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What are we feeling?

What are we feeling?

Hi people, Hope the jelq’s, kegels, squeezes and stretches are all going well for one and all. But what are we all feeling? I hope to determine from this thread if there is a common feeling within out penises whcih can tell newbies and even us if we are doing the techniques correctly.

For example, when stretching the penis, are we all feeling the same thing - and how would you describe it. Personally, I don’t know whether I am feeling the strech of my ligs or just the stretch of my skin. - what do you guys feel.

Also when jelqing, can any of you feel the blood move through the penis with each movement and do you feel alot or just a little engorment at the head? What happens to your penis? - do all the veins pop out or don’t they?

Let find out what we all feel. Any replies are welcome

With my low tension manual stretches, I feel very little. If I up the intensity, the inner penis (ligs, I assume) tightens greatly. Never felt as if the skin itself was being stretched.


>>Personally, I don’t know whether I am feeling the strech of my ligs or just the stretch of my skin. - what do you guys feel?>>

When you grip behind the head - I try to fit the web of my thumb and forfinger just in the groove behind the conronal ridge. I feel no skin stretch at all. I think that this is the most efficient way to stress the internal structures for real gains. I do a separate skin stretching routine (which I don’t really count as pe) to try to reduce/prevent the “sail” or “turkey neck” effect most guys who have had real gains notice.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Some thoughts

Prash, a nice idea for a thread!

I know that I am stretching my ligs (not skin), if I just press my free hand on the shaft feeling ligs tightened. Please, correct me if I’m wrong, but I think ligament itself doesn’t contain much nerves (<-> sense of touch) so it’s somewhat hard to feel the stretch in ligs. About jelquing - I feel that I’m forcing some blood towards the head. I can tell it because the head gets some sort of goose bumps and expands drastically during the stroke. Sometimes when my grip isn’t tight enough, I can actually feel some blood escaping back to the body.

Keep Gaining! :jelq:

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