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A Bump on my main vein.

A Bump on my main vein.

The big, primary vein I have running down my shaft usually has a bump in it close to the base of my shaft. Does anyone know if this is a blood clot or the beginnings of one? Its not hard or anything. When my penis is flaccid, it just looks like a small pea is buried on top of my vein. Kind of hard to explain. Do thrombosed veins usually happen up around the head? Can they ever occur near the base of the penis like where this bump I have is? Any help is appreciated. The bump is on this vein in the picture here. Its not the best picture ever but you can see where the bump is. The vein that is running down the center of my shaft, at the top you can see a small little circle type bump. Where its dark and the shadow is on the vein. This is what im talking about. Its directly on the vein. This is why I think it could be a clot or something. Any and all help is appreciated, thanks.

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Looks like a normal thing to me. I have several of those. If no inflammation or pain or excessive warmth in that area, don’t worry about it.



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