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PE, skin bridges, and foreskin restoration

PE, skin bridges, and foreskin restoration

Well I’ve been lurking for quite some time now and I’ve had a few questions on my mind. I hope this post isn’t too much too soon.

I have been PE’ing for about four months now. My routine consists of manual stretches (1-2 times a day, 10-20 mins a set) and jelqing (once a day for 10 mins). I have been following this routine 5 on 2 off consistently for a little over 2 months (before that it was 2 on 1 off). I have not noticed any dramatic increase in BPEL, though NBPFL has definitely increased. I refuse to measure again for at least another month or so because I was measuring a bit too much in the beginning, perhaps expecting a bit too much too soon. I have also been doing some skin stretches to start on some foreskin restoration.

I am a bit below average so I am really looking to add some length (I’ll take whatever I can get). I’d prefer not to add much girth as its just about at 5”, and I really don’t want much more than that. As I mentioned I would also like to restore at least 1/4”-1/2” of foreskin.

My dilemma:
When I was cut, someone didn’t pay as much attention as they perhaps should have during the healing process, so I ended up with two skin bridges, about 1/8” on the top and 1/4” on the side. For those of you who don’t know what these are you can find some info here: . My whole life I had some idea that something must have gone wrong to cause this, but it wasn’t until a few months ago that I finally found out how this happened. I never really planned on doing anything about them because as you might imagine I am quite used to them by now, its normal to me. But now that I am throwing PE into the equation, I feel the need to make a decision.

The jelqing and the FR stretches have definitely made a difference, and I feel with time I would have no trouble restoring however much foreskin I want to. The problem is, with the skin bridges, I don’t think it would work out. So in order to restore I will have to get them cut. This scares me for a couple reasons.

First of all it would mean I’d have to stop my PE routine for at least a month. Like I said I have not noticed any dramatic length gains, so its obvious to me I’m not an easy gainer. Basically if I do find gains then it means I had to fight hard to get them. Taking at least month off scares me that I would lose in one month what I spent six months to gain.

Second is that there is really not much information out there at all on skin bridges. I have found a handful of sites, and a handful of posts here, but they seem to have mixed information. Some people who have had them cut have said everything is normal, everything healed fine, no loss of sensitivity etc. Others have mentioned bumps, scaring, etc. Mainly what I want to know (if anyone here has had this procedure done) is what to expect. Normally after you are cut scar tissue takes the place of the skin that was there, so would that be the same situation here? When the skin is cut does it just become part of the shaft skin, or does it stay like tabs of skin that would need to be cut off too? My bridges are pretty sensitive, so if I were to have them cut, just to lose sensitivity it would be a bit unfortunate. If I do have this done I will seek a professional (probably a urologist) that is experienced in this sort of thing, who can answer all my questions to my satisfaction.

For those of you interested the bridges are part of the reason I’m so interested in FR. There is a small area below the bridges that is always covered, so it is ALOT more sensitive, So I feel I kind of have a feeling of what I am missing had I been left uncut.

In conclusion:
So at this point most of it comes down to how I measure up down the line a month or two. If I see no significant length gains, I’m really not sure what I am going to do. I don’t see myself giving up any time soon, I know this is a long term commitment. If I do see gains (WOW PE WORKS!) then I will probably look into getting this procedure done. I just want to do it the right way since the last time I was cut as an infant, the results didn’t quite work out as planned.

To those who actually bothered to read this whole post, thanks alot. I know its alot of information/questions to post all at once, but this was really the only way I feel I could explain my unique situation.


Hi welcome to the forum. Sorry you didn’t get a quick response to this.

I see one of the guys who’s very good at this sort of question in this forum right now and he will likely give a better answser than me :)

My quick and dirty response would be I don’t see how foreskin restoration will bee easy with skin bridges and probably the simplest thing from that point of view would be to get the cut. That said if you concentrate on stretching the skin behind the bridges you may be able to fold over them.

I get the lack of desire for surgery and if you don’t have a problem with working your PE routine and waiting on the op then that sounds like a reasonable thing to do. What is potentially interesting is how the bridges themselves will actually stretch, you may find that they become thinner or misshapen with PE and I don’t know whether you would consider that a positive or a negative.


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