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Thrombosed dorsal vein

Thrombosed dorsal vein

I’ve been doing PE for about 2 weeks now (including a break of several days when my erections were getting soft, perfectly fine now), and ever since one of the first few PE sessions I’ve noticed I had 3 veins that resembled ligaments stretching out from the base of my unit about an inch down my shaft. These were apparent in the flaccid as well as erect states and at first I thought that I was simply becoming more venous (which I was, I noticed other veins I had never seen before), however, the middle vein (dorsal vein) became very hard, stuck out of my skin, and resembled a guitar string to the touch (suits the description of thrombosis under the injury section)..

However the vein never hurt and for the first time in my life I actually got nocturnal and morning wood on a fairly consistent basis (even after masturbating 3 times during the day)..

Since realizing the vein hardness wasn’t a good thing I took 2-3 days off and tried to heat and massage the vein, and it has significantly decreased in puffiness and is now only apparent when I’m in my erect state, while I have to push down and dig deep into my unit to feel it when I’m in a flaccid state.

The problem is, that during these 2-3 days I have also lost all the flaccid gains I made, and I think this might have something to do with the vein losing it’s size and hardness..

So what should I do? Continue resting until the vein is not even apparent when I’m in my erect state? Or continue PEing since the vein doesn’t hurt and my EQ was increasing?

P.s.- my routine was 5min stretching, 100jelqs, kegels (with several warm ups in between)

I suggest you continue pe if it doesnt hurt.But if it hurts, stop!Have a lot of rest days and start again slowly.

It’s not thrombosed. It is just a vessel that fills completely from stimulation.

I have three of these guitar string thingies very like you describe. Have had them for years.

Go back to what you were doing. If the vein becomes red, noticeably warmer than surrounding areas to the touch, or painful, then be concerned.



The thing is, when I PE it’s very apparent all of the time and is very hard both when flaccid and erect.

After stopping for 2-3 days, I can no longer see it when flaccid most of the time, but it’s still hard if I push on it and when erect it’s very apparent and even harder/fuller..

So the consensus is that I should still keep PEing the same way and not take a break?

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