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Severe penis injury I get no help

Piet, I am below average. When erect I am around 4.25’ always, that does not change. When I am flaccid, I am just about 2’ before the accident. Now, it looks like 1’ with my shrunken penis but sometimes you can see the whole shaft when flaccid which does go to almost 2’ but that is rare. Most of the time when I go out and it is hot, I go to the bathroom and see that it is shrunken. It looks really shrunken whenever let say I squat in the toilet with my pants down if you get what I mean. I never done any PE exercises before. The urologist asked me to take some pictures for him next time I visit him again, which will be in a month. I do not have a digital camera but I will definitely try to borrow or get one so I can post it up here and to show him on my next visit.

David9, he examined me when I was standing up. He did the method where he asked me to cough. He never examined me while I was lying down because he understood what I meant from that.

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Man, I think I have the same problem that you have.
I was going to do my PE session when I felt a pain in my botton left. So I didn’t do my session, I masturbated myself to see if I had any problem. Dispite the little pain, apparently I had no problems. But when I eyaculated, my semen didn’t get any distance from my penis, it just fell to the flor. Like my penis had no force to expel semen.

I still have that condition on my penis. And it hurts on the botton left.
I think my problem was that I streched too much my penis to the right side. And injured my ligaments or something. It was like 5 or 6 months ago.. and still hurts a bit.

I wasn’t looking for an urologist because I didn’t think it was a mayor problem. But after reading your thread I’m kind off scared.

I’ll visit a doctor and tell you after what he told me.
PD: sorry for my english, I’m from Argentina.


Hey fun-people, you have the bottom left hurting but how was it caused? I am pretty sure it didn’t happen because of one incident. My incident caused everything to change i.e. the flaccid penis size and the other ones I said previously on the first page. I am pretty sure your problem if it is a problem is not even close to my type though. Also, I do not know how to explain it. I cannot really masturbate to get my penis hard. I have to watch something exciting for it to get hard and then I can use my hands to ejaculate. My doctor said AS long as you can get erect, even though if you cannot get it hard by using your hands, it would be fine. That got me really mad because since the accident, I cannot grab my penis now at its flaccid state because it is smaller and stimulate it erect if you get what I mean. I can only get erect by looking at something and use my hands to ejaculate.

Man, I have news about myself. I don’t wanna sing victory before i’m sure, but i’ll tell you what I think its happening. I had like 5 injuries in all my body since 6 or 7 months ago. Since that time, any injurie that ocurred in my body just didnt heal. Incluing the PE injurie on my penis. And i got the same as you, pain, smaller size when flacid, really. But this week, I went to the doctor for mi knee, nothing to do with my penis right? but he toll me. “there’s nothing wrong in any study we made on your body. Or it’s all in your head, or you have some vitamines, magnecio, or something that is missing in your nutrients.” He gave me some chips for magnecio and stuff. But i still didnt buy it. And like 3 o 4 days ago, suddenly mi penis was just like before!! my legs didnt hurt, so didnt my arms, I just couldnt believe it. I tried to think what had changed in these days. And a few things did. I slept more time than what i use to sleep. In four nights, I wake up after 9 hours of relax (too much for me, I go to school very early). Also I ate mandarins, and more fruits, more milk. And I thought more positivilly after what the doctor said too. I think all that mix ended with me just happy, relaxed and healthy! I still cant believe it, nothing hurts today. I hope it doesnt go back to the state of the last months.

Man, consider the posibility that it can may be really all in your head… ok?
Stop stress.
And try to do what I told you, and post the results in a few days.
Good luck man, I know what it feels, really, i feel it. Bye


Many of the doctors including the last one tells me it’s all in my head. But the size flaccid is still small though for me… has it changed back to normal for you? It would never change back for me because it has been like this since feb of last year. I will go eat fruits I guess since I never have any.

Go eat fruits.. and i swear you, my flacid size was smaller for 6 or 7 months! not 2 weeks.. it was a long time too. It was like retracted on the left.
Now is ok, like before, much bigger and alive!

Also try this..
Might sound stupid, but put lemon juice in all your body skin. Since ive been doing that (1 week), all my body feels better, maybe that is the cause of my recovery. You’ve got nothing to lose, so try. do it after shower. Then go sleep.

Good luck!!


Tell us whether your flaccid has become larger after eating the fruit.

lemon juice? I never heard of that. What brand of lemon juice is it from because I never seen that at the supermarket. Thanks.

also, how do u put lemon juice on your body? You put it in a cup and then just used your hands?

Buy a lemon, slice it in half, and rub it all over your body. I’ve heard of it before, but never tried it.

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Why not try to improve your diet with fruits and vitamines first before you start stocking lemons. If you try everything at once you don’t know works and what not.

Okay I will start with the fruits first. Thunder, what guideline did I cross? Was it the posting of a link? I just did that because I googled lemon juice and saw this article and got concerned.

Linking is fine with Thunder. He doesn’t like people to use abbreviations and non-sentence case.


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