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First injury...rare one too


First injury...rare one too

Well, Its been 2 months since I discovered PE and just when I was going to get serious about it, it happened.
During this time all I did was experiment with the different exercises and try to read as much as possible. Also I worked and worked extra time and 1 extra job to get the money for a powerjelq and bibstarter, while trying to keep up with college and blah blah….
Now after all this, I feel very frustrated and confused, I tried searching but nothing seemed similar to this.
Basically, I decided that I liked hanging, it gave me a 1/4 inch gain with very little effort and hang time, it seems right for me as I can study or do homework while at it, but after I ordered both items and quitted my extra job, and while waiting for this items to arrive, I found I had a little extra time so I decided to give stretches a good hard try.
Basically, after a few days of serious stretching I started noticing that inside my skin, I mean within my shaft skin, I have 2 ligaments in the 10:00 and 2:00 o`clock positions, 12:00 being the top of the shaft and 6:00 being the bottom.
I red the ligs-pops thread and thought that maybe this ligs were supposed to pop and maybe get cut or something. So I stretched hard bending my cock against them for 2 days. Now, when I say they are inside my skin I mean just that. I can move them with my shaft skin or by poking at them with my fingers, they dont attach my penis to my body, but rather seem to hold the skin to itself somehow.
Well after 1 day of stretching they seemed to get loose, I could move them around much easier, with some little pain that I stupidly convinced myself that it was discomfort only.
After the second day I woke up with real pain in the left of this skin ligs, it is swollen in the mid-shaft area (mid shaft skin actually) and seems thinner or stretched near the base where it hurts when I poke at it with my fingers.
I couldnt find an answer to this, I have stopped PE for about 4 days now, it seems to be slowly getting better, but Im guessing I need maybe a week more to heal. Also, Im not sure what to do about the swollen lig section. It doesnt hurt now when I hold it in my fingers, but it is very noticeable when I strecth my penis. Near the base I have this pain…I mentioned that already
Please please someone tell me something about this, I know this is not a common injury, but any ideas or theories about what the hell happened would help me very much.

One more thing, to newbies, be very careful with your dick, I thought I knew better after 2 months of reading and experimenting…now I see I have much to learn yet, specially about myself.

Sure you didn’t mess up your veins? As I don’t hang I’m not as familiar with what you’re talking about but I’ve noticed some vein injuries with similar reports. I don’t think you can actually see your ligs thats why im thinking you might have over stressed something else. Whats your routine like? Rest until you’re fully healed and then some, I wouldn’t take any chances.

If I’m reading this right, it was stretching that did the damage, not hanging, right? I wish I could tell you what it is, but I can’t. So all I’ll do is add to what’s already been said - take it easy for a while. A long while. And stay away from stretches - for good. I’ve never really done much stretching, but from what I’ve read on this board, it seems like most of the injuries come from stretching. I myself have decided it’s just not worth the risk. I am also cutting back on my jelqing, because of my suspicion that jelqing is the culprit mostly responsible for ED. No proof, just a feeling. I’ve never tried the Power Jelq. But again, a lot of injuries on this board seem to be associated with it. so I never will try it. The Jelq Sticks can do damage too, but now that I’ve learned to respect the amazing pressure very little squeezing with them can do, I’ve been getting good, safe, results. Hanging, when done at short intervals and with a good hanger, seems to give the best results with the least injuries, in my experience. And in fact, seems to stimulate rigid erections again. But everyone is different. So you have to go slow, and find what works for you.


Thanks for the quick replies guys, I sure hope they keep coming, I am feeling very frustrated and scared right now.
Just to make it clear, my problem came with manual stretches, not hanging, jelqing or powerjelqing. I have not received my hanger or powerjelq yet.
Im not really sure if it is ligs that I injured, I just dont fell it is anything else. I have this vein on top of my shaft, but it is ok. These things are to the sides of it, they get closer to it near the base, which is where it hurts the most (the left one anyway). I dont think I damaged any internal structure, I can pull my dick outwards with care and not feel a thing, but if I pull with skin, or skin alone, then it hurts. I will look for info on vein injuries anyway, I really need to find out what the hell this is.
I also believe hanging with care is the best way to go, but stupid me I thought I would give stretches a big try before I get into a serious hanging routine. I guess I didnt control myself and pulled too hard. Also, I pulled against this things. Dammit I know now that hanging smartly is safer for me at least.
If anyone has any ideas on this, I really need them right now. As I said, it looks like it is ligs within shaft skin, but I havent found anything about penis anatomy to support this. I just hope they are not some kind of nerves…and I dont think they are veins, they dont look like that, but I am definitely looking into this possibility. If anyone else thinks it might be veins, please say so, I wont throw away any possibility until I find out what it is.

