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Severe penis injury I get no help

I don’t understand the dynamics of your problem: Why your regular, licensed doctor cannot order an MRI. However if that is so, why not ask your regular, licensed doctor to call a urologist whom he knows and ask him to ask him/her to order the MRI?



dlink123, the consensus seems that you SNAPPED a ligament; im doubtful, you would have experienced instant agony and sure would have remembered it. Likewise a ruptured tunica. Anybody know anything about internal nerve damage that could help this guy?

My regular doctor said that I had to have a urologist to get an MRI. I have no clue why he said that. He now refers me to another urologist. Also, this urologist accepts my insurance so I will gladly save a couple of hundred dollars this time as opposed to the other urologists I had to pay myself. I am going to visit this urologist this week and I really hope this guy finds something different to say than the previous urologists. I will definitely be telling him about the information you people gave about the damaged or snapped ligament and nerve damage that probably healed yet got tightened which is why my penis is like this.

Do try to prepare a coherent timeline of what you did and what the results were - your description here is a little hard to follow, so I imagine it could come across as hypocondria if you don’t watch it. Also, stay calm and do not shove a diagnosis down his throat - a patient that “knows” what’s wrong with him is much less likely to get a thorough examination.

regards, mgus

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Okay. Thanks.

Originally Posted by dlink123
Hi I found this great site when I was posting on other forums and I really am in desperate need of help. I m 19 years old and about 15 months ago I injured my penis severely by masturbating too hard. Before the incident, my life was really good and until now I have been depressed because of that day. I went to a lot of doctors already and they tell the problem I m describing is nothing after examining me.

1. First off, my penis is not the same flaccid size it use to be. I am circumcised by the way. The head pushes backwards and from a distance it looks like I m uncircumcised or I look like I have an extremely small flaccid size. I masturbated this one day last year and my penis is never the same ever the flaccid size is super tiny now because the head backs up even though you can clearly see the head. I am 100 percent positive that this masturbating incident caused this because I did feel weird afterwards and when I showered, I noticed my penis just changed. I taken risperdal and klonopin to fix my sympathetic nervous system.. As the doctors say and to help the blood flow but that does not work. My penis’s flaccid size is just embarrassing now. I will try list to my other problems here and will be going to be as detailed as possible

2.. If I look at it from a mirror sideways, it does not point straight down. I look at it from my view standing up and it does not fully point down. It points like a 45 degree angle when flaccid. Assuming you look at it in the mirror sideways, it’s like a ladder on a building if you can say but it is tiny because I have retraction of the penis? I have no clue what condition this is called. Whether this is burying of the penis, contraction, retraction, or burying of the penis. I think the urologist called this retraction of the penis and said it is perfectly normal. Well.. My penis is almost always in it’s tiny flaccid retractive form now and that is not normal. Also, whenever I have to do number 2, it seems my penis retracts back to make it really small and in the process it hurts everytime. It hurts a lot when it retracts.

3. Also, when I urinate, I noticed that it comes from 2 holes in my penis Yes, it sort of makes an X if you look at it very closely and I think this is an infection. One urologist who stretched my retracting penis to it’s normal flaccid size (of course it retracts back after a minute or 2) saw a scratch or mark there. I tell him that it hurts when I touch it there but he says it’s nothing to worry about. It hurts and I have no clue why every doctor says theres nor problem. Hence, this goes back to what I said earlier about it retracting whenever I have to do number 2. He says I can take an anaesthetic and check to see if there is really something harmful which I have to say YES because the bottom part of my penis hurts.

4. During the first 3 months after the masturbation accident, I could not masturbate or ejaculate at all since it was too small and swollen. Now I can ejaculate but I cannot do it the old fashion way. I cannot just watch a movie and use my hands to get it hard and then ejaculate. I have to use my mind to get my penis erect and then use my hands to get it to ejaculate. I hope you understand what I m trying to say here. I also do not have the hot rod anymore when I wake up in the morning eventhough I have to go urinate. Whenever I have to go to the bathroom, my penis is still flaccid shrunk and NEVER hard at all. This is not normal and this was the result of the accident

5. Also, since my penis flaccid is shrunk.. When I lay down on my bed on my back nude, my flaccid penis either points to the ceiling or usually points at me and that is abnormal since it’s flaccid. It doesn’t make any sense. Normally it’s suppose to point towards my feet of course like normal ppl. My erect penis size however has not changed. My flaccid size has shrunk and I have went to so many doctors and they give me the same response that is normal. Anyone here can plz help? I had an advertisment to use PeniSaver but I think those do not work my problem. Has anyone here ever heard of a story when the penis flaccid size just shrunk because of a masturbation accident? Is there also any surgery that can repair my injured flaccid shrunken penis by the way because this just looks embarrasing to me and also the mark on the bottom of my penis because it STILL HURTS NOW. Been to like 3 urologists and they refuse to see me even though my penis has pain in it still. I never had sex so I cannot have an std. I just wished I never had masturbated too hard that day because my life the day after that till now has been just hell to me. Thank you for any responses to this.

