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Priapus Shot Received

So we should just take your posts as gospel? Me thinks you may be in the wrong place inuic, you need to find a forum of believers.

“Slight merit”? Laughing my ass off. Skeptics are right more times than they are wrong.

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Dr Wood of La Jolla Center for Sexual Health.

Slight merits for me but obviously not for me.. People trying to reach a common goal usually do well to work openly together, in a place where everyone attacks and gives no benefit of doubt that does not happen so keep that in mind if your really believe this is a place of help.

Not Gospel, but take me at my experience. Perhaps it won’t work for you but don’t doubt it worked for me if that’s what I am saying. Its rude to suppose me a liar up front so I will attack that sort of attitude.

I can’t find any link between Dr. Samuel Woods and Runels, neitehr between Woods and priapus shot.

If it’s not gospel then stop preaching. The way you can here and posted about the subject and your experience is the exact same way someone spamming a bullshit product would. What other kind of response did you expect from us?

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Originally Posted by marinera
I can’t find any link between Dr. Samuel Woods and Runels, neitehr between Woods and priapus shot.

I’ll emend this. It seems Woods and Runels are working on an experimental use of PPT to improve female responsiveness. Look that is made clear that this procedure is not assumed to cause growth of the clitoris.

I’m not that impressed by the Samuel H. Woods figure either, to be honest. A slightly better looking clown than Runels. Just my very humble opinion.

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My wife had an accident that damage her clitoris as child, and it was a FLAT our Miracle when she got the Oshot, it did GROW her a Clitoris!! She never had one and never ever like oral sex! Well the oshot grew her a bean ASAP and its real and she was shocked! She now loves oral sex and never knew what it was like until the oshot that uses PRP. Oh it made her mega horney too. So thats whats real folks. Thats our experience weather you believe it or not those are the facts plain and simple. I am selling something the truth of my experience and thats the bottom line take it or leave it. Hope it gives faith to seekers as we both got results! P.S. My reasoning is if it can grow a clit where none was ever visible it can grow a penis to and is.. And woods and credentials been on TV fought the Vatican been on international news one awards all sorts of stuff. So if that means less to you ok.. What ever. Hopefully the ones that need this info can sift past the slights and lack of insights that keep surfacing. Not sure what good you are doing, but I hope I will at least do some good by telling of my reality.


Sharing my actual experience should not be seen as preaching, that is simply a short sided opinion in my opinion LOL.

Originally Posted by inuic

Sharing my actual experience should not be seen as preaching, that is simply a short sided opinion in my opinion LOL.

If you are as skeptical as you claimed earlier then you should be able to look back on your sudden and stubborn presentation of your opinion and realize why your intentions might be suspect.

I hope you are not a wolf in wolf’s clothing, but you haven’t convinced me yet.

Where is your story? What other forms of PE did you research (or try?) before falling in love with PRP? What are your reasons for enlarging a 7” penis? What did your wife think of your decision? Did she think it was necessary?

Answers to these types of questions are just as, if not more, important at TP than simple claims of success.

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Researchers Announce Creation of “O-Shot” to Improve Female Sexual Response But History Gives Reasons to be Skeptical

Every Saturday the CSPH highlights news or recent research in the field of human sexuality. This week we’re discussing a recent announcement about the “O-Shot™,” an injection meant to improve female sexual response. Most of the below information was issued in a press release announcing the creation of this procedure. It is important to note, however, that the O-Shot™ has not been peer-reviewed for clinical evidence of safety or effectiveness and the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health does not recommend this procedure.

Dr. Samuel Wood (Medical Director of the Reproductive Sciences Center and the Scientific Director at La Jolla Centre for Sexual Health) and Dr. Charles Runels (a cosmetic physician) claim to have developed a simple procedure that appears to “markedly improve the quality of a woman’s sexual response” by injecting platelet-derived growth factors (PDGFs) into an area on the upper wall of the vagina and the clitoris. According to the official O-Shot™ website, the effects of the injection are seen “almost immediately” as the growth factors begin to “rejuvenate and enhance the sexual response.” Some reported results from women having undergone the procedure include: greater arousal from clitoral stimulation, stronger and more frequent orgasm, decreased pain for those with dyspareunia (painful intercourse), and decreased urinary incontinence.

