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Priapus Shot Received


You said “I am going to ignore you from now on.” That is excellent advise. Some people especially the idiot in question is a pain in the you know what. There is a difference between a true skeptic and a mere de-bunker. One looks for true correlations in everything the other sticks to word games and a form of digital only thinking (no analog thought forms possible), a form of compartmentalized thinking where they try and dissect everything into it distinct and specific forms alone to the extent of them being out of context. Rather then seeing the inherent similarity in various things they cling to any form of difference they can perceive and like a child with no life experience run with illogical either or ideas about a black and white world that really doesn’t exist, no matter how hard their little left brains want it to.

Go with your gut and look for the commonalities and follow your own evidence. And by all means pay attention to any good facts, but many things out there have pro and con info, info that supports and info that denies. That is expected that is the digital and analog reality that we really live in. A sort of ana-linear reality. The world is both flat and round, but ask some idiots and they will tell you its FLAT [digital only], they live in the desert of ideas on the barren salt plains devoid of any moisture of thought… But is Flat there…

Found some new info out on BPC 157…! Look for it elsewhere…


Originally Posted by marinera
I’ll start posting something relevant at your benefit. Actually I posted similar things in the past in this very same forum, maybe even in this very same thread, but I don’t mind repeating.

A Case Study In Aggressive Quackery Marketing
With some degree of sadness I recently “outed” a former co-resident of mine who has turned to the dark side and begun putting money-making before truth and science. Without any clear evidence of benefit beyond placebo, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is now being marketed aggressively as a cure-all for sports injuries. And at about $300 per injection (the NYT reports $2000/treatment), there’s plenty of money to be made.

Like the fake “stem cell” clinics in Russia (where, according to Sanjay Gupta’s recent book, Chasing Life, a person’s fat cells are harvested, washed, and re-injected into their blood stream), PRP also involves injection of autologous body fluids. Essentially, a small amount of blood is drawn from the patient, centrifuged, and the plasma supernatant is then injected directly into tendons and/or joints. After a series of 3 injections (one/month), most sports injuries are “cured.” Of course, most injuries would heal themselves in three months anyway.

It was bothersome enough that Steve Sampson, D.O., began a practice in Los Angeles, catering to those who could afford to do more than the usual RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) therapy for sports injuries. But now a nation-wide marketing initiative has begun, using sports celebrities as guinea pigs.
Notice how this wonderful treatment is not only useful for superstar athletes, but also for seniors and weekend warriors. Yes, the market for PRP is almost unlimited! And aren’t I lucky, there’s a “leading practitioner” of PRP right here in Washington, DC. Now I too can jump start and strengthen my body’s natural curative signals.


As with the most successful forms of pseudoscience, there may be a grain of plausibility here. Knowing that human plasma does in fact contain growth factors that are implicated in wound healing – it’s not complete fantasy that injection of said factors may improve injuries in some way. So I decided to take a fresh look at Medline to see what sort of evidence there may be for the therapy. In my search I found:

1. One abstract discussing PRP’s use in degenerative knee arthritis. The study is not available for review in its entirety – but the abstract suggests that an improvement was noted at 6 months (in pain scores) with a significant worsening at month 12. No control group.

2. One small study that did not find a benefit to ACL healing in the presence of PRP.

3. Quite a number of studies related to the treatment of bone defects (mostly periodontal) with PRP. Most of those showed no improvement or a fleeting, temporary improvement with PRP.

Overall it seems that the dental and oral and maxillofacial surgery literature has found no use for PRP, and the orthopods simply haven’t paid too much attention to it.

PRP an unproven option, agree forum experts
By Mary Ann Porucznik

An international group of orthopaedic surgeons, clinician scientists, and researchers agreed that, for many orthopaedic conditions, administration of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) may be an option, but its efficacy is unproven.

