Lower hanging balls and a bigger flaccid

So I don’t know if it is actually possibly to make your balls larger, but when I was a young teenager I scoured the internet to find out. What I did come across was a way to make your balls hang lower. The principle of this is to keep your balls at an elongated state. I do know about the existence of ball stretchers, but at that time I was far too young to be going into sex shops and whatnot.

Take a toilet paper roll and using a scissors, cut off 1 inch from one of the ends. Now cut one side of this 1 inch piece so that it unrolls. I’d recommend wrapping tape around it or some other manner of making this piece of cardboard more comfortable because it will go around your balls. Then when your balls are hanging low, perhaps after a hot shower, wrap this 1 inch piece in the area between the balls and the body. You want to make sure it is tight enough so that neither ball will be able to escape it, but at the same time not cutting off the vas deferens (the tubes between the balls and the body). So anyway, this forces your balls to hang at that extend state the whole time and your body gets used to it. After a few days or even a week, you can cut a larger piece and get them to hang even lower. I do warn against moving too fast, because putting too much pressure on the balls isn’t something you want to do. Personally I only did this for 2 weeks and I had really good results, then again I was also still going through puberty at that time.

So I was thinking about this principle for helping create a longer flaccid. For those of us without all day stretchers (ADS), what if you wrapped your flaccid with a theraband/ace bandage/wrap in a way that it stays a little longer than it normally is. I’ve never had a problem with a wrapping being too tight that it causes my penis to go purple, so I feel like you could do this all day and it would help keep it in an elongated state.

Anyway, those are my thoughts and some of my knowledge being passed onto you.