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Libido low, feeling sluggish


Libido low, feeling sluggish

Hey guys. Never really looked into supplements and vitamins but I have been reading through some threads and I am interested in trying some. For the past few months I have been feeling sluggish through out the day, and I also don’t seem to get good work outs at the gym like I used too. My libido is down as well lately. I have taken centrum since I was a kid but thats the only vitamin I take and how much it really helps I don’t know. Anything I could try to give me more energy and libido? What do you suggest and how often do I take it?

How old are you?
Usually those feelings come from your head, if you are stressed, too many things going on, or from your body, if the hormonal system is not properly working. So you have to first try to determine which one is the source of the problem, and from there, there’s a lot of herbs/supplements that can help with it.

good luck!

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I am 29 years old. Not really stressed. I eat right, don’t smoke and I workout.

Can you get a blood test? A full hormone panel..

Meanwhile, go to a local health food store and pickup capsule vitamins, they will digest quick as they are powder. When they are heat pressed into those little hard squares or whatever, a lot of potency is lost, and a lot of it gets pissed out. We need more absorption than that.

Was at the urologist on tuesday for my yearly exam, took a blood test and he said he was going to run the whole panel. He told me if anything was wrong or abnormal he would call me. Haven’t heard from him so probably everything is normal. Never talked with him about supplements though.

yeah a full homone panel would be good to have an idea. Be careful with doctors. That attitude of “I’m gonna do this panel and I will call you if anything is wrong”, I don’t like it. Remember it is YOUR body; YOUR system; you tell the doctor what you need to be done; Doctors give opinions, advices and suggestions based in their knowledge and experience; but, you need to get the results in your hand no matter what he thinks; you can always do your own research online to interpret the tests. Sometimes doctors get used to act like gods because people don’t know about medicine and put all the trust in them. Doctors are like the government; they are just hired by us to do the job WE determine is better for us.

In your first reply you say “not really stressed” that tells me that you do have indeed something going on in your mind…..and sometimes even though we think is under control, it is really bothering in the back taking a toll in the sexual function.

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So then you think it’s a good idea to call him up for a consultation of the results? And I totally agree with you with what your saying about doctors.

Originally Posted by Marcus j
So then you think it’s a good idea to call him up for a consultation of the results? And I totally agree with you with what your saying about doctors.

Yes call him and what I always do is tell them to fax me the results. That way, besides having his opinion, you can do your own research online to double check that everything is good or investigate how to fix your carbon unit in case of any malfunction.

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I swear by ginseng on slow mornings. Take it instead of coffee after rising, then wait at least an hour to drink caffeine. Water with lemon also makes a great morning drink that wards off illness and acts as a general cleaner.

Most Asian grocers sell ginseng in a box of thirty vials.

See my post, don’t waste your money on frign pills.

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Since you are my property, the contents of your mind are also my property, and you will give them to me when I ask.

Ginseng is great, I second that comment. F*ck Caffeine, you crash after it, ginseng keeps going!


When the doctor did the hormone panel, did he/she also do a glucose level?

Some of your symptoms sound like, but not necessarily are, diabetes. The low libido, the sluggishness, etc can be several different things, and I do agree with some of the others, call the doc, go over the results and if you aren’t happy or think there is something more going on, be your own advocate. Doctors aren’t gods, they are only as good as the information we give them, and sometimes when they get stuck tell us we are ok, or its in our heads.

Good luck in finding out the root cause of the problem.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

I myself would get off the centrum. Now everyone might think I’m nuts but I have a friend who is a chemist. He knows everything there is to know about vitamins. All the vitamins in the foods (boxed and bottled) are chemically manafactured vitamins and useless to the body. Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid only has 1 out of the 24 properties of natural vitamin c as in oranges. Why the FDA passed ascorbic acid as vitamin C is beyond me.

Anyhow my friend explains it better. He’s a phd chemist. He says that basically the vitamins that are added to food the body does not know what to do with and many of them have properties that are carcinogenic. He also explained how vitamin B is made too. Something to do with battery terminals and acid. I’m not joking, LOL.

Anyhow, depending on where you are, you might be facing SAD (seasonal affect disorder) like us up here in the northeast, where the government shuts off teh sun at 2 O f****ng clock in the afternoon. This has an effect on me.

Anyhow don’t give up man. I would personally not go to the guesser (doctor) unless you have a broken bone or a limb hanging off, LOL. It’s like going to Midas to have a muffler put on. Next thing you know, you need brakes, catalytic converter and $1200 worth of work.

Good luck, most of it is probably you dwelling on the fact that you are bumming out out about low libido. It’s a circular thing. The condition induces the thought which worsens the condition. Break the thoughts and lie to yourself. Play the game in your head, “man my johnson is fat and swinging in the wind”

Think about tits man. Go to google and type big tits and view images.

Since you are my property, the contents of your mind are also my property, and you will give them to me when I ask.

Sunshine KID: Funny you mention diabetes because he said he was going to test for that as well.

Hey Marcus J.

What you can do in the meantime.

Take care of yourself. Make sure you do things you enjoy other than work.

Eat a balanced diet. Every day try to eat:

1. Something green ( broccoli, spinich, greens, green beans )
2. Fruits ( apple and an orange a day )
3. Enough protein ( chicken, beef, fish )
4. Do not overconsume carbs or sugars, if eating carbs ( rice, oatmeal, non-processed stuff )

I add to mine:

Fish Oil ( seems to keep me from being prone to depression )

A workout every day, even if its just a 30 min walk in the morning first thing…

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