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The Damiana Experience

I’ve been taking mine every day, no fail, and do well that way.

I think it’s especially good on rest days for my purposes. :)

Maybe I should have not posted my “non-results” so soon. I have continued taking 900mg(2 capsules) of the damiana leaf every morning, and haven’t been doing any ball stretching for the last week. Both are still bigger than before I started taking the damiana when I hold a ruler up next to them. They don’t seem to be huge, but they are bigger.

I have been taking 1000 mg. a day for two weeks. The first few days, they felt a bit sensitive, and warm. After a few days, I could tell they were getting a little bigger, and hanging lower. I have not been doing any scrotum stretching, so when they get cold I still get the eunuch look.

Have you tested for an increase in testosterone when the balls are bigger from damiana usage? Just wondered if it affected function as well as size?

damiana does work but there are other considerations. smoking seems to make your nuts smaller. spending time with a hot girl, (your body is preparing for sex) seems to make them bigger (blue ball effect). general stimulation helps, like wearing boxers rather that tight underwear.

i have been using 1000mg of damiana per day and it really works.

the bulge in my pants attracts attention, esp when i wear boxers.. although this can be annoying sometimes, like at work or something.

really at times i felt they were getting too big.

my gf had complained about my ball size so i started taking damiana… now she loves to suck on my big nutz!

this week, i have been trying 1000mg in the morning and 500mg at night…

Unlike the penis, which is a rather dumb (and blunt) organ, the testes are part of the endocrine system and are responsible for regulating many bodily functions. So here are my questions:

1) How do you know this is safe?
2) What anatomical changes are responsible for the added size?
3) Does the medical community have an opinion about this supplement?

I’m curious but cautious.

I’ve tooken tribulus terrestris, which also increases testicle size. What this herb does is raise testosterone levels by raising a chemical that tells your testicles to produce more, thus the increase in size. It also has the effect of raising sex drive and erection levels. (from higher testosterone.)

So does damiana also raise testosterone levels? Thereby causing the same kind of effects.

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ModestoMan raises a good point. If Damiana makes your nuts bigger, why? I’m also a bit leery of a substance that would make my nuts swell up. What is the mechanism? Is any damage occurring?

hey guys what are the best places to find these supplements


I started with a mixture of Damiana, Maca, Guarana and Zinc, and I have noticed that my eyaculations are quiet watery.

Im very scared man, I will stop for a week and see if I recover, but be aware with these things.

Damiana’s is very good, my erections are more hard, once take damiana, I think is a ideal supplement for PE

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Well I have tried the Damiana that GNC sells for about 2 months and I haven’t see any result my balls remains the same. Did anybody get the same result?

I was wondering if this is fake link.

Hey guys,

I have been taking 1000mg/day of the Swanson Damiana for about 2 months now. I may have experienced a VERY slight increase in size; however, I have been experiencing health problems of a type that normally shrink the twins a bit. I would guess that under optimal Damiana dossing/health conditions my nuts would increase in size enough that I could tell, even if no body elso could.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I have tried damiana many years ago and it was virtually useless.

Has anybody here tried catuaba?


Did damiana help in anyway with libido or ejaculate volume?


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