About Stem Cell Treatments
1. Are stem cell treatments dangerous? Can stem cells cause cancer?
Every medical procedure has risks. A goal of clinical trials is to determine if the possible benefit of a treatment outweighs the risks. A possible risk of some stem cell treatments may be the development of tumors or cancers. For example, when cells are grown in culture (a process called expansion), the cells may lose the normal mechanisms that control growth or may lose the ability to specialize into the cell types you need. Also, embryonic stem cells will need to be directed into more mature cell types or they may form tumors called teratomas. Other possible risks include infection, tissue rejection, complications arising from the medical procedure itself and many unforeseen risks
4 4. I talked with a clinic that said it would be isolating a type of stem cell called a mesenchymal stem cell from bone marrow, fat or blood. The doctor says that these cells will turn into the type of cells that are needed to treat my condition (heart cells/brain cells/liver cells). Is that correct?
Mesenchymal stem cells are known to form cartilage, bone and fat. What other roles these cells may have is controversial in the scientific community. There is insufficient evidence to show that these cells can differentiate into other cell types, and they have not been shown to be to be safe and effective for many of the conditions for which some clinics claim to utilize them.

2. Are treatments using my own (autologous) stem cells safe? Why should these be regulated?
While your own cells are less likely to be rejected by your immune system, this does not necessarily mean the cells are safe to use as a therapeutic treatment. The methods used to isolate, modify, grow or transplant the cells may alter the cells, could cause infection or introduce other unknown risks. Transplanting cells into a different part of the body than they originated from may have unforeseen risk, complications or unpredictable outcomes………’

Phys Ed: Does Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy Really Work?

Several new studies have examined whether P.R.P. is effective outside the lab, and as Leon Creaney, a sports-medicine consultant in London and the author of one of the papers, said, “the evidence has not been favorable” for P.R.P.

Perhaps the most telling of the new studies, by Dr. Creaney and his colleagues, has been accepted by The British Journal of Sports Medicine and will published online soon. In it, scientists treated people suffering from refractory tennis elbow with either P.R.P. or injections of whole blood. Whole blood contains far fewer growth factors than P.R.P. Presumably, then, injections of blood would not accelerate and amplify healing in the same way as P.R.P. But the whole blood turned out to be as effective as P.R.P. at treating tennis elbow after three months, and more so at six months. Both treatments reduced pain in most volunteers (whose tennis elbows had not responded to physical therapy). But in the end, the lower concentration of platelets and growth factors in the whole blood was better. “ ‘Less,’ ” the authors write, “may in fact be ‘more.’ ”

This finding is in line with that of another study reported this month in The British Journal of Sports Medicine. The sequel to a much-discussed experiment from last year, it re-examined patients with Achilles tendinopathy (an overuse injury of the Achilles tendon) who had been randomly assigned to receive injections of either P.R.P. or a placebo of saline solution. In the original study, the patients were assessed after six months and the researchers found no statistical difference between the two groups’ recoveries. Now an additional six months later (meaning a year after treatment), the results were the same. Salt water worked as well as high-tech P.R.P., prompting the authors to conclude that there is “no evidence for the use of platelet-rich plasma injection in chronic Achilles tendinopathy…..”…py-really-work/

I love this dude… Anyway, I want to know has this guy tried PRP? No? Then back down some sir! Ask someone who actually has… Also none of these studies have anything to with the penis, not even smooth muscle. It does state a known issue with tendons and certain injuries like tennis elbow yes, but that’s not a penis right… as per your logic… Anyway I see your point anyway it doesn’t work for all things and so what, it works for some stuff and some stuff does quite well, like produce growth factors. Ask what are the common threads vs showing ah ha! a case where it failed, see see see!

Anyway BCP 157 is showing great promise where PRP falls short, with tendons and even with the Achilles. Anyway I have tried PRP Twice via the Priapus shot and its not the end all be all but it does have impacts and visible effects. It does do real things, but it wont be the same for everyone and its not overwhelming. But I have grown, and I never Jelq. I have pumped and pinned. and Not much pumping, and when I do its water based. I use a host of peptides and notice effects from each one in different ways. I have tried what others theorize about, and experience trumps lip service. But what really needs to happen are real double blind case studies devoted to penis health and science. So studies can be made directly applicable too vs what things are today. But it takes experiments and shots in the dark and hunches sometimes to advance the hard sciences. That being said send me a private if you want any info from one with actual personal experience with the effects of PRP on an actual penis, mine! vs mere sitings from the literature.


