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What do Jewish guys can do


What do Jewish guys can do

They don’t have the skin part (I forgot it’s name) on their penis

It’s called foreskin, If you have foreskin then you are uncircumcised if not then your circumcised.

What’s your question exactly ?

Erm, yes that’s right. They are circumcised, and are missing their foreskin.

What’s the point of this thread?

It’s not only Jews who have this done. Nearly all Americans have this done. It is now starting to change, but only recently.

Doctors, lawyers, politicians, money-lenders etc.

<——- uncut hero.


Originally Posted by thatthickunit
<——- uncut hero.

I commend you sir. Just how did you escape the knife?

Originally Posted by Philadelph
Just how did you escape the knife?

I’m not quite sure. I’m as white as they come, so I just lucked out. I really like the foreskin. I feel like I’ve got a bigger dong, and it enables me to do my PE exercises more comfortably. Also, I am into the natural way of shit. I don’t like conforming to the weirdo American ways. In short, I’m happy to have all of my penis. Being uncircumcised isn’t anything to be ashamed of!! Uncut heroes to the rescue…


I think after coming to my PE goals I will restore my foreskin. I have already gained skin from doing PE excercises.

I’m uncut also. The way I escaped the knife was from the advice of my doctor. He was a foreign guy probably of some Middle Eastern origin who supposedly told my mother that it was unnecessary and damaging to the nerves. His only advice was to keep me extra clean growing up as it is prone to becoming infected.

All in all, I’m very happy that the doctor recommended this. I don’t have an extremely large foreskin as I have seen on others, so It doesn’t look like a Shar Pei. It looks good, it feels good, and the girls that I have been with think it is great also.


Doctors, lawyers, politicians, money-lenders etc.

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If your question is how do you PE with out the skin part (foreskin) don’t worry about it. Many of the exercises you will find here were desined by guys without foreskins. For lots of this stuff it doesn’t make any difference. On those exercises where it does matter the uncut guys have posted alterations to the exercises explaining what works better for them.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Hmmm, I’m circumcised. and I like it better.

I’m develeping some extra skin from PE. I dont like it.


Originally Posted by Jesse
It’s called foreskin, If you have foreskin then you are uncircumcised if not then your circumcised.
What’s your question exactly ?

My question is: does circumcision effects PE? Cause I read some tutorials and watched some videos but in all of them I need to use the foreskin.
Does the fact that I don’t have foreskin effects the way I PE or .. Not?
Can you explain plz?

Sorry if I have mistakes in my writing or grammar.
I’m not from an “English” country


I am circumcized, and in my brief experience from PE, very few practices “demand” a foreskin. I can only think of one, and that is mbuc’s vacuum hanger. Some guys complain about foreskin being in the way for excercises.

But with all the stretching etc it seems that the skin is growing as well; I would think that it seems that the guy’s on the videos have excess skin that makes it look like they are uncut. Or else they are uncut.

At any rate, lack of foreskin should not constitute a problem.

regards, mgus

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