rest of your life enjoying the fruits of your labor. I know also that some have said that once you stop stretching your balls they will go back to the size they use to be. Again, let me make known that I have stopped stretching my balls about five months ago and my boys still hang as nice as ever. So don’t give up guys. Have any questions, just ask and I will answer them if I can.

SirD, now known as Lowhanging Sird and loving it.

Have you considered ball pumping?

Originally Posted by SirD
So don’t give up guys. Have any questions, just ask and I will answer them if I can.

First off, congrats! Questions? Why yes I do have some!

1. What is an SS Weight? A “Split Collar” weight?

2. What are some good resources for ball stretching? The best I have found are:
a. forum (and Jarod Johanson’s guide, which is hosted there), and

3. Can you describe your routine?

4. How long did it take? It looks by your posts you achieved an 8” stretch in 2 years!

5. Finally, I would love to see pics!

My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

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