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foreskin restoration?

foreskin restoration?

I have heard of ‘tapping’ where you pull the skin over the head of the penis and leave it tapped there which could take up to 90 days to even start to see results of this, but I was wondering when doing foreskin restoration and ‘tapping’ when you tape the skin over the head of the penis do you want to pull and put tension on the skin that you are using to try and pull over the head of the penis or just push the penis inwards towards the body alittle and then let it roll over the head of the penis and tape it off?

You’re trying to pull a the shaft’s skin away from the body and thus lengthen it, so it may eventually cover the head….At least in the T-Tape method.

Here’s a thread from a guy I remember being an expert on this (modemmer):

Foreskin restoration

Try a full search on ‘foreskin restoration’.

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