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The Damiana Experience

I am no doctor, but it sounds like you don’t know what actually happens inside your body when you take these pills. If you can explain why - if - your balls really grow, then I might accept this a little better. In my opinion a lot of guys seems to buy just everything related to PEing…

Restarting everything.

If you’re replying directly to luvdadus, thats pretty funny :)

yes I became worried about him :-) But seriously, there are so many guys just takeing all herbs they can get as long as it has connection to PEing…

Restarting everything.

There are so many things that get pooh poohed by the medical community without really looking at them. PE is one of them. It works. I found this stuff and just for shits and giggles tried it out. Seems to do something to the size of my balls It probably has something to do with plant sterols. I have had no ill effect. the FDA has concluded that it is safe enough but since it is a food supplement they make no comment about efficacy of any claims.

If you are in doubt I recommend you save your money. I havent drawn any definite conclusions on this herb yet. We’ll see.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I know they allege their products are all safe. And I am convienced the majority of all products are totaly safe. Though a lot of them claim that they know about the reactions and how it affects us. They say it is doctor approved when their doctor actually works for the company. In my opinion thats quite crap as I always search the Internet for other sources. It´s like reading a (gossiping? - newpaper) . They claim they know something but it is just written to make them rich.

My hint is to search for the receipt and what the things inside the pills actually makes to your body. Some of the herbs, for example: Ginko and Ginseng have a blood thinning quality, but if you haven’t found out on an another Internet source, perhaps you´ve been taken both aspirin and ginko whích both have bloodthinnining effect which may be dangerous.

Restarting everything.

Well it is true that we’re still living in a “buyer beware” world, and certain medications are BIG business. I don’t think anybody could profit much from a Damiana coverup, though. Maybe a few Mexican farmers in straw hats:) I just bought a pound of it, powdered(9cups), for US $7.15. At 1 gram per day, I just hope I live long enough to use all that!:)

Like I said in the My Pics Forum thread, I’ve been using this stuff pretty faithfully since February, with NO noticed effects(good or bad) other than bigger balls, and a little heightening of the libido.
But speaking of that thread, in it you will find some side effects information. I’d definitely check it out before starting on it. For instance,TT couldn’t take any, because he has ulcerative colitus. There’s also the rest of Damiana’s supposed good properties listed there.
It really does even more for my wife in the libido department-she takes it, too. I know, I already said that….

Great results, luvdadus, your results are an encouragement and kind of a relief. I was beginning to think that I was phsychotic or somebody had switched rulers on me as a practical joke. I’m curious to see if the same thing will happen to you when you discontinue taking it…
Shits and giggles—I like that :D

and memento, that sure had me smiling! :D


I’ll give a few days more till I remeasure off the stuff.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

The Damiana experiment

So, tryn4more does the damiana have any effect on penile lenght or just the balls? Also, how much does your wife take? I might see if mine will take it also.


Maal, I’m not sure who you’re addressing, but will be happy to tell you that my wife takes one gram per day, just like me. I haven’t noticed any affect on my dick size, but I might be wrong about that? I don’t think you or your wife have anything to lose by her taking it, as long as you check out the side effects, etc. :)

after 13 days off I am at 2.0 inches in testicle length. that seems like 1/8” inch less than while on it. I suspect that there is an effect, but at least for me not as much as I first thought. (I did seem hornier on it but this is completly subjective, I’ll make observations on this after I get back on it to finnish the last half of the bottle).

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


hey guys,

been busy and haven’t been around in a while, but i think my results have been similar to luvdadus’s. i’m definitely hornier while taking damiana and i ‘m fairly sure i have more frequent and harder erections, though of course that’s hard to measure.

as for testicle size, there’s some difference, but for me it’s not a night and day type change. they do seem to look a bit fuller and i’d say i gain about a 1/4 to 1/2 inch in TOTAL circumference around both balls. (my ballsac is filled with lots of fluids and has fairly thick skin so it’s hard to get an accurate measurement of just one testicle.)

so all in all it’s a nice little boost, but not a life-altering change for me.

take care guys,

I started taking Damniana last week. Nothing definite yet. I’m going to continue taking 4 capsules per day(450mg each, 2 in the morning/evening), and will see if I can detect any differences later this week.

My balls actually grew from about 1 7/8” to 2 1/4” in length two years ago when I was doing some ball stretching. This was totally unexpected, but I did measure them before starting. They originally were snug against my body and I started with a 1/2” homemade stretcher and worked up to about 5” in a couple of months. It wasn’t very comfortable at any time and especially when I moved up in size(about 1/4” increments). I finally tired of the routine, and stopped.

They have maintained that increased size since then, and still hang much lower than before but not what I want. In the ball stretching thread, several mentioned that they wanted their balls to hit the sheets when they are laying on the bed. That’s exactly what I want too. So with the help of the 2” harness rings from Lowe’s, and the awesome “sock tuck trick”, I’m on my way to accomplish that without the discomfort I previously experienced.

Does this stuff make your sac bigger or the actual testicle itself or both? I am happy with the size of my testicle, I would just like to have a bigger fuller sac. Thanks for any feedback.

giveme, have you ever done scrotum stretching and massaging? The sac is VERY easy to increase in size, at least it was for me, and it feels good doing it :)

I did some stretching before, but I have not in a while. I really just forgot about them for a while. I will have to give the stretching another shot. Thanks for that…


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