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There are always questions about balls and how to make them bigger or hang better.

The testicles are in the scrotum. There isn’t any thing you can do to increase the size of your testicles. Do mess with them. If you have 2 of them and they are between 1” to 2” inches long then that all you can ask for.

The scrotum reacts to testosterone and temperature. This is the ball sac which controls the temperature of your sperm. You can’t have a hot load if your bag is flopping in the breeze ALL OF THE TIME. So if you want a better appearing ball sack then there are things that you can do. Remember however that it is natural for you balls to pull up. This is part of the process of producing all the male fluids and hormones that make us horny bastards in the first place.

1. Include you scrodom in your warm up. Wrap a very warm wash cloth around your balls and penis. Do this repeatedly until you sack is supple. Then gently stretch just the skin of the bag down wards. Never pull on your balls.

2. Include your sack in the lubbing of the penis when you prepare to wet jelq. This will fill the pours of the skin with lubricant. Use Vaseline not a water base. When you fill the pour of the skin with grease they stay warmer. The Mohawk Indian man could go shirtless long into the winter because his body was rubbed down with bear grease.

3. During the wet jelqing session Cowper fluid will ooze out of the penis hole. Gently squeeze your bag and more of this fluid will appear. Try to get as much of this free lubricant out of the bag as possible with out shooting your load.

4. Use sleep exercises on your balls. I have 2 methods I use. Both require that you wear ordinary briefs (whitey-tighties) when you go to bed.
The first method while laying on your back point you dick at your belly. Gently, cup you balls with your hand. Lay your dick down over the thumb and the back of the hand. The briefs should keep a gentle pressure on you dick and press you hand against the scrotum. Try to fall asleep in this position. The heat generated from you hand and body will be concentrated on the sack. Your balls will be hanging in the morning.

Since you move in the night you hand will not stay in this position. So a variation to the above to make a pad to substitute for your hand. Make a pad from an old towel. Cut it into squares 4” x 4”. Stack them so that they are 3/4 of a inch thick or the thickness of your hand. Place this on your balls and fold your dick down on the pad. The briefs will hold everything in position while you sleep. The hold idea of these sleep exercises is to super heat your testicles while you sleep. They will hang down and try to cool off while you are awake.

I thought the reason balls hung outside the body was that they are supposed to be cold.

Originally Posted by Vegeto
I thought the reason balls hung outside the body was that they are supposed to be cold.

That’s correct. The temperature is suppose to be around 93 deg F. Therefore if you heat them up then they will hang to cool off. They pull up trying to get warm.

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