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Foreskin Restoration, PE & ME!

Foreskin Restoration, PE & ME!

Hello everyone, this is my first post…. I’m interested in making some gains in length and girth, I’m not too small, about 6.4inches long, not sure about the girth…. either way…. I’m more interested in restoring my foreskin. I was cut at birth, and the job was not that great, I have little feeling in the frenulum, and I have scar tissue on the middle of the shaft area on the frenulum side (bottom?) Anyway, I currently have some o-rings, and thought the initial gains were very noticable, they have ceased, and now its just getting annoying wearing these things all day and not gaining anything…. IS there any PE method, that I could tie into a foreskin restoration program? I am going to purchase the CAT II RO ( in hopes that the testimonials are real, and I can regain my long lost skin…. The sensitivity gained from the o-rings was enough encouragement to get me started on the restoration process, and sex has been way more pleasurable. The girlfriend seems to like it too because theres less friction involved with skin rolling over the penis instead of just the friction of “the ole in-out in-out “(Clockwork Orange quote)

on a side note…. I was jelqing yesterday and i was holding for 2 seconds each jelq, and then on the 10th I would hold for 5seconds or so, and I noticed some spots of blood in whatever you would call the fluid secreted by my penis……. I stopped immediately, should I be concerned?

Foreskin reconstruction

There is a non-surgical technique discussed in The Joy of Uncircumcising by Jim Bigelow PhD. You can find it a and another review at

Age: 42 Start date: July 14, 2004 Non-BPEL 5 5/8"; Erect girth, mid shaft, 5", base 5 1/4"

Current stats: BPEL 7.5"; Erect girth, mid-shaft (MSG) 5.25", base (BG) 5.5"

Yep, I’ve become quite familiar with the different anti circumcision pages… I was just wondering if I could modify any of the standard PE techniques to improve my gains with the foreskin restoration process… Thanks for the links though, it is appreciated

JSG - Welcome to Thunder’s Place. May I offer you this advice: Don’t you dare pay $65 for that thing. You can make something similar for a few dollars spent at Walmart. The clear plastic bell in that illustration is a silicone nipple for a baby bottle. The casting is interesting, but if you’ve ever tried peeing through a tube, you’ll understand that it makes a mess and you might as well take the thing off to empty your bladder.

I am a FR veteran, but never finished my program. I’m half covered flaccid and that’s fine for now. I’ve made the device (from Walmart parts) and purchased a number of FR devices. In the end, the “standard” T-tape method gave me the most gains.

Many PEers complain that jelqing and stretching, the two main manual exercises, give them unwanted penis shaft skin growth. Those are the two exercises that will assist you in your quest for a new foreskin. Adding a slight “all day stretch” using a T-tape and elastic strap, will help you in both PE and FR endeavors.

A small amount of blood from the meatus (pee hole) is not unusual for beginners. The timing of the jelq maneuver is that you’re supposed to make the stroke last about three seconds. It’s not meant to be a “hold” for any amount of time. If you start your stroke at the base and move toward the head so that you end the stroke in about three seconds, then that’s the “correct” method. Stroking then holding for five seconds isn’t doing what the exercise is supposed to do.

thanks for the tips…. and the advice for the wallmart build….. thanks a bunch, I’ll look into it

The original idea was called “the $5 Wally.” However searching on Google for that phrase doesn’t turn up much. You might try various combinations of Wal-Mart, Walmart, Wally, tugger, home-made, homemade, etc. Good luck.

Thanks a bunch, I just want my penis to function like a penis was meant to function!

Good luck to you Guy. I have no advice but the people here are awesome and will try to help you if they can. West is always giving good advice and helping people all the time. Hats off to you West your a good man.

Just don’t take his political commentary to seriously thats not his forte.

Just joking with ya West

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Have you been drinking?

Me or dead eye?? I was a tad intoxicated when I posted the previous short responses…. but I don think I made any spelling errors did I?? Oh well… Thanks again for everyones responses and suggestions.

I think West is suggesting your an alcoholic. Odd I didn’t think you were drunk.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

haha…. to each their own… I doubt he thought I was a drunk….

Thanks for the tips above…

I was talking to deadeye. He and I aren’t the best of pals, so I was a bit surprised that he actually gave me a compliment.

News to me, I thought we were getting along great.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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