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Thrombosed Vein?

Thrombosed Vein?

Well, I developed some really spiffy new strokes with my PowerJelq device, and now I believe I have a thrombosed vein. (Most of the time I Jelq about 80% erect.) I have read the other, older thread on here about thrombosed veins, but all those injuries involve the underside of the penis, near the head. Mine is on top, about 1.5 inches out from the public bone. Feels like a hard rubber band, also lumpy, bumpy…going on for about 2 inches. There is no pain at all associated with this, and erections are stronger than ever, it seems. The hardness seems to increase with an erection. Could this be lig damage?

I have not Jelqued since discovering this, about 4 days ago. In web searches, and reading here, it seems heat and massage help some, along with abstaining from PE and/or sex for a week or more, until it all clears up.

My question, what about gentle stretches along with the massage. I certainly am taking a Jelqing vacation for awhile, but am so anxious to get back to some sort of mild PE to not lose my 1” length gain.

I have a previously scheduled doctor appointment day after tomorrow (he’ll understand)…but is there anything he can do to hasten this recovery? Anyone have experience with this?

I discovered this vein problem the same day my Bib hanger arrived in the mail!

Thanks, guys…



Sorry about the thrombosed vein. The powerjelq (which I use occasionally) can give a very intense pull along the shaft. Like with all techniques, its use also has to be monitored carefully.

I once got a similar thrombosed vein but in the area around my dick, right below the glans. Your description of
“Feels like a hard rubber band, also lumpy, bumpy…going on for about 2 inches ” fits mine perfectly. I got it from an experiment in erect-stretching, which I don’t do anymore. Once I realized what happened, I stopped this exercise, and the problem went away in about 4 days. During that time I only gently jelqed, but always careful to monitor if the vein was becoming hard again. It might be best to just leave your dick alone for 5 days or so, then gradually reintroduce some light PE workouts

Good luck,

Leave it alone...

Apart from the massaging, and rest. If it is a thrombus it will not respond well to stretching. Also - it may take longer than a week or two to heal up, and if you don’t leave it until it does it will just take a lot longer.

It took me many weeks to recover from a thrombosed vein after getting back into exercises too soon after it “healed” the first time…..

Not what you want to hear if you just got your hanger - but time off now will save you time in the long run…

See Ya,


Thanks for the comments, guys.

I seem to be healing pretty well, but in reading all the links about thrombosed penile veins and various members suggestions, I have some additional questions:

One comment was, thrombosis is caused by stretching, and the person who stated that said he would do no more stretching.

Isn’t Jelquing stretching? Isn’t hanging stretching as well? Why is manual stretching a bad thing leading to thrombosis, while hanging 25 lbs off the end of my dick seems to be alright?

Is it the roller pressure against the vein while using the PowerJelq that causes the thrombosis?

I suppose in all this, the red flags did not go off for me since I had no idea a vein would feel that way. I thought it was a ligament that was getting stronger in some way…part of normal PE development. Makes this whole thing of PE a bit scary, as there is so much research that needs to be done to avoid injury, and if you don’t know the questions to ask, you don’t ask them…until it may be too late.

Along with that, there are as many opinions on here as there are members, and whereas some people swear by a certain routine, others will declare that same routine is a waste of time, or even dangerous.

I’ll be back PEing in the next few days, taking it easy at first and paying attention to that vein, but all the time wondering if I am doing unseen damage elsewhere.

Thanks again,

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