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The Damiana Experience

Originally Posted by Jafar_t
I have tried damiana many years ago and it was virtually useless.

Has anybody here tried catuaba?

It would work differently for different people.
As some of the guys said in this thread, Damiana did work for them which makes me give it a try!
I have used some herbal supplements that contained damiana, catuaba, etc.
However, I have not tried any of the popular herbs separately.
I have a plan to try Damiana alone for sometimes in the future.

I have updated your other thread on catuaba.
Based on my Internet research catuaba works better with Maria puama.

kbvk: I agree with you. I have tried a lot of different supplements and the only ones that I find useful are yohimbe, maca, longjack (tongkat ali extract), arginine and gingko biloba (for erection hardness) and lecithin (for increased semen volume). All the others are virtually useless.

I have discovered fenugreek and catuaba recently and wonder if they are effective.

Strange thread. Damiana is a female aphrodisiac; this is the first I’ve heard of any men having any sort of sexual results with it. Very interesting.

I think it's the woman's job to tighten up to fit her man--it's lots easier for us.

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The point is that in the wiki it says that Damiana is among the list of suplements that works. I think it should be removed.

by the way I am trying with another suplement that I read increase your ball size, tribulus. I tried in a version where this Herb is mixed with others but again I didn’t see any result. Nevertheless I do bodybuilding and a increase in testosterone helps. I will try with a supplement that contains pure tribulus.

I will let you know whatever happen.

Today is my 4th day on damiana. I’m feeling a general sense of well being with better mental clarity. It seems to be working as anti stress supplement to me.

Somewhere I read that damiana should be taken for a month to see improvement in libido, sexual functioins. Will keep this thread updated.

Originally Posted by kbvk

Somewhere I read that damiana should be taken for a month to see improvement in libido, sexual functioins. Will keep this thread updated.

I tried it for about 3 months, at the end, I was taking even 18 pills a day, It didn’t help me in any thing for increasing the ball size. it’s just a fake.

I’m in the fourth week.
Below are the noticable improvements with damiana in the order so far.
1. I’m able to dose up my L-Arg without worrying about my HSV1. I used to get one or two small outbreaks inside my mouth when I took >=4 grams of L-Arg continuously for a week and I had to cut the dosage down to 3 grams or counteract it with either L-Lysine(1-2 grams) and licorice(250mg root powder) or both. It needed me to closely monitor the dosage of these stuffs to avoid any outbreak(s). Now I’ve been taking 6 grams of L-Arg along with damiana(400mgx6) and no more outbreaks. Damiana works much better than L-lysine and licorice with the mentioned doses for counteracting HSV1.
2. Sense of well being. I just feel better these days and coping with my stressful work.
3. My balls look a little bigger for sure but not significant change.
4. Aparently for the reason #2 I feel energetic to think about sex. However, I don’t think damiana is working as an aprodisiac for me.

I have decided to add in damaina to my supplement list.

I’ve been taking it for one month now and it “appears” to have increased the size of my testicles. I have noticed an increase in load size and viscosity as well. I’m going to take it for another month and then stop to see if the gain in ball size is permanent.

I’ll report back…


1. Which brand and what dosage?

2. Are you taking any other supplements?

I’m not sure what dosage I’m taking. Tonight when I get home I’ll write down how many mg’s they are. I take two in the morning and two at lunch.

Other Supplements:

Fish Oil
Flax Seed Oil
B complex
Horny Goat Weed
Acetyl l-carnitie
Alpha lipoic
Colon cleanser
Green Tea Extract

Um, as for Damiana, and as for my experence, I would recommend it be taken as in tea form, by using the raw herb. I have the drops and to compair the two. The tea far outweights the drops in every aspect in results.

Titleist: You take so many supplements that it is almost impossible to isolate the effects of damiana.

I would agree with that statement, but I saw no increase in testicle size until I added damiana just about a month ago. I take 2-450mg caps twice a day.

Titleist: Good to know that Damiana is working for you. I’m wondering if Tribulus has any effect for your changes.


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