If I were you, I would ask to a good urologist to have a full check-up of blood, urine and sperm and of the penis circulatory situation as the symptoms you describe could point to an infection which might either have caused the whole problem or have developed afterwards. In the mean time I would absolutely refrain from any penile activity different than pissing. Remain calm, symptoms are not that bad as you penis still works. It could be much worse… Don’t go by trial, seek a professional and demand a written diagnosis or sue him.

It’s gonna be ok soon.

Okay, I went to another urologist again. I was not at all shocked with his comment. He says I have no problems which was of course the answer I was not looking for. He even said it himself and said he knows what I am going through but it’s all in my head, which is obviously not. I could not give him a urine sample when I went because I urinated before. The thing that I cannot argue anymore with urologists is that this urologist is in fact one of the best urologists where I live at and I live in New York City. He is probably the most smartest urology there has to be. When I told him about the previous urologists I went to, he even knows their names because he worked with them before.

I do not really know what to go from here. He wrote some books on urology and knows every single thing about the penis and how can I really argue with him? I told him about the damaged ligaments and that it healed but shortened. He tells me there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. He says why should I listen to people on the Internet for help. I did tell him that many of you posters were very knowledgeable about this subject but you know how urologists are. He tells me he can even perform the urethral scope now but tells me there is no point. He does surgeries on a consistent basis. He also said I would not perform any surgery on you no matter what you are trying to say. He did say that he has no control over me so that if I was going to have an operation with some other doctor, I must see him first just to check if that urologist is well qualified to do it which he highly doubts any urologist would do for my problem.

Another thing that gets me wondering is that problem I explained earlier. When I am flaccid with my shrunken penis and am lying on the bed, it points up. He tells me that condition is when you are about to die. He says “This is not your case.” I know what he is trying to say here but it does not look right as almost every person would agree here since it is suppose to point down. His basic question now was can you get erect and I said yes. It seems to me that it is almost every urologists final question really. If my answer was yes, he will not do anything for me even though I told him about how it looks flaccid whether standing up or lying down. I am taking some EC-Naproxen right now because I explained to him that I feel pain in the bottom of my penis still and he prescribed it for me. Likewise, he agrees with the fact that the doctor thought my problem is the sympathetic nervous system is total bull.

I just feel I got the so called final answer because he is one of the best urologists in New York. If I go to anymore urologists, I doubt that anything would change. I just do not understand why urologists do not say there is any problem with a shrunk flaccid penis. I did not get any full check up of anything since I went yesterday and did not read the last reply until today. Would getting the full check up of blood, urine, sperm and penis circulatory absolutely give a perfect answer? Since many people here think that my ligament healed but tightened, wouldn’t they be not able to see the problem? He told me the MRI would be useless as well as the urethral scope and told me it would hurt even though I said I want it but again he tells me he does not think I need it. What am I really suppose to do now? Thanks for the support everyone. Really appreciate it.


You know your dick better than anyone. If you’re convinced there’s something wrong (and from everything you’ve described it does sound like something’s not right), then never ever give up trying to find a cure.

You do (or you’re writing does) sound a bit anxious, even frantic. I understand that, boy do I ever. But you’re going to have to contain that as much as possible if only in order to be taken seriously by those you’re seeking help from.

I won’t hijack your thread by telling you in minute detail what a living hell my life became when I contracted ecoili poisoning 10 years ago.
But I went through a lot of shit before I found a doctor with a cure. In 2 weeks time I was in 3 hospitals in 3 states, saw 15 “specialist”, was poked prodded, and basically “violated” in every way you could think of. The diagnosis’s I received would have made a saner man jump out a window. My experiences left me with no faith what so ever in the medical profession.

So someone’s an expert. So fn what. So he went to school and has a successful practice. Now he does a few vasectomies, runs a few pipe cleaners up a few old farts urethras’, and tells a few more guys what their mothers used to tell them; stay away from prostitutes.
O’ yea, and he plays golf on the week ends - but he sucks at that too. We need to redefine what makes someone an “expert”. Better yet, we need to get rid of that word.

Because the guy that’s going to be the expert is going to be the guy that takes you seriously. Even if he can’t help you, at least he’ll validate your concerns. Maybe you do need to see a doctor that does lig surgeries. He’ll at least have seen enough of them to know for sure if yours got messed up, and what to look for. I just don’t tell a doctor when I’m getting a second opinion. Then they think you’re shopping to hear the answer you “want” to.

Go back and have him do the test. It doesn’t matter if he “likes” you or not. He’s there to do a job and he’s being paid also.
You (and he) never know just what you might discover.

and I’ll finish with another one of those real world experiences stories:

Awhile back my daughter fell of her bike and landed on her right arm / hand. She comes in the house screaming bloody murder, expect that she’s a drama queen and she’s always making more out of things than there really is. I wasn’t going to take her to the hospital, neither was mom. Well about an hour of her carrying on and mom finally says; F* it, I’ll run her over to hospital to shut her up. The ER doctor checks it out and says he doesn’t think anything much is wrong and wasn’t going to do an Xray. My daughters whining she want’s an Xray, mom says she don’t care, and the doc says what the hell. They get the Xray back and my daughters got several broken bones in her wrist. She’s had a cast on for more than 2 months now and it’s still causing her problems. WTF I guess we all failed on that one, but she would have been the one to suffer because of it.