Anyone else? Please, any thoughts would be greatly apreciated, I know this is not common, but maybe someone will give me a clue to this.
If you have any idea, I mean anything, please let me know. If you think you have a crazy or unconventional idea, PM me. Please dont hold anything to yourselves.

Hey Chi,

Are you sure it isn’t just the skin itself??

Whatever it turns out to be, take time off until it goes away completey and then some. Don’t get tempted by your new PE tools, when they arrive, and start back too early. And when you do start back, pay close attention so this doesn’t happen in the same way/place again.

Keep posting to let us know how you are doing and any further information/conclusions you come up with.

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I have just red a lot of posts regarding thrombosed veins, I am not sure about anything right now. The symptoms seem similar to what I have except that I cant convince myself that it is actually a vein.

Lump is the word I should have used when describing how this “lig” was swollen in a section. My english is not that good and I always try to get around it by explaining with words I do know. So I have this lump, I can move the lig-vein-whatever around, it is not internal but within the skin, and it hurts near the base, where it gets closer to the dorsal vein.

So far this is my only theory (thrombosed vein), Tricky2 suggested it (thanks Tricky) and I had to reconsider that possibility even though it doesnt look like a vein. It is not just skin but thanks Thunder for giving me an answer anyway, I will definately keep you informed.

I took 2 aspirins and will take 1 or 2 daily, also Im aplying heat with my rice sock for the first time since it happened and will do that as much as I can. Now I really hope it is a vein, that way I would be doing something good to it.

I am still pretty much freaked out, but at least feeling the heat

has somehow calmed me for the moment. Please keep your ideas coming, I will post again tomorrow, I need to get some good sleep now. And thanks again to those that have answered so far.

Read before you pull.

Specifically, read everything you can about the anatomy of the lower abdomen and penis. You’ll find there is alot more than just ligs in that area. Different types of membranes and tissue that are all pretty well interconnected, especially at the penis-body junction. If you tear or damage one of these other tissues, not exactly a big surprise that it will swell and hurt like hell. Hence the advice of many to take things slowly. Just for the hell of it, go into your bedroom and grab your bedsheet and pull toward you, slightly up. Doesn’t move the whole sheet in one nice piece, does it? The part you grabbed tends to pull more than the edges and parts of the sheet further away, forming a distinct line of pull (tissue stress?) in a small area. If that sheet were a membrane or fascia tissue in your lower abdoment, do you figure it would react any differently especially when uprooted from where it might have been connected? Perhaps that thing you thought of as your lig is possibly a type of fascia tissue that reacted much like your bedsheet or table cloth when you did that exercise. More leverage than you think in an area that isn’t used to that much force. Again, if you are going to stretch something, do it slow and give the body a chance to compensate and repair in small, bearable increments. If not, you risk ripping the livin’ fuck out of tissues that really feel better when treated kindly in a patient and gradual fashion. groa


This morning everything looks and feels just the same. I took 2 more aspirins with an empty stomach and will take 1 more during the evening.

groa: you are right, I should have known better. I dont think this relates directly to my lower abdomen though, but Im still going to search for info tonight when I get back home.

In short, I still dont know what the hell this is, but Im treating it like a thrombosed vein. Go figure, now I hope I have a thrombosed vein…if anyone has any more ideas, please let me know.



Well, I came back home as soon as I could. During the day I had a few moments with a little pain, but nothing to worry about.

I have just examined my dick and I think it is a little better. It hurts a little less when I poke with my fingers and the lump seems little bit smaller. I will confirm this tomorrow morning, but I think its not my imagination.

Maybe this is a thrombosed vein after all, that would explain it getting better after taking aspirins and aplying heat, still, they just dont look like veins to me…if they are, then they will slowly get better and start looking like veins sometime, hopefully soon. I cant compare with how they looked before because I only noticed them about a week ago, when I started stretching real hard.

Whatever this is, I will keep posting updates. If at any point someone has any ideas, let me know. The sooner the better, and any ideas at all please


Another day, and it is almost the same. I had a few moments with a little pain, not to worry about, it was sort of a reminder of my stupid acts. The lump is MAYBE a little smaller, it is healing real slow so its hard to tell by looking at it every 10-12 hours. It hurts on the left side if I pull my skin forward, but I can pull a little bit harder without pain.

