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Dealing with Varicose not thrombosed vein

Dealing with Varicose not thrombosed vein

There are several threads on T-veins (thrombosed), but my difficulty is varicose veins. It’s when veins get stretched beyond their normal size, and then easily thrombose—that is, get a blood clot in them.

Varicose veins run in my family, and I get hemorrhoids occasionally. OK, that’s more than you wanted to know, but it demonstrates that I easily get varicose veins “down there.”

I realize that PE gives larger, more visible veins. That’s fine, they look cool IF they are enlargened uniformly up and down the length of the vein. However, my difficulty is that I have a varicose vein on the dorsal side of my shaft, just behind the corona by about 1/4 inch. I can see where the vein kinda “balloons out” at one point. I.e., it’s becoming varicose, but hasn’t thrombosed yet. When a vein widens or balloons like that, however, the blood can start to pool there, and that’s when a clot or thrombosis develops. And of course, even regular jelqing provokes that varicose portion.

So what do I do?
I’m trying two things:
1. Using preparation H as a lube. They’ve got a gel formula that doesn’t smell like shark liver oil, or I found a witch hazel ointment for varicose veins, too. After all, PE is chiefly about stretching tunica and ligs.
2. While semi-erect, I press down on the varicose “balloon” portion, while squeezing more blood in the rest of the same vein. Hopefully, it will give a more uniform circumference to the complete vein, rather than continuing to weaken the varicose portion.

But if any of you have some other suggestions, I’d gladly welcome them. I want to press ahead with PE without having to take time out for nursing a thrombosis.

I’ve got varicocele (varicose veins in testicles) and this was brought on somehow by PE. Since it gets painful, I’m assuming they have thrombosed.

Interesting work-around for the varicose veins on the shaft. Let us know if it helps.

I don’t get hemorrhoids, but I wonder if having varicose veins in the testicles means I’ll be more susceptible to getting them on the shaft as well?

Possibly wrapping for varicose vein

I’ll let you know how things go, 24 Hours.

Are you likely to have hemorrhoids just because you’ve had varicocele? I doubt it. Family history is always an obvious factor (which is why varicose veins pop up for me in different places). But any google on the subject will give other more obvious reasons like diet, straining at a BM, sitting too long on the toilet, etc.

Speaking of family. I remember my brother panicking one summer because he got an enlarged vein on his cock. My dad checked it out for him and told him it was varicose. I suspect he was squeezing a bit to hard while j/o. Ha!

Back to subject:
After my initial post, I realized that I should check out the threads on “wrapping.” One of the treatments for varicose veins in the legs is to wear compression hose. So maybe wrapping one’s shaft after work out would help varicose veins there, too. We’ll see.

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