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The Damiana Experience

Giveme, the only thing that I personally noticed Damiana increasing was the size of my balls, though I’d suppose it’s possible that it would have some effect on the sack size.

I wasn’t aware that sack stretching could also affect your ball size. Sounds interesting…

Originally posted by dad2four
I wasn't aware that sack stretching could also affect your ball size. Sounds interesting…

Like I said, it was totally unexpected. But, mine did increase the amount I stated during the time I was stretching. They are still the increased size.

One of my balls is now about 2 1/2” long, the other is 2 1/4”. Definitely a size increase there. I’m going to keep taking the Damiana and see what happens.

Are you guys wanting to increase nut size purely for aesthetic reasons, or something else?

My wife likes them bigger. Just like the sight of a big hanging dick excites some ladies—bigger balls definitely excites her sexually. She loves the way they feel and the way they look to her, and she’s always trying to give me a blow job these days. I guess those reasons would be aesthetic ones.
Not bad reasons, but I can’t really think of any others for having big balls. :)
Of course, Damiana does have other positive effects such as increasing libido and sexual function in many people. It does with me.

And also, not all ladies necessarily like bigger balls on their man. Some have said they like smaller ones.

I don’t think of mine as particularly large, but I guess they are above average based on the response here. I’m only taking the Damiana to see what happens, not because I want them to be bigger.

My Verdict on Damiana

After a week and a half of taking 1 to 2 grams per day, my balls are pretty much the same size as before taking any. The large measurment the other day was most likely because I was stretching my balls that day and they often get a pumped effect.

I can’t say for certain, but I haven’t noticed any effects from damiana. :(

Hey guys, what brand of Damiana are you buying? I was at Vitamin Cottage today and had a choice of Nature’s Way, Solaray and Nature’s Herbs (division of Twin-Labs). I decided on the Nature’s Way, it was on sale for $3.99 (100caps/”certified” 400mg). The Solaray was $5.99 for 100 caps and Natures Way was around $7.50. A store clerk said they where all going to pretty much the same quality, so buy the cheapest. What’s everyone’s thoughts?

I always buy the very cheapest, but then, I’m a cheapskate.

However, I can’t argue with the good results I’ve been having. :)

Originally posted by dad2four
I always buy the very cheapest, but then, I'm a cheapskate.
However, I can't argue with the good results I've been having. :)

So what brand you using?

By the how much are you guys taking? Are you taking the amount your Damiana bottle recommends? Nature’s Way recommends 2 (400mg) caps three times a day. That works out to 2400mg a day, does that sound like too much? I have only been taking 1 cap twice a day to start with the past few days, just to see how my body will handle the stuff. I’m taking Vitex, L-Arginine, Zinc and multi-vit….so I’m being a little cautious about adding yet another herb/supplement on top of things.


I’m taking about 1.5 gram/day(1500mg) now, up from the usual 1 gram/day I had been taking for the last 10 months or so. I buy it bulk through Frontier CO-OP by the pound, wholesale.

If it were me, I’d definitely do a little internet research into Damiana side effects before taking it, or you can find some info pertaining to that in my thread in the Member Pics Forum here at Thunder’s titled “*after* photos of balls.”

I bought a bottle of l-arginie 1000mg 3 months ago. Today I bought a bottle of damiana leaf from gnc also 1000mg. I’ve been taking 1 pill of arginine before I go to sleep and another one when I wake up. How many pills of damiana should I take? So far after taking one pill of damiana today i feel nervous and anxious. I’d like use to use these pills as part of my pe program to increase circulation while jelqing.

Forgot to mention at what time of the day I should take damiana? I do my pe exercises at night before I go to bed. Should i take the pill(s) right before the exercises or can i take it in the morning?

Hey, Mike,
I’ve taken Damiana in the morning and at night, and can’t tell much difference between the two, except that it seems to have a slightly stronger effect on libido the closer I take it to having sex. Maybe I’m imagining things here, but I think it’s true for me.

Be careful to read the back of the bottle. I still have my old bottle from when I used to buy the capsules, and though the “serving size” says 1000mg, it’s easy to miss that it also takes two capsules to get the 1000mg. I’m saying this because I’ve made this mistake before:)

If it were me starting out, I’d take 1000mg./day and give it a few days. If it doesn’t work or not very well yet, I’d move on up to 1500mg for another few days, etc. My bottle’s “suggested use” maximum dose is for 3000mg(3grams) per day.

Hope this helps-

Is it a good idea to take the pills every day even on rest days?


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