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Severe penis injury I get no help

This reminds me of when I used to have problems with colon irritabile - basically pain in your intestines, gas, bowel movements too often, all for reasons western medicine cannot figure out - after I was helped by acupuncture my regular doctor told me that if that hadn’t worked, the next step was to give me sedatives to make me stand it…

In short, it seems to me that you’ve simply been to the wrong people and they are throwing stuff like that at you instead of getting to the problem itself.

regards, mgus

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Originally Posted by dlink123
By deformed, do you mean it doesn’t look the way it did before the accident? If that is your question, yes. For one, my penis never retracted before unless it was cold temperature or I play basketball because under those circumstances, it is suppose to retract. Now, it is in this retracted form like 80 percent of the time so it looks extremely tiny. Erect, it is the same size but it bends now? I am not sure how to explain if it is a bend or not. It is like assuming I get hard and lay on my bed nude, my penis points towards my body instead of it normally having it pointed st8 to the ceiling. I cannot however push it back so it can point to the ceiling when it is erect. Before the accident, my penis when erect when me lying on the bed on my back, points perfectly straight to the ceiling always. The best picture I can give you is suppose I have a pencil and I put it down on the eraser side so it points to the ceiling, that was how I was before the trauma. Now, I have that pencil point to me with the point pointing at me and I cannot push the point pointing back to the ceiling because it would just point back st8 to me. Not really sure if that is what they call a bend or curvature but I cannot push it back to have it point to the ceiling when it is erect when laying on my back on the bed.

from your latest description it sounds like your penis suspensory ligaments went broken and when they healed ligament shrunk. Broken tunica alba should cause bend penis or other deformation when erect. What you have is different. So with the shortened ligament your flacid points up, and you cannot band down when erect. I think this is obvious. There is nothing to do with the nervous system or anything else. I think you need a good urologist and an operation.
And how did you manage to injure yourself like this just masturbating? Did you bend down your erect penis or something?

To mgus, yes I feel like these people are throwing stuff at me instead of the problem. I live in Nyc by the way and the ppl I went to are quite masterful at their field though. 1 of the urologists was actually an advanced urologist and I just feel that none of them ever seen such a problem so they say it’s nothing.

To jeldingmaster, yes there is absolutely nothign wrong with my sym nervous sytem. I do feel like I need an operation to have this fixed because the bottom of my penis specifically the head the bottom of it hurts whenever I touch it and the shrunken flaccid size. I go on those city search to find those good urologists in nyc and I really get a bunch of bs from these so called doctors. One of them even said you don’t need advanced urology which got me very mad. Yes, I injured my penis just masturbating that one day, I did it too hard. It was erect but I held it in too long before ejaculating. I usually ejaculate faster but I didn’t that time. I did bend my erect penis and did feel a weird sensation that something was not right. I was doing this while sitting on a chair with my back laying back on the chair so definitely I bended it somehow. I scheduled an MRI on Sunday and am wondering if anyone of you can like help me find a good urologist in Nyc using those search engines because I done it already and all the urologists I went to are not solving my problem. And do you know what kind of operation I need like what it is called? One urologist I went to refused to see me like a 3rd time because he said I was crazy and said if I wanted to solve my problem, I would have to go to a pelvic reconstructive surgery doctor.

Wtf ?

How did you schedule the MRI - through your regular doctor?

The third urologist in all probability did not tell you outright you were crazy, though he may have implied it. You rejected his analysis of the situation and you may have got snappy with him. With doctors, don’t bite when a gentler response might get you what you want.

If he told you that pelvic reconstructive surgery was called for, did you ask why and what his diagnosis was of the problem? Obviously he thinks there is indeed a correctable issue here. I don’t see any reason for him to keep the cause a secret from you.



Originally Posted by dlink123
One urologist I went to refused to see me like a 3rd time because he said I was crazy…

So you pay your money and they call you crazy instead of helping you? I don’t know the US law but if I were you when paying for a examination I would ask for a written diagnosis and conclusion. I think that would make them look into it more seriously when they smell a law suite.

If they don’t know what is wrong with your penis they cannot call you crazy. They must send you to the doctor with more knowledge that might know.
This is how it should work. Doctors must consult each other if needed.

You must going through hell but you have your rights to be treated and you should fight for it. Don’t let them leave you disabled for life.

dlink123, is there any way you can give a better description of how this incident occurred? Do you have a masturbation technique whereby you bend your penis? Was it instantly agonising?

I got my dad to schedule an MRI for me for Sunday through those regular hospitals where the insurance covers the MRI scan. To the doctor that said I was crazy, I might have made a mistake saying it. But this was how it went. He saw my report and recent history and said “No I am not seeing this patient again” and did say some things that should not be said and I was right outside the office even though he did not see me though I saw him through the glass window. I did not pay for that third visit because I pay after seeing him so that did not cost me anything because he outright rejected at seeing me again when I was next. He said my problem was not for him to fix and gave the lady that works at the office those business cards to give to me because he refuses to see me. So I never had a chance to ask him about pelvic reconstructive surgery since all I got from the lady who does the calling of the names was that business card.

Klayton, the incident occurred when I masturbated too hard. I basically masturbate with one technique. Just the okay sign and just rub it. But I did not ejaculate when I should have and was rubbing too hard and probably did bend it otherwise it would not look like how it is since that incident. It was not instantly agonising, but I did feel something was not right. I do not recall a pop like some other posters mentioned here. I noticed my penis did not go down straight and was curved a bit left(flaccid) like at night when taking a bath. My penis whether flaccid or erect was always straight. It was the next day that when I looked into a mirror that it had shrunk. I could not masturbate for 3 months because it was shrunk and could not ejaculate at all since I could not get hard by masturbating or by looking at anything. It was extremely sore.

I will see how the MRI will go on Sunday. Thanks for all your support.

I think I know your problem

You severely damaged your ligaments.

It healed tighter than before.This is shown by your dick pointing towards you when hard and the retraction of flaccid penis.

Try light Lot stretches to try and stretch ligaments to length before.

Can you explain the “Try light Lot stretches to try and stretch ligaments to length before”? Also, wouldn’t it be bad to perform this technique since I read in this site that doing some techniques with a damaged penis is a bad idea even though I injured it by masturbating and not PE exercises? Also, I have no clue what’s a ligament. I do not know the structure of it as well as you experts. Thanks.

I have a spoken to a member in chat who had a similar experience. While having sex he injured his penis which caused his penis to shrink permanently. Years later he regained the loss of length through PE.

I don’t think you’ve told us yet if you had a loss in erection size. I think it could be that not the injury but the pain caused the shrinkage and because you had it that long it became permanent. A retracted penis is more likely to point up than an average flaccid penis.

So basically I think it could be possible that the doctors can’t find anything is because your injury is already healed except for some painful nerves. Once the pain is gone and you have had some months rest some light jelqing may bring your original size back.

I would suggest for your own good you start learning about the structure and function of your penis. Just Google: penis anatomy, and start reading some articles and looking at diagrams. Knowledge is power.

Thanks to both. I do not have a loss in erection size, just flaccid size because of the retraction. Yes, I will be looking at the diagrams now and have already seen some pictures with the ligaments and such.

I cannot believe this. I went to my regular doctor today and found out that I need to see a urologist to write me a note in order to have permission to get an MRI. He cannot write me a note for the MRI. Going to another urologist is going to take more time since I have to get another appointment. I been waiting and waiting and I keep on getting stopped. Things like this just make me disappointed every time I go the doctor now.


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