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Severe penis injury I get no help

Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. I have no one to blame but myself for masturbating it too hard and that is my only regret in life right now. And are you trying to say that I want money or something? I have spent 900 dollars already for urologist visits and this has been payed outta my own pocket. Someone suggested an MRI and that’s what I am considering after reading his comment and wanted to know if it is my best solution or the anesthetic.

Are you sure anesthetic is the right word? Here is the definition:

Anesthetic: A substance that causes lack of feeling or awareness. A local anesthetic causes loss of feeling in a part of the body. A general anesthetic puts the person to sleep.

He said it’s a procedure where he gives me medicine to make me fall asleep and not feel any pain when he takes a microscope to look inside the penis. Sp yes, that is the word he used.

I would agree that finding a good doctor and having an MRI would be good next steps. The symptoms sound like a problem that won’t be diagnosed by having your urethra scoped. Besides, an MRI is non-invasive and you don’t have to be put under… and it kinda tickles. :)

You also might want to have the past doctors forward your charts to the next doctor you see so he knows the complete history of this problem and the treatments the other doctors recommended.

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So would I have to go to my regular doctor to get an MRI or a urologist? I have insurance for my regular doctor but I pay for urology visits because they don’t accept my insurance. I do not understand how the process goes. Srry and ty.

If the urologists don’t accept your insurance and the regular doctor does, go to the regular doctor. But do check out then what percentage of the MRI your insurance company will pay and if you can afford the balance. MRI’s are very, very expensive.

I still think you’d be better off finding a good neurologist who accepts your insurance. GRX’s suggestion of taking past medical records to a new doctor is an excellent one. This is very easy to do; sometimes takes some time to make it happen.



Do you have a good estimate of how much it costs? I recently had an MRI for my finger because it got bent when playing basketball and it costs like 60 dollars. Would this be around the 300+ range? Thx.

Also, does anyone of the people you heard of who injured their penis in any matter, have those weird abnormalities I have listed earlier. When flaccid, the penis does not really fully point straight down, it looks like a diagonal line instead of going down? And the fact that it never gets hard in the morning and that it is never hard whenever I have to to urinate?

Does your penis got any deformation after that trauma? Are you sure it looks the same when it is erect as before?

I have heard it is possible to break erect penis when masturbating or having rough sex. Which is not breaking the ligaments but tunica.

By deformed, do you mean it doesn’t look the way it did before the accident? If that is your question, yes. For one, my penis never retracted before unless it was cold temperature or I play basketball because under those circumstances, it is suppose to retract. Now, it is in this retracted form like 80 percent of the time so it looks extremely tiny. Erect, it is the same size but it bends now? I am not sure how to explain if it is a bend or not. It is like assuming I get hard and lay on my bed nude, my penis points towards my body instead of it normally having it pointed st8 to the ceiling. I cannot however push it back so it can point to the ceiling when it is erect. Before the accident, my penis when erect when me lying on the bed on my back, points perfectly straight to the ceiling always. The best picture I can give you is suppose I have a pencil and I put it down on the eraser side so it points to the ceiling, that was how I was before the trauma. Now, I have that pencil point to me with the point pointing at me and I cannot push the point pointing back to the ceiling because it would just point back st8 to me. Not really sure if that is what they call a bend or curvature but I cannot push it back to have it point to the ceiling when it is erect when laying on my back on the bed.

1 more thing, at it’s flaccid retracted form, it looks micro tiny when I lay on my bed nude. It also points to the ceiling when flaccid assuming I lie down on my bed on my back with my pants off.

Do you have a digital camera? You could post some photos here, so we would have a better idea of what your injury looks like. Would that mark you mentioned show up on a photo?


Originally Posted by dlink123
I taken risperdal and klonopin to fix my sympathetic nervous system.. As the doctors say and to help the blood flow but that does not work.

I don’t understand — did the doctors prescribe the antipsychotic and anticonvulsant to try to treat your penis problems, or were you already taking these drugs? Perhaps the doctors are dismissing your complaints because they think they are manifestations of preexisting mental illness?

Also, I should say that I think the suggestion to see a neurologist is a good one. The only symptom you’ve described that sounds particularly worrisome to me is the pain, and a neurologist would be the expert on pain issues.

I don’t have a digital camera srry. I will try to find a way to get my picture up somehow. You would not be able to see that mark in a photo because for one, my penis is retracted when flaccid and to all of you, it looks like a micropenis because of it’s shrunken form. I would have to strectch it but I doubt that a camera could see the mark. Yes, the doctor that gave me risperdal and klonopin he told me he are giving me these drugs to take to help the blood flow in my body because so there would be more circulation to help fix the penis problem. I taken those for like 2 months already and that does absolutely nothign. The problem is the permanent shrinkage at the flaccid form and it hurts when I touch that mark on the bottom left part of my penis. Also, can a urologist be also a neurologist? Because he basically told me a lot of things about nervousness and blood flow in my visits with him. Even when I saw him first, he asked me if I was circumcised or not during examination, so you can probably get a good picture of how my penis looks. He gave me first 5mg or 2.5 risperdal I think and then I had to switch to .5mg risperdal because I told him that was so strong that I was feeling anxiety after taking the heavy doses. I couldn’t stay still in a place for like 10 minutes and always was shaking after that medication. Basically, I do not have any mental problems, my only problems are the the ones I just described. Again, he told me this was to help the blood flow and told me to not drink a lot of caffeeine drinks because it would disrupt the medication he gave me, which I followed his instructions. I will try to get a pic up somehow and thx.

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