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Priapus Shot Received

I don’t doubt that we are onto something, if not this we are very close. Science is getting pretty incredible. Do you have pictures to prove any of this though OP?

Nope I sited runels site perhaps not to your liking if you had not been reading the previous posts and kept it in context… I knew he had already been there I was responding to a particular person.

As for pictures I didnt really believe PE was possible even when I got the shot, then it started to work. I did take some pictures but only like 3 weeks after so it shows nothing really.

But I am getting a second shot on April 7th to see if it kick starts any more growth! BTW when I said ‘buy” if was figurative, not literal. I am selling nothing but an idea and not for money just for knowledge and knowings sake.

But yes that basic info is on Runels site, I just put it here for ease of purpose… Perhaps poorly cited but cited never the less….

I appreciate the fact that someone is providing personal information. I understand questions. But much of the commentary is mean spirited. You should ask questions and question the methodology. But don’t question the persons integrity. You can question his interpretation, but don’t be bitter or denigrating in doing it.

I know nothing about PRP, but it sounds like an interesting idea. Dr Runels is the sketchiest looking person ever. That does not necessarily mean that the technique itself is not valid. The equipment for doing this on a regular basis appears to be available online.…R_600_PLUS.html

I am not endorsing endorsing Dr Runels or his technique. I have not yet had the opportunity to read up on this stuff. I plan to do so when I have more time.

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Originally Posted by hsarge
I appreciate the fact that someone is providing personal information. I understand questions. But much of the commentary is mean spirited. You should ask questions and question the methodology. But don’t question the persons integrity. You can question his interpretation, but don’t be bitter or denigrating in doing it.

Maybe it’s the way he posts that brings on the snarkiness hsarge? Except in my case, I’m an asshat from way back and like to call things as I see them.

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Originally Posted by WantToBeThick

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fancy expensive product that is now “proven”: check

Ah, I just got it.

Thanks for all the info you posted marinera. A lot of claims have been made with no references.

Originally Posted by A Member

I would like to grow a second penis. Is this possible?

I make a pill for that. PM me and I’ll tell you where to send the $5,000.

OK, I just read through the thread, and the links and references, and here are my thoughts:

The OP said he was attacked, but he was the one reacted violently to the first hint of scepticism, it’s only after this that he was touted as being a snake oil salesman.

Maybe Priapus shots really work. But without real clinical trials and FDA approval nobody, except for the most desperate and naive would think about paying for such a procedure. It seems everything this Dr. Runels is selling has neither undergone clinical trials nor peer review. Processes which are relied on by the medical community to verify the effectiveness and safety of any drug or procedure.

It’s suspicious that this guy is engaging the media so heavily, and bypassing the medical community. Things like this have happened before, and then you see an ad on TV later on asking if you want to join a class-action lawsuit. Yep, suspicious.

inuic, the OP, has made several claims, but only marinera has provided any useful references. So if you (inuic) want to really help us out, you will share all the research that you claim to have done, instead of just making unproven assertions, then attacking anyone who is sceptical.

The next point of suspicion for me are the really crappy websites, that seem like they were self-built in 10 minutes, that Dr. Runel is using to sell these expensive services. And his unprofessional looking video blogs on YouTube. Maybe that’s just my hangup as a web developer. But it just reeks of lack of professionalism. That is probably neither here nor there, I admit.

If Priapus shots really work, good. Then after some clinical testing and peer review it will be proven and people will trust it, and use it.

But people are wise to be sceptical of anything in life that promises instant and “magical” results.

Sure go ahead be skeptical its natural to doubt I did even after I got the shot, but to me the reseach I did showed me this was an actual possiblity and was far less of a risk in my mind then any other method. It took 10 min and the shots didnt even hurt, other stuff takes months and may fail and I did not really believe PE was even possible, but this seem sound to me.

I can answer lots of direct questions about what I have found, but I did not keep all my references and will not spoon feed anyone my research, I am not really trying to convince anyone I am really merely stating what went on with me. I did not expect responces that I got and did defend perhaps not to the credit of the process, but now I just expect it. People will doubt period and thats all there really is to that, but what can I say I did too.

But then something happended that I did not believe it worked, I even got way more vacular and show a bunch more new veins when I am erect and not erect but more new show when erect. The results were not instant it took me 3 weeks to see a difference I didnt mearsure until my wife said its looking different so we looked and it did. A bunch of docs are on to this and I expect trials will get underway eventually but its all got to start somewhere and I was willing to try my own blood because I trust that. No harm no faul as far as I am concerned. PS try researching PRFM also and not just PRP, its PRP that becomes PRFM once injected into the penis.

Sad thing for me is the realization that an attempt to spread a kind of hope will be met with what it was… with people thinking with suspecious minds its met with something ugly I didnt at first expect, thanks for that it has taught me a valuble lesson or at least reminded me of one. Its like the hermenutic circle every possible perspective can and will result over time, and to that end thanks for reminding me to be gracious even in the face of adversity, especially when my initial intention was merely to spread hope based on what I found for myself, but then I found myself defending and attempting to prove something, when I dont need to I have done that for me already, what I came here to do was share my experience with the process not defend or prove it. I got results which gave me hope and I felt it was worth sharing. So there you have it, hope it helps somebody…

I am one of the few who believe the priapus shot can work. I do not ever think it will be an inch of added growth, but combined with PE, why not? I talk to a guy on another forum who has this science down PAT, and he believes in it to a degree.

You said you are much more vascular, and way harder. That is something I would someday be interested in, can you post some pictures of your unit for us to see, flaccid and erect?


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