Originally Posted by C.C. Deville
Hear, hear!

Inuic Chemical PE Thread

These are my pictures…

I started out at just about 7 in length stretched and now about 8 stretched. I starred out at at 4.8 in girth and now am like 6.1. I hardly ever jelq and water pumped the 3 months after I got PRP shots in my Unit. PRP just makes the skin soft and elastic and easy to stretch. It makes the skin like baby new skin, super soft and nice to feel. It makes easy erections, and increased libido. It has systemic effects to, it made skin on the rest of my body better, It helped my body all over but the epicenter was in my penis. My wife got an O shot and it help her too, but it only lasted like 3-6 months max, but was awesome while it lasted. What I have noted to, as we did it on my wifes boobs too, via a personal experiment [yah I found a way to try do it my self properly], and it changed the form of my wifes boobs permanently, it allowed the morphology to complete its full exfoliation. Its like it allowed them to grow out to their full genetic potential but no further. Thats what I think will happen for some and their penises, some did not get all the grow goodies they could have not got enough air time erect, etc etc to reach full genetic potential. I think PRP can help with that, so some may get fat gains, but others lack luster. But for those already maxed out genetically there is still evidence you can grow via PE, and PRP can still help just not as much in this instance. It will soften tissue allowing you to expand it more like a growing hemorrhoid [lots in common in growth factors, the penis is like a large vein itself only scaled up]. With enough internal pressure and tissue primed to stretch that is made softer with things like Human Relaxin and TB500. To simulate pubescent tissue states of growth and healing as much as one can. PRP can help open up the healing cascade for a time thus aiding in the process of PE. But I think this is all in its infancy, in time the data will amass, but if you notice it already is starting to…


Yep, the FDA are mafia thugs to big pharma, they are the real predators on humanity is the reality, the biggest thing they fear is a real cure that would end their revenue streams on selling pills and drugs. They will demonize anyone with a valid solution.

================================================== =======

Goal by 2012 to be 8.5" EL non bone pressed x 6.5" Girth

Started at 5.5" x 4.0 " Now 6.5" x 5.25" Whats working for you?

PRP Does Not Work

IDK what people r talking about. I had this procedure done by Dr George liakeas at smooth synergy like 3 weeks ago for 1900. It was cool for the first week. It was thicker, a little swollen (which may have contributed to the thickness) and was painful. 6 injections. Two on each side and two in the tip. It felt better in the beginning. Like very sensitive which was cool. But after 2 weeks, it went back to normal. I took before and after pics and there is no difference. Don’t waste your money. Look for other PE methods.

Like what? I have no idea, but if you think of anyone reliable ones PLEASE LET ME KNOW


Originally Posted by byc218
IDK what people r talking about. I had this procedure done by Dr George liakeas at smooth synergy like 3 weeks ago for 1900. It was cool for the first week. It was thicker, a little swollen (which may have contributed to the thickness) and was painful. 6 injections. Two on each side and two in the tip. It felt better in the beginning. Like very sensitive which was cool. But after 2 weeks, it went back to normal. I took before and after pics and there is no difference. Don’t waste your money. Look for other PE methods.
Like what? I have no idea, but if you think of anyone reliable ones PLEASE LET ME KNOW

The only legit PE is Priapism.
I have the HIGH flow Version.

The priapism event was enough to permanently straighten out a left curve I had . The event was amazing since I had a massive erection , 8” to 8.5”inches, thicker then my wrist at 7.5” 7.75” inches girth

Honestly that is my dream size..

It made mine permanently bigger and made it grow huge when I was a teen at 12 I was over 5.5” and 5.5” girth I had the largest penis in middle school. Big boy sized.. :)
now it’s 7.4” length (8”bpel) and 6.5Girth since I was 23 years old..I’m sure it will happen again in the future as well I had mild events since…

[9/2010] 7*6 NBPEL/8*6 BPEL pic's Not PEing anymore. (as of Nov '10)

[12/2011] 7.37" NBPEL * 6.4"

[1/2013] Current stats:7.37 NBPEL * 6.5.


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