And then there’s my neighbor who’s discovered after repeated visits to the doctor (and cussing him out more than once) that she has a gigantic tumor in her leg that is not visible from the outside to the naked eye.

Sometimes it’s just a process of elimination. If you don’t do the test, what did you eliminate? What did you learn? What may you discover?
I’m always amazed at these medical shows where they save some poor peasant child in a third world country from some rare and totally bizarre illness (or grow noses on peoples foreheads and then flip them around onto the face). I’m always left thinking; WTF I couldn’t get that kind of service at a drive through window with a gun. No, they’ll save me at the autopsy.

If this guy’s the expert, then keep pestering him until he DOES do something for you.

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Have you tried doing any PE recently? The retraction could be a holdover from your now-healed injury. Something like trigger point therapy (jelqing) and stretching might help even if somewhat painful in the beginning. If you try PEing, go easy. Warm up well and keep the intensity and duration low. Take as much time off between sessions as you think you need. An easy session once a week may be all you can tolerate at first. Don’t expect miracles immediately. Give it time, as in a few months. Might also read about and incorporate some BTB jelqing.

I had pain from a simple PE routine in the beginning to the point I wondered if I’d even be able to PE at all. I went easy, taking a lot of time off between sessions, and eventually got the kinks worked out. No trouble since. Perhaps you are in a similar situation as a result of your injury.

Since I don’t know what’s wrong with you, I can’t recommend that you adopt a PE routine as a solution. But it’s an option.

The best doctor of NY is sure your penis is perfectly sane


the doctor writes down a formal and signed diagnosis

you bring it to the best lawyer of NY

the lawyer helps you discover your problem in no time (with his doctor)

you and the lawyer split the money the best doctor of NY will have to pay

dlink123, no doctor can find anything wrong with your dick and you have no erection problems, when will you let it go? So you have a little pain at the base of your dick and your flaccid size isn’t as big as you like it to be. Why let it ruine your life, there are persons out there with far greater problems they have to live with.

Just do a very light PE routine and things will get better.

Piet, I know what you are saying. I understand everything you are trying to say. It is just hard for any guy to be okay with a shrunken flaccid penis and the other problems I developed since the incident. It’s very hard to live with yourself anymore if this ever happens to you. The only things that can scare a guy is have his penis gone or shrink. I never thought of these things would happen in my life. No, I never did any PE exercises at all before or after the incident. It would be pretty hard for me to do any PE routine because my penis is shrunk and you cannot move it around really if you get what I mean.

RootCap, I do not know who to pursue anymore. He told me repeatedly that I do not need anything done to my penis, not even the urethral scope or MRI because he says he just wouldn’t do it. Since there is no harm in doing it, I do not get why they say no. He honestly tells me it would cost me money even though my insurance pays for it and said I could do this and get the money for doing the procedure but he’s not going to “cheat” anyone. I did pester him after he told me there is nothing wrong and he says he would not do it and doubt any urologist would do anything for me.

What doctors are there that “check” your penis inside, where they can see the actual inside? I remembered a few years ago when I couldn’t walk for 2 weeks because I injured my right leg playing basketball and got an MRI which showed the inside of my leg with broken somethings, I forgot what. Eventually I healed from that otherwise I would not be walking today. I do not think any doctor can give me a true answer without a full examination of the inside of the penis since all they do is examine the outside. Like Root said, some things might not be found on the external part which gives all these urologists good reasoning for saying what they did. It’s really hard for me to say Okay, I can live on my life like this even though I can’t even get an internal examination of my penis if you get what I mean. Instead of broken ligaments like many of you say, he said it probably could be broken vessels, but that is not a big deal according to him. Who would it hurt? I don’t care if I have to pay more money. I do not get why I get turned down every time for any internal examinations of my penis.

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Also, the condition that I described where my penis urinates through 2 holes or whatever, he said that was split streaming. He tells me it’s not unusual but I did tell him that it ALWAYS split streams then. I do not really mind the split stream because that does not really affect me. It’s things like the shrunken flaccid penis and the pointing up of it that really is abnormal and the pain I have when I touch it that makes it tough for me.

Dlink123, you could perhaps give us your stats so we have a better idea of what you have to deal with. Pictures would be helpful too. If we can’t help you finding and or fixing your problem we could help you with a routine. I’m pretty sure you can perform some pe exercises with a shrunken penis.

Originally Posted by dlink123

When I am flaccid with my shrunken penis and am lying on the bed, it points up. He tells me that condition is when you are about to die. He says “This is not your case.”

Didn’t he examine you? If he had just talked to you, you could ask to show him your problem - this will be very easy to do and as a doctor, he should be examining you anyway.


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