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Stretching feeling - Tunica vs ligament

Stretching feeling - Tunica vs ligament

I have done a forum search on this topic but can’t find anything that answers it directly.

I was wondering, when we conduct a dick pull concentrating on the tunica (eg waist ADS with the VAC extender), and as we increase the force/tension, are we supposed to noticeably feel like its being stretched, before we reach the pain threshold?

I have noticed that when I do a ligament concentrating stretch (eg with the leg ADS with the VAC), I can definitely feel my ligs being stretched (for a elongation of about 1-2cm) before I reach painful status. Thus it is easy to apply a safe but effeticve pulling tension.

However, I can not notice such “feeling stretched” period with the tunica pulling, before I reach a painful status. By that I mean, I can pull harder and harder, with no noticeable stretching feeling, before I suddenly reach the maximum (painful) length. So its much harder to assess what is the optimal tension.

Do you guys think it is normal, or maybe my tunica/soft tissue is just less responsive?

I am considering concentrating on tunica stretching since I believe it is more beneficial for helping my curve, compared to lig stretching.


I know what you mean, and yes, I think it’s normal to feel more of a stretch in the ligaments than the tunica.

The suspensory ligaments of the penis have a high elastin content and are designed to elongate longitudinally, so you get a feel of the stretch slowly reaching it’s full length. Most of the stretch is felt at the attachments. The tunica spreads the stretching load over a far greater surface area and is more elastic in its lateral expansion. It is normal to feel the stretch better in the ligs.

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Thanks for the confirmation guys :D

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