“The most important factor in the success of this procedure is the correct placement of the injections. When these same growth factors were injected into the putative ‘G-Spot,’ we saw minimal or no improvement in sexual function, but when injected into an area distinct from the traditionally defined G-Spot, the response has been surprising, robust and consistent,” said Dr. Wood. “This area of responsiveness is distinct enough from the ill-defined ‘G-Spot’ that we felt it deserved its own name. The name we chose is the ‘O-Spot™’ (“Orgasm Spot™’) and we have termed the procedure involving the injection of growth factors into this area the ‘O-Shot™’ (Orgasm Shot™). This area appears to be critical in determining whether a woman is able to achieve a vaginal orgasm, something experienced consistently by fewer than 20% of women,” explained Dr. Runels.

While Dr. Wood has claimed that the results of the O-Shot™ have been both “robust and consistent,” there have been no published numbers or quantitative results to back up these statements.

Dr. Benito Villanueva, Medical Director at La Jolla Centre for Sexual Health and O-Shot™ Director of Physician Training, states that the data for the O-Shot™ is “preliminary and must be confirmed by rigorous scientific research before making it widely available to patients.” He also states that “there are many potential causes of sexual dysfunction…so all patients should receive a complete evaluation prior to receiving this or any other treatment…because it has not been yet been studied in a comprehensive way, all women should undergo this procedure only as part of a clinical research trial.”

The O-Shot™ may sound like an effective and relatively noninvasive solution for women dealing with certain types of sexual dysfunction, but it is important to know the risks when considering this type of procedure. In 2008, a U.K. surgeon named Dr. Phanuel Dartey began offering “g-shots” along with laser vaginal rejuvenation in order to “increase the size of a woman’s G-spot to heighten orgasm.” It was soon found that several of Dr. Dartey’s patients received botched procedures causing visible scarring and asymmetry of the genitals. Dr. Dartey was later taken to court and his license revoked. Other labial and vaginal surgeries have been shown to lead to complications and future issues for patients such as asymmetry, excess removal of tissue, disrupted blood supply, and pain. One surgeon stated that 10% of his practice is revision surgery for patients having undergone a botched vaginal procedure by another doctor.

A major problem with news releases like that distributed for the O-Shot™ is that readers are often led to believe that the procedure being discussed has already been clinically tested and approved. The fact is that the creators and their public relations representatives draft and distribute these releases as a way to gain publicity for the product that they have just created.

By citing positive results and trademarking terms like the O-Spot™ and the O-Shot™, the people behind this procedure are trying to make an unproven procedure appear more legitimate and appealing. Even if a procedure like the O-Shot™ eventually proves to have clinically significant positive results regarding women’s sexual functioning, anyone thinking about undergoing a procedure like this should consult with a sexual health and/or medical practitioner first and should also be prepared for possible unexpected results and side effects.


Long story made short: Runnels is around with this miracolous procedure since….when? 2010? 2009? Still no published work, no case reports accepted by journals, not even b/a pics that I know.

I’ve only skimmed through this thread so forgive me if the answer to this question is already in here, but I’m curious about how one would go about administering this “Priapus Shot”. I assume one would need a syringe and a hypodermic needle, but what is the route of administration required (intravenous, intramuscular…) and is there a particular site of administration, as well?

Yep read the big post its 5 shots..

My wife did not think I needed this. Thinks I am silly and that mine is plenty big bigger then most she had, I just like the idea of being bigger. No real need. I don’t really belong to a bunch of forums. I came here for guys like the last one, with simple honest questions from somebody that did it and knows first hand. So people could rely on one with REAL experience about the priapus shot. If you think this is a lie so what, go on. For those with an inkling listen up as I am simply telling what happened for me. Runels has waited for a reason, there is some kind of research testing trials etc going on and when he gets his info he is going to go big. Right now he is training doctors all over the nation to do this, so he is not the only one now at all. Multiple other doctors take him serious and pay him to teach them how and the basis and the evidence. If you really need the facts take his course as other doctors have. In my opinion the facts that multiple doctors pay him and take him seriously carries far more weight then the opinions of the members of this site. You may not believe but they do and that speaks more as to truth then your doubts.. Sorry for being frank, but I only have time for my facts and experience and thats what I came to share not defend what needs no defending.


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