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Raised Red Bump on Vein, Everytime I Pump

Raised Red Bump on Vein, Everytime I Pump

Everytime I pump, I get a raised red bump on my dick in the same spot everytime. Its right on top of the biggest vein on my dick. Im guessing this is the dorsal. Its usually cleared up by the morning. Is this going to become a problem or should I just pay it no mind?. It usually about the same size but I always get it everytime.

Can I get some advice here

I see the bump too on mine. I was wondering if it’s always been there or just showed up recently.

I got it the first time I pumped and it comes back everytime I pump. It gone by the morning so im stressing it but I don’t want to cause a injury either.

Ill post some pics tommorow, im getting ready to take another break for a Week or two. I nicked myself with the trimmers like two weeks ago. I been trying different things and it keeps opening up. I took 3 days off. It look like it healed did 2 sets of hanging and it opened up. I took another 3 days off came back and did some jelqing and it opened up. It barely noticeable it look like a pin prick. I don’t really want to take any more time off but it is what it is. It will give me a chance the bump I get from pumping. Would you guys recommend 7 or 14 days off

Thanks, im going to take a cpl weeks off maybe the gains will kick in after. Im thinking about switching from hanging to a extender. Anyone had any good gains with this or should I stick to hanging. I been hanging for a month and been getting less ass since. I usually have time are night a couple hours before bed to exercise so I been putting all my late night action to the side and blowing my girls off to exercise but if its more effective than ill stick to it. Im a young Guy so I got plenty of time to get laid when I reach my goals.

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