Thunder: I havent shaved in that area, Im sure its not a ingrown hair nor a cyst. I would describe this ligs-veins-whatever as similar to 2 guitar strings (best comparison I have come up with) inside my shaft skin. They start at the base of my shaft just beside the dorsal vein on top but not connected to it. Then they go forward separating gradually from the dorsal vein. Near to middle shaft (but within the skin) they are about half an inch away from the dorsal vein, one to the right and one to the left. I would say near the 10:00 and 2:00 positions (a little closer maybe), 12:00 being the dorsal vein. The one on the right is “ok”, being like the thin E string. The one on the left has the lump just about half shaft (skin again of course). The lump is like half an M&M in size and I would say “trapped” inside this guitar string, whis is not as smooth as the right “guitar string”. Both strings sort of dissapear just below the head if I am not pulling my skin to the front or base.
I can move both ligs-veins-guitarstrings-whatever when I move my skin, I can even get the lump to go over my head when I pull a little my foreskin to the front (Just realized I forgot to mention I am uncut). Movement is limited by the “attach points”, base and head level.
*** Well well while writing this I pulled my foreskin to the front and felt this “string” with my fingers from the inside of my foreskin (right “string”, left one still hurts if I pull directly there) and even managed to get a look from the inside of my foreskin by turning it a little inside out while doing this. “Guitar string” is by far the best description I can give right now. I still think it must be some sort of lig or similar thing.
Mmmm maybe I should have described this things like I am doing now from the start. I just hope my english is clear enough, if not feel free to ask any questions.

So, still no clue to what this things are, but I am getting better, although very slowly.
I hope the “guitar string” analogy gives someone a clue to what this is. If it does, let me know please.
I will post updates every day, I hope this helps someone. It sure does calm me down to write this and to know some people are looking at it.

update, feeling better.

I am feeling better now. My dick is slowly healing and most important, Im not desperate or scared anymore. Thanks to those who took time to reply to my posts, you were really an important part in my first agonizing days. I realize now the value of giving moral support to those in pain, even if I cant help them in other way. So thanks again, guys.

Well, Ill make it short this time, I have already described fairly well my problem. Still, if someone has doubts, fell free to ask.
Now I have very little pain when poking with my fingers at the left “guitar string” near the base. The right one is ok. The fact that they feel and look similar to guitar strings is my real concern at the moment and probably will be until I find out what the hell they are.
The lump on the left “guitar string” is a little smaller, Im sure of it now. Im estimating it could be ok in maybe 1 week time.
If I pull my foreskin to the front, it still hurts, but less than before.
Thats it.

Now a comment: I just recieved my powerjelq today, I pulled my skin back and got a god grip near the head and pulled. If I have had it before, I would have used it to stretch this way and would not have injured myself by pulling the skin. Then I did one very light jelq with it and stopped midway. Im not ready to do any of this yet, at least until I am completely healed. So Ill have to hide it from myself, which is hard after all I went through to get it. Guess Im paying for my sins now.

I will update every 2 days now. I still look forward to get some comments if you have any. Good luck and take care.


I am feeling much better now. Pain is gone, except when I pull my skin carelessly (only to experiment). The lump is going away, probably in a few days it will dissapear. I am not doing any PE until it goes away completely.
I just called at my local post office and they told me my package arrived. It is my Bib Starter. Damm it will be hard to keep it away from myself. Ill go pick it up and maybe comment on it later.

I will only post 1 more update if everything goes well. I still dont know what is it that I injured, but I wont mess around with it.


Its been a week since my last update on this. I am much better overall. Pain is gone, even if I pull my skin forward. The lump on the left “guitar string” is gone, it turned into many smaller lumps and then disappeared. I still have this things which I call guitar strings, they are hard and move around with my skin.

I think I am ready to start PEing now, I dont think this “guitar strings” will ever go away. Besides, I have been staring at my powerjelq and bibstarter and not used them. (I admit I used the powerjelq a little yesterday, but with no problems) which has been very hard. I will start slow, besides I wont have much time becouse of tests week at college.

During the time with this injury, my worst fear came true. I am talking about girls now. I thinks it is every small guy´s worst fear, only made even worst by my injury and one other thing. Dammit I dont feel like talking about it, but it sure got me thinking. I wish I could PE more and with more intensity, but I dont want to injure myself again. Take care.



Am glad to hear that things are doing better.

Please use caution and common sense when you start back up with your exercises. My suggestion is that if this occurs again, go to the doctor. Groa gave you some excellant advise as did the other guys. Listen to it, they have all had problems of one kind or another, and learned from what they had done so they could help others.

Yes, by all means go slowly, I know that as you start to see gains, you get anxious for more, but that is when injuries occur. Don’t get over zealous. ;)

Good luck and keep us up to date on the guitar string syndrome and how you are